Lengthen Your Lashes

There are a couple of important things that you can to do to get long, luscious eyelashes!  One of the quickest alternatives to long lashes is by wearing fake eyelashes.  These fake eyelashes can be applied individually, or you can buy eyelashes that are held together with a band for a quick one-time application.

If you don’t prefer to use fake eyelashes, you can try to lengthen your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.  You can get relatively inexpensive eyelash curlers at the drugstore or grocery store – Revlon has an eyelash curler for a reasonable price.  Next, take your eyelash curler and clamp down on the roots of your eyelashes for about two seconds.  The curler is curved so that you can hold the curler up to your eye and get the clamp very close to your roots.  Next, move the curler a little further back towards the tips of your lashes, and then clamp down on them for a second to two more.

After curling your eyelashes, you should apply a coat of some type of volumizing mascara.  Cover Girl’s Volume Exact mascara is a really good mascara for lengthening lashes.  The color of mascara doesn’t really matter when you are trying to make your lashes look longer, so choose whatever color your feel best.  Generally, though, girls with darker hair opt to wear black mascara, and blonde girls can choose between black and brown.  But really, it’s up to your personal preference!

Apply the mascara from the root of your lashes to the tip.  You should start from the outside of your eyes and work your way towards your inner lashes.  Go slowly, and wiggle your brush back and forth a little bit to make sure that you’re getting enough mascara on your lashes.  After finishing each eye, go back over the tips one more time with the mascara wand to add the maximum amount of length possible.  Make sure that you don’t apply too much mascara on the tips, though, or else your tips can start to look clumpy and fake.

You can also strengthen your eyelashes by using an eyelash conditioner or primer.  These eyelash fortifiers are sometimes applied before you put on your mascara in the morning, and other ones you can wear right before you go to bed.  There are also similar tricks that you can try at home, like apply a coat of olive oil or castor oil to your lashes with an old mascara wand.  These eyelash conditioners and home remedies can help your eyelashes to grow and get fuller.

A great way to lengthen your lashes and still have them look natural is to change your mascara regularly.  Generally, you should change your tube of mascara every four months or so.  This way, your mascara will stay fresh and won’t begin to get clumpy on your lashes.  You’ll also avoid getting germs in your mascara if you change it regularly.  This way, your lashes can continue to stay healthy so they can be naturally long and luscious!

In addition, there is one final way to get longer eyelashes – eyelash extensions!  Unfortunately, this option is also the most expensive.  Eyelash extensions do a great job of lengthening your lashes, and they usually last for a couple of months with only a handful of touch-ups.  Usually it costs $100 or more to get extensions, but they are definitely worth it if you can afford it.  Your local salon can apply them for you.  And while you’re at the salon, you might want to get your eyelashes dyed as well!  Then you won’t have to bother with applying mascara to your long lashes for a few months either!

Tips for not getting bored this summer

happy teen with thumbs upEveryone can use a few tips for not getting bored this summer. After all, summer is the time every teen looks forward to all year long. Once summer is here, the last thing anyone needs is to waste that precious time being bored.

At first glance, you probably think you wouldn’t need any tips for not getting bored this summer. You may be thinking to yourself, “Me, bored? Yeah right! I’m dying for summer to get here. There is NO WAY I will let myself ever get bored!”

However, summer can sometimes turn into a long, hot, and even a little boring time of the year. In order to prevent this from happening to your summer vacation, it is a good idea to have a backup plan just in case you find yourself with nothing to do.

Here are some tips for not getting bored this summer:

  1. Get out and go places. It is easy to want to stay in the comforts of your shady home during summer vacation. Before you know it, a week has gone by and you have done nothing exciting at all. Don’t let yourself fall into this nasty habit of lounging inside your house all of the time. Not only is it important to get out and go places, but make sure you do it often. This will help to make sure you don’t waste any time during your summer break. It will also help you to stay in the social scene and have some fun. Some places to visit when you are trying to get out are parks (both theme parks and water parks), malls, the movies, and the great outdoors (like a good place for a hike or a bike trail).
  2. Get creative! If money is an issue that prevents you from doing things this summer, be creative in thinking of things you can be involved in, without needing a ton of money or any money at all. You don’t always need money to do fun things. Some of the places that were listed above, like a park or a mall, don’t require any money to hang out at. All you have to do is call a friend and go walk around in places like that. There is also another summer activity listed above that doesn’t cost any money either. It was spending time in the outdoors doing bike riding or hiking. But, if you can’t drive yet, and you don’t have a way to get to those places, grab your brother or sister, or phone a friend, and go for a walk in your neighborhood. Not only is this free, but it is a good exercise and it will keep you from gaining any extra pounds if you do it often. Not to mention, it will get you out of the house! These are all great, inexpensive summer activities to keep you entertained during your summer vacation. It is also a good way to have some fun in the sun.
  3. Start a project. Think of a project that will take you quite some time to complete. You want to start this project as soon as summer begins. And, you want to be able to keep working on it all summer long. For example, you can start a scrapbook of your life, or of the last school year, or whatever you choose. Or, perhaps you could take up sewing and make yourself, or someone you love, something easy but fun like a quilt or a blanket. You could even head to a nearby bookstore or library and pick out a book that really interests you. You could start reading the book at the beginning of summer and read little bits here and there when you’re feeling a little bored. Any of these projects will keep you from getting bored this summer.
  4. Turn your house in to the summer hangout. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and invite you friends over to hang out at your pad this summer. Stay in touch with your friends, and invite them over often. You could have the girls over for a barbeque, to watch movies, or just to layout in your backyard to work on your tan. Having friends over is a great tip for not letting yourself get bored this summer. It also gives your friends something to do and somewhere to go as well.

Keep all of these things in mind and at hand in time for summer. They are some great tips for not getting bored, and they are also a good way to make sure you make the most out of your summer vacation. Now, get ready to have some summer fun!

Tips for Preparing for the ACT or SAT

student studying in a libraryAre you getting ready to take the ACT or SAT before applying to college?  Don’t stress out – there are a lot of things that you can do to prepare well for these tests!  Taking standardized tests like the ACT or SAT can seem a little scary, but the more you are prepared, the less nervous you’ll be (and the better you’ll do on the tests!).  Start preparing to take the ACT or SAT as early as possible, so that you can achieve the high score that you deserve!  Usually, it is recommended that you start studying for the these tests the summer after your sophomore year in high school  Here are a couple of tips to help you get ready to ace these tests:

  1. Practice Writing Essays: The new SAT format includes a persuasive writing section, where you will need to select one side of an issue and give examples to support your argument.  You will need to rely on your writing skills and the real examples that you give to help you form a strong essay.  Practice writing essays where you defend an issue completely.  The best outline form for these essays is with five paragraphs: the first paragraph should be your introduction, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs should each discuss one of your examples to support your argument, and the 5th paragraph should be your conclusion.  The organization and clear format of your essay is very important.  You will have 25 minutes during the actual test, so time yourself as you practice at home.  Make sure that your practice essays don’t discuss the other side of the issue – this could make you appear too wishy-washy and unsure of your own standpoint.  Remember – the more you practice this section, the easier and better it will get!
  2. Math tips: While preparing for the ACT or SAT, it is a good idea to go over your math vocabulary.  Words like integer, absolute value, congruent, mode, and prime number often can appear on these kinds of standardized tests.  Also, practice using the FOIL method while forming quadratic equations.  FOIL stands for “first, outer, inner, last,” and it describes the method that you take while forming quadratic equations.  It also is a good idea to be familiar with simple fraction-to-decimal conversions (0.75 = _ = 75%).  Although you can use your calculator, being aware of these simple conversions can help you to save time while taking this portion of the test.
  3. Reading tips: One of the best ways that you can prepare for standardized tests like the ACT or SAT is by memorizing vocabulary words.  The Princeton Review’s Hit Parade has a list of the frequently tested vocabulary words, and we’ve listed a couple of them here for you: abstract, aesthetic, alleviate, ambivalent, apathetic, auspicious, benevolent, candor, comprehensive, diligent, dubious, eclectic, egregious, exculpate, florid, gratuitous, hackneyed, idealize, impartial, imperious, inherent, innovative, inveterate, laudatory, maverick, mollify, novel, obdurate, ornate, ostentatious, paramount, penitent, pervasive, plausible, prosaic, quandary, rancorous, spurious, stoic, superfluous, tenuous, timorous, transitory, vindicated.
    One of the best ways to study vocabulary words is by making flashcards.  Also, another tip is to try and use these vocabulary words in your every day conversation – that will help you to remember the words better.
  4. Study and Practice! It is important that you study as much as possible for the ACT and SAT.  There are also SAT and ACT prep classes that are offered through different prep companies, such as The Princeton Review.  You also could check with your high school, to see if any prep classes will be offered after school.  Other helpful ACT and SAT study guides can also be bought at bookstores or checked out from your library.  Not only to these guides have helpful tips, but they also have practice tests that you can take before the big test day!  These guides are updated often, so that you can read about the current information that will be on your test!

Healthy hair tips for teens

teenager with thumbs upAs a teen, your hair is a big part of who you are. It is part of your outfits, it is part of your personal style, it is part of who you are. So, healthy hair for a teen is a big deal. Without healthy hair, one of the biggest parts of who you are is going to be problematic. The following are some tips for how to keep your hair healthy:

  1. One of the things you should do for healthy hair is avoid harsh shampoos and chemicals. Whenever possible, use natural and organic hair-care products. While other products can get your hair clean and soft, in the long run it will damage it. So, use natural products with the oils and extracts that will keep your hair looking shiny, strong, and beautiful.
  2. Shampoo properly. Shampoo is one of the things you use on your hair most, so use that time as a chance to help you have healthy hair. When you apply your shampoo, massage the scalp, and do it in a circular motion to allow your hair follicles to be stimulated.
  3. Avoid using electric hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. When possible, you want to let the hair dry naturally. The more you dry, heat, or alter your hair, the more damaged it becomes. The less it is, the better your hair health will be.
  4. Be sure to practice proper diet and nutrition. Good nutrition where you eat good food, and drink plenty of water. The fresher the foods, the better. Eating right and getting plenty of water, is going to help you feel better all around, in addition to giving you healthier hair and improved texture.
  5. Wash your hair regularly. A lot of people will say washing your hair too much makes it unhealthy because it dries it out. However, if you choose the right shampoo, it is actually better for you, because when you put the shampoo on, you massage your scalp, and stimulate the oil glands, and this keeps the hair naturally healthy.
  6. Use shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. If you have oily hair, get natural shampoos that are designed for oily hair. If your hair is dry, get shampoo for dry hair. If your hair is curly, use curly hair shampoo, if it is colored, use shampoo with color protector.
  7. Always rinse with cool clean water when you wash out your shampoo, this will give you extra shine.
  8. Never brush your hair if it is really wet because this is a time when it is elastic, and it can be stretched and pulled to the point where it will break. If you are going to brush wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb is best for wet hair.
  9. Brush your hair well each day to help you remove dirt, pollutants, etc. this will keep it cleaner, and in addition it will stimulate circulation which will increase natural oils. This improves the natural sheen and gets oxygen to the hair and scalp.
  10. Use hot oil treatments, conditioner, and other products that help stimulate the scalp and reduce dandruff or the possibility of dandruff.