1.    I had this teacher that I really didn’t like because he always picked on me in front of everyone.  So one day I came to school early, went in his room, and put chalk in all of his erasers so that he couldn’t erase anything off the blackboard.  He never found out it was me!
2.    I was mad at my brother so one night when he had a bunch of friends over I planned my revenge.  After he fell asleep on the couch, I put his hand in hot water and waited.  It worked!  Because of the warm water on his hand, my brother wet his pants in front of all his friends.
3.    One day I was sick of my brother always making a mess in my bathroom instead of his, so I decided to play a trick on him.  Before he got up that morning, I put plastic wrap over the toilet.  When he stumbled into my bathroom to pee, he didn’t notice that the toilet was covered and ended up making a mess all over himself and the floor.  After my mom made him clean it up, he never used my bathroom again!
4.    My best friend and I were having a slumber party and decided to prank call some guys in our class.  When they answered we acted like we didn’t speak English and had the wrong number for our local pizza place.  They were really confused and we laughed for hours.
5.    Some friends and I were out one night when someone suggested that we have a “pasta bowl” meaning that we take a pile of cooked spaghetti and throw it at on coming cars.  After we’d been doing it for a while, we hit a blue mini van that my best friend though looked really familiar.  It turns out that it was her mom that we hit with spaghetti!  She made us clean the car the next day, but never said anything else about it.
6.    A new kid moved into our neighborhood and so to welcome him in, we toilet papered his drive way and wrote “welcome to the hood” with paper and chocolate syrup.  The next day we came over to help him clean it up and we’ve been friends ever since.
7.    My brother has always been obsessed with cool ring tones on his cell phone- songs, sounds, whatever.  So one day I stole his phone and changed his ring tones to really embarrassing ones- chickens crowing, pigs snorting, and an opera singer.  When his phone went off in front of his friends and sounded like a pig snorting, he was really mad.
8.    My school and the neighboring school have a really strong rivalry.  So for spirit week my friends and I decided to steal the other school’s mascot.  We got it late one night and put it on the roof of our school.  We left a roll of toilet paper hanging where their mascot had been.  The other school was humiliated and we had a great spirit week!
9.    Most of my girlfriends and I are all on the school soccer team and we decided to play a prank on the boy’s soccer team.  So one day after practice while they were all showering, we snuck into the boys locker room and stole their clothes.  We put their clothes in the girls locker room.  So after they came in from practice and showered, they discovered that they didn’t have anything to put on.  We could hear them yelling from way down the hall.
10.    My sister has been in love with this guy forever, but never has the guts to talk to him.  So one day I got online on her im account and pretended to be her.  I imed the guy she liked and we chatted for hours.  Finally, he asked her out for the next weekend.  Imagine her surprise when he showed up at our house to pick her up!  But they went out and had a great time anyway.