Extreme Sports

motorcross racerExtreme sports are extremely popular among teenagers, especially teen males.  The risk, self-satisfaction of landing a new trick, and the drive to push the limits is enticing to most teenage guys.  The author of this article is a fan of extreme sports and the adrenaline that comes from perfecting the art.  However, the consequences of going too big or participating in the sports without the proper protective gear are too big to ignore.  Here are some facts about the dangers of extreme sports and some tips for going big and living to talk about it.


Over the past few years the extreme sports world has lost several professionals and numerous amateurs to life ending injuries.  Sports like motocross, big wave surfing, and BMX to name a few are getting so big that people are performing stunts that are too far out of reach.  At the same time, some people are dying from just freak accidents or simple mistakes.  It is important to remember that professionals can go bigger than everyone else because they have both the protective equipment and the practice time to lower their risk significantly. Even after all of that planning, the sport still claims some of them.  Kids trying double back flips on their homemade ramp without a helmet are foolishly risking their lives.


For just as many people that are dying from the sport, it can be expected that many will become permanently paralyzed.  Not only does this keep them from performing their sport, but it keeps them from being able to do normal tasks like eating on their own, or going to the bathroom without help.  Some may glorify these kinds of injuries, but there is nothing glorious about becoming paralyzed for an unpracticed, poorly planned thrill.

Don’t go too big

One of the biggest risks people take when participating is extreme sports is going too big too soon.  The professionals that go big spend hours each day perfecting their skills.  They do not try new tricks without perfecting every movement needed to achieve the new trick.  No one is trying double back flips without first trying a single back flip into a foam block pit.  No one is jumping a twelve stair without first jumping a five stair.  The fact is going big too early will result in injury.  Not only does this keep a teen from practicing the sport, but it puts the rest of their life at risk also.

Wear protective gear

Protective gear is helping extreme sports progress.  Depending on the sport, professionals wear state of the art equipment to keep them as safe as possible while performing and practicing their tricks.  Practicing big tricks without a helmet or pads is asking for an injury.  Back in the day people didn’t wear gear because it restricted their movement, looked weird, and was uncomfortable.  Equipment now is so light, stylish, and comfortable, all those antique excuses are no longer valid.

Extreme sports force teens to face their fears.  It is important for teens to remember there is a difference between facing fears and acting stupid.  Remember that even professionals are dying or becoming paralyzed from going too big.  Remember, working up to a big trick can be much safer than just going big, and wearing protective gear can help save broken bones and recovery time.