Tips for studying effectively so you have more time to play

girl leaning on her pile of booksHigh school is a fun time. But friends, sports, and social activities sometimes make it difficult to concentrate on the real reason you’re there – to learn. Studying and getting good grades is important and the ticket to a good future; studies show that people who graduate from college earn up to three times more than those who don’t.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice play time for study time. By adopting a few effective study habits, you can still play while earning good grades and studying at the same time.

Take advantage of study hall.
Most schools offer a period that allows you to study of do homework. Instead of writing notes or catching up on late homework, use this time to get ahead. Study for an upcoming test, or start on the homework that was handed out in earlier periods. This is an entire hour you can use to study or do homework-take advantage of the time, and you’ll have more time to play when school is done.

Take good notes in class.
Many people find they learn better when they take good notes in class. This is a skill you will need in college as well, and developing it now will make studying for your classes in high school as well as college easier, as the information will be fresh in your mind. Keep a separate notebook or section for notes in your binder for each class. Make sure you write down all of the main ideas the teacher discusses, and make sure to date each entry. Review your notes each day in order to keep them fresh in your mind.

Make flash cards
Flash cards are an excellent study tool and a great way to study effectively. You can study your flashcards anywhere, from study hall to the library. Or, you can mute the TV during commercials and review your flash cards. That’s at least 10 minutes of studying for one 30-minute program!

Establish a schedule
One way to study effectively is to establish a schedule. You can revise it as necessary to make it work for you, but set aside a certain amount of time that is devoted to studying and studying only. This could be right after school, in the evening, or early in the morning. Once you get into this habit, you’ll be able to schedule other activities around your studying schedule.

Eliminate distractions
You should not be sending text messages, talking on the phone, or watching TV while you study. Focus all of your attention on your studying and your homework. It’s also a good idea to have a designated area for studying in which distractions are minimal. This can be a quiet spot in your house, a library, or an empty classroom.

Form a study group
If you can actually focus on studying, forming a study group with friends and classmates is a great way to study effectively. Have each member write out questions to ask the others, or go over study guides together. Quiz each other and make flash cards. Once you’re finished with your studying, reward yourselves by going out to play!

Studying effectively is an important tool you should learn now. By maximizing your study time, you have more time to enjoy playing with your friends.