Hair accessories

One of the biggest assets or drawbacks to your personal style and fashion sense is your hair. As a teenage girl, your hair is going to be a great way to express yourself, and to dress up an otherwise basic look. The following is a look at some of the options for hair accessories, and how they can change your look:

Headbands: When it comes to headbands your choices are virtually endless. You can do a thin, stretchy headband used to give you a little lift in the front, and hold your bangs back. You can go with a thick fabric headband. A thick plastic headband. A headband that goes all the way around your head, or one that sits on top. Besides the actual materials and styles, you then get a whole host of colors, prints, and width choices. A headband is a great way to dress up a pony tail, or to get your hair out of your face while still looking hip. A headband can break up the colors on your head, adding visual interest to your look. Headbands are a big plus if they fit your head, and if you can wear them all day without getting a headache.

Flowers: A flower is a great way to make basic hair look fresh, fun, or flirty. You can clip a flower in with a side pony tail to make your hair look really pulled together, not just pulled up. You can clip a flower above your ear on hair that is left down to add some visual interest, or to change up an otherwise common look. The other great thing about flowers for your hair is that you get a whole range of colors, sizes, and even types. You can also choose clips with rhinestone centers of the flowers, or use live flowers. The possibilities add a lot of flair to your hair.

Clips: Clips are functional, but they can also be fashionable. You can clip your hair half up with a designer clip and get a good looking do in a matter of second. You can clip your bangs back to keep them out of your face, and have a fun, interesting piece to draw they eye. Clips are fun, functional, and fashionable, depending on how you use them.  A clip is a great hair accessory for someone with short hair.

Ribbons: Ribbons can make a basic do into something cute, whimsical, or fun. On the mornings when you just do not have time to spend doing your hair, pulling your hair into a pony tail, and tying a ribbon around it to add interest can be huge. When you can’t find a headband that works for your outfit, a ribbon can take the place, and give you all the benefits.  Ribbons can be used in many ways, and almost always enhance the look, whether your hair is short or long.

Scarves or bandanas: Scarves and bandanas are not just for the neck. Tied into your hair, or as a head wrap, they act as a great way to add interest, cover hair that needs washing, or just add style to an otherwise boring look. A scarf or bandana can be folded to whatever width looks and works best with your head shape and style.

Your personal hairstyle

Stylish teenYour personal hairstyle is something that helps define you. It helps you feel good about yourself. It is something that goes with your lifestyle, personality, etc. If you are ultra conservative, a short spiked cut dyed pink is not going to work for you. So, the following are some tips for how to choose your personal hairstyle so that you are happy with it:

  1. Consider your lifestyle: This is the most important consideration, as it will affect you more than any other consideration.
    • Your hair is a big part of who you are, and it is a great way to freshen a look, redefine an image, or change up your image. However, if it does not fit your lifestyle, it will be short lived.
    • Your hairstyle needs to fit the kind of activities you engage in most often. It has to fit the kind of time and effort you will realistically put into it each day, and the way you live your life.
    • For example: If you are active frequently, and do not want to bother with spending a lot of time on your hair, a long straight cut that is low maintenance,  easy to pull back into a pony tail, or wear a headband, or a ribbon, or another accessory for a fun look is great. If you want something that is faster and even easier, a short cut that is wash and go, or requires a bit of product but that is it, is best.
    • If you are someone who gets sick of the same look, and wants to be able to change it up often, or who does not mind spending time getting ready, a mid length cut, or a short layered cut that can be styled several different ways may work best for you. Or, you can go with a long cut that has a lot of layers, highlights etc. Cuts that require more maintenance, but also mean more style are probably right for you.
    • You have to be honest with yourself about your lifestyle, and what your hair requirements are. If you go for a short cut that takes time and effort to style each day, you may be kicking yourself and regretting it rather quickly. If you go for a long style, and find that the time it takes to wash and dry it is not working for you, you will have to re-evaluate. So, when picking your person hair style, think about your life, discuss it with your stylist and come up with something that works.
  2. Consider your personality: Your hair is a great way to express your personality. If you are fun and funky, a cut that expresses that will work well. If your moods change with the tide, you may want to go for a longer cut which allows you more flexibility with how you wear it. Your hair is going to say something about you, so make sure your personality is properly represented, whether it is through the cut or the color.
  3. Consider the message or image you want to convey: Besides the fact that you want to look as attractive as possible, your hair is going to convey something else as well. What do you want it to convey? Think about it, with the different decades came different styles. Hippies wore their hair long and lose, etc. So, do you want your hair to say you are sporty? Practical? Emo? Funny? Etc. The combination of your hair and your clothing, you create an image that says something about you. Make sure they are saying the things you want them to say.

What to do about dry hair

smiling teen on flower petalsDry hair is never a good thing as dry hair becomes damaged more easily, and will split, break, and be course. The following is a look at what you can do about dry hair:

Tip one: Brush your hair out well each day using slow gentle strokes. This is going to help dry hair because it will keep the pressure off the already damaged ends. In addition it will remove unwanted pollutants and particles from your hair that can cause further damage, and last but not least, it will help to bring the natural oils from your scalp skin down through the strands of your hair. The result will be hair that is not nearly as brittle, a good distribution of oils to keep it from becoming too dry, and a more shiny, lustrous look. All of which are great results.

Tip two: Protect your hair from the elements. Dry hair is often caused by too much sun exposure, wind exposure, etc. So, you are going to want to do what you can to protect your hair from these things, and to reverse any damage. The best way to do this is to first buy a spray on protection product that protects against sun damage. Second, consider wearing hats, wraps, scarves, etc. if you are going to be in the sun regularly or for prolonged periods of time. Third, condition your hair regularly so that it stays moist, consider using a jojoba oil and rosemary mixture. You can buy this, or make one of your own. Lastly, consider using hot oil treatments once a month or so to help replenish the natural oils in your hair.

Tip three: Protect your hair from summer fun such as chlorinated swimming pools, salty oceans, and lots of up-dos. You do this by using anti-chlorine shampoos, shampoos with moisturizers in them, by avoiding getting your hair too wet, etc., by washing your hair and conditioning to get rid of sun screen, salt, sweat, etc. And, lastly, wear your hair down on occasion to give it a break from the strain of always being pulled into a ponytail.

Tip four: Avoid shampoos that are extremely alkaline or that contain alcohol.
These dry hair out further. Instead, opt for natural shampoos, and shampoos designed for your specific hair type, as they generally have ingredients that will help with the dryness that is natural from exposure.

Tip five: Cut off damaged hair. When hair is dry, the cuticle is easier to break, or lose, and thus you get more split ends. If you do not remove them, they continue to split up your hair. So, keep split ends or dead hair cut off. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, cutting off damage will help, as your hair can’t be repaired with shampoos, etc. It can be strengthened, but once the damage is done, the only way to repair it is to remove the dead hair.

Up-do hair for formal events

teen with an updoIf you have a formal event coming up, like a school dance, a recital, or something else that requires you to dress up and look your best, you may want to consider and up-do. They have a way of helping your look more formal, and they are usually a great look for a busy night as they will stay in place and look good the whole evening, you don’t have to stress about your hair going flat etc.

The following is a look at up-do hair for formal events:

The first thing you want to do is decide what look you want: smooth and sleek, formal curls, classic, what? Once you decide what you want you can continue to have your hair done by friends, family, or a stylist.

No matter what up-do style you choose, you will want to start with clean dry hair. If you do it while your hair is wet, it will not stay in place as well, and if it is dirty, your hair will not look nearly as nice.

In order to do a proper up-do, you are going to need the following items:

  • Plenty of bobby pins in your hair color
  • A flat iron
  • A Curling iron

Once you have everything ready, try the following steps for an attractive up-do great for your formal occasion:

Part left of center. You are not going to want to part straight down the middle, and parting to the left of center is the most classical, and flattering part.

Create an anchor for your hair. Whether you are going to use curls, or go for a more smooth and sleek look, you are going to need a place to anchor the pins, and a place to pull everything. The best way to create and anchor for your hair is to take pieces from both sides and tie them together and pin into place, so that the create a platform to pin other hair to.

teens at a promPiece by piece, get hair in place, and use a small mist of spray to keep it in place. You will want to use your flat iron on the hair so that it sits just right. Work your way through your hair. You will want to alternate between sections on one side of the head and the other so that your hair is balanced at the end. If you are going for the smooth sleek look you will pin hair under, if you are going for the curled up-do, you will want to use your curling iron, create curls, then pin them in place.

For a really fast up do, consider pulling hair into a mid ponytail, and then use a curling iron and pins to create a nest of curls in the back of your hair.

Keep your tresses looking their best

teen wearing sunglassesHair is something that can really add to your look, or take away from it. To have your hair be an asset, you have to keep it looking its best and make sure it is strong and healthy. The following are some tips for how to keep your tresses looking their best:

  1. Use natural brush bristles. You want to avoid plastic-bristle brushes as they tend to tear, rip, and damage hair. For dry hair, boar bristles are the best, and for wet hair, your best option is soft rubber toothed, wide combs. You will spend more to get these kind of brushes, but they are far better for your hair.
  2. Shampooing your hair is good, but you could do better. One great tip is to brush it before you shampoo it. The reason for this is that hair has a tendency to hang on to product, scalp flakes, etc. A few strokes through your hair with a brush will remove product buildup and scalp flakes. In addition to that, brushing your hair stimulates the scalp, which promotes blood flow to the hair follicles, which means they get more oxygen, and will be healthier.
  3. Massage your head as you shampoo. You want to massage the scalp in gentle, circular motions to promote blood flow for healthier, happier, hair. This is especially important if you intend to shampoo daily, as that can cause undue dryness, but the massaging can counteract that some.
  4. Before you color your hair, dampen the ends some. The end of your hair is generally drier than the rest of your hair because it has been around longer. Dry hair absorbs more color, so your pigments won’t match well for a home dye as the ends are more porous. By misting them with water before doing you home color, you help keep the color even throughout.
  5. Trim your hair regularly. Every four to eight weeks you want to get a trim of at least a half inch, as your hair will split at the ends as it becomes damaged. This keeps your hair in healthy condition by cutting off the damaged parts.
  6. If you color your hair, you will want to use color-protective products. This is going to keep your hair healthy because when you use dye or other chemical treatments, the chemicals have to penetrate the cuticle, which can cause dryness. So, using a color-protective product will help make this process less abusive.

These are just a few simple tips for keeping your tresses looking their best. In addition, you will want to find a great stylist that will help you find the right cut for your face, and that will help you have an easy to manage style. In addition, take advantage of accessories, and products that will help your hair look better without a lot of time or effort on your part.

How to remove split ends without cutting your hair

girl using her hair as a mustacheWhen the hair cuticle is removed, the hair will split, and this is damaged hair. Hair that splits can not be repaired, instead it must be cut off. If you do not cut it, it will continue to split higher up on the hair. So, to keep healthy hair, give yourself regular trims, or take regular trips to your stylist for trims.

Because regular hair cuts can get expensive, the following is a how to do it yourself look at removing split ends between cuts:

First, take a small section of hair. Your hair likely has split ends throughout it, so divide it off into sections, and work around your head a small section at a time.

Second, take the section you have chosen, and gently twist it until you see the split ends sticking out. You want to twist it downward, and you want to be careful not to cause undue stress as this will add to the damage. By doing this you will see how far up your hair you have split ends, and thus how much you should cut off to get back to healthy hair.

Third, get your hair cutting scissors, and carefully snip into the twist. You are not cutting it off completely, you just want to snip into it where you see split ends to remove those damaged cuticles and leave you with healthy hair. By cutting into the twist, you are going to give yourself natural layers, and they will not look like you did your hair yourself.

Fourth, continue around your head using the same three steps, but as you do it, be careful to cut the same amount from each twist so that you do not end up with uneven or unsightly hair.

Self cuts are relatively simple, and while you should not do this on your own to style your hair, it is a great way to remove damage and lengthen the time you can go between cuts to maintain healthy hair. In addition to removing split ends without going in for a cut, you can do things to avoid split ends. The following are some tips for split end avoidance:

Things to do to avoid split ends:

  • Condition regularly. Split ends are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair. So, give your hair a chance to retain moisture by conditioning regularly, and deep conditioning about once a month.
  • Do not brush your hair too rigorously. If you brush your hair too hard, it can cause strands to break, or the outer cuticle to be stripped away.
  • Be careful about how much you use hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers, hot combs). The heat can damage the hair.
  • Avoid the overuse of chemical treatments. These include things like relaxers, perms, or the most common, color-treatments.
  • Use high quality brushes, combs, etc. If you use cheap synthetic brushes or combs, brush rollers, etc., they may snag your hair, break it, tear it, etc.
  • Brushing your hair while it is wet can cause the strands to stretch and not be as strong, thus they break more easily.
  • Washing your hair too much can dry it out, so be careful to use a moisturizing conditioner if you intend to wash daily.
  • Do not use too much product.

How to grow healthy long hair

teen in thoughtA lot of girls, and guys, want to have long hair, but worry about having the gross looking long hair that is damaged and disgusting. For long hair that is healthy, beautiful, and shiny, like the celebs, use the following twenty tips:

  1. Cut off the unhealthy hair. If you want to grow your hair out, start with healthy hair. Hair that is damaged can’t really be fixed, so cut it off when you start.
  2. Always trim your hair often. If you get split ends, they will continue to split up the length of your hair, so the only way to keep your hair healthy as it grows longer is to give it a regular trim to rid it of split ends.
  3. Use a stylist you trust. You do not want to have a stylist that will use harsh chemicals, or talk you into a cut. Stylists make more money on short hair because it requires more product and maintenance, so don’t let them talk you into going short if you want to go long.
  4. Avoid using any heated appliances whenever possible. Flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, all damage hair, and while they are great for styling, if you want really long hair, you may want to avoid them at least during the growing process.
  5. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your hair. To color use non peroxide color, as this will do the least amount of damage.
  6. Avoid chlorine and saltwater as it can be damaging to the hair, and leave it harsher, courser, and not as beautiful. If you are going to be in the ocean or the pool, consider putting conditioner on your hair first.
  7. Be careful of what kind of hair accessories you use. Never use metal barrettes, rubberbands, items with sharp or rough edges, etc. as this can tear and damage the hair.
  8. Never put your hair in any kind of style that may cause damage to it. This is stuff like little braids, dreds, etc. The stress on the hair causes it to stretch and break.
  9. Avoid extreme diets. Without proper nutrition your hair will not grow properly or have the luster and shine you want. So, make sure you drink tons of water, and that you eat plenty of fresh foods, grains, etc.
  10. Be careful with wet hair as if you brush it while it is wet the strands will stretch Wet hair is more elastic, so to avoid breaking use wide combs, and wait for it to dry at least partially before combing.
  11. Only use a brush with natural bristles, never plastic, as that can be hard on your hair.
  12. Comb your hair daily to get rid of dirt, pollutants, etc. They can be damaging to the hair.
  13. Let your hair get dirty once in awhile so that the natural oils have a chance to do their magic on the hair. Do not make this too regular, but maybe every other weekend or so.
  14. woman standing with folded armsWhen you ash your hair, start at the scalp, and massage to stimulate hair follicle growth, never pile hair on head, as this causes knots.
  15. If you have dry hair, you may want to consider washing it less often, or occasionally using only conditioner.
  16. Rinse your hair in as cold water as you can stand, not hot water, it is better for the follicles, and makes it shinier.
  17. Use only styling products with natural ingredients, or that are designed specifically for your hair type.
  18. Deep condition your hair about once a month as this will keep it in better shape.
  19. Sleep with your hair braided, or contained, not loose, as this is too much friction.
  20. Be gentle with your hair, remember once damaged it can’t be easily repaired.

How to get natural highlights

teen blowing bubblesGetting highlights in your hair is a fun way to change up your look without making any huge changes overall. It is also a relatively inexpensive way to have more interesting hair. Almost everyone looks good with highlights, and can benefit from adding a little funk to their do. The following is a look at how you can get your highlights naturally, so that you do not have to pay expensive salon fees.

First, you have to have the right stuff. The products with the strongest natural highlighters are chamomile oil and lemon extract. However, when you use these oils and extracts, you will want to mix them with a jojoba oil, as you never want to apply essential herbal oils or extracts directly on hair or skin, as it can cause damage. You can buy jojoba oil at any health store, or even beauty product store. These products will give you strong highlights, and a great look.

If you want something a little subtler, or something for an overall lightening affect, not just highlighted areas, try using a brewed, then cooled, chamomile tea, or lemon juice instead of lemon extract.

For reddish highlights, use a rinse mixed with a bit of lemon juice and brewed red zinger tea.

The teas are generally easy to find in a health food store, but even some local grocers will carry these teas.

Second, comb it through your hair. Whatever mixture you choose to use, you want to comb it through your hair. For an overall look, use the rinse in a freshly washes and shampooed hair, and then go out into the sun. For a more highlighted look, comb in through the places you want highlights.

Your natural highlights will work better if you condition your hair regularly, as it helps absorb the product. So, make sure you have clean hair and that you have conditioned it as well.

Third, let the sun do the rest for you. All you really have to do is get the sunshine on your hair, and it will combine with the rinse you used to pull color out of your hair, and give it a natural bleach, or highlighted look. You do not even have to spend hours in the sun for this to happen. Consider putting the highlighting rinse on before you garden for a while, or before taking a walk out of doors, or exercising. You will want to spend a half hour or longer in the sun, and you probably should not get your hair wet, so dunking it in the pool is not going to work as this will wash out the rinse.

If you follow the above steps you can have natural, easy highlights that will look great, and get you compliments at school. In addition, it won’t put a strain on your budget, and it will look far more natural, because it is, than going into the salon and having them do it.

Healthy hair tips for teens

teenager with thumbs upAs a teen, your hair is a big part of who you are. It is part of your outfits, it is part of your personal style, it is part of who you are. So, healthy hair for a teen is a big deal. Without healthy hair, one of the biggest parts of who you are is going to be problematic. The following are some tips for how to keep your hair healthy:

  1. One of the things you should do for healthy hair is avoid harsh shampoos and chemicals. Whenever possible, use natural and organic hair-care products. While other products can get your hair clean and soft, in the long run it will damage it. So, use natural products with the oils and extracts that will keep your hair looking shiny, strong, and beautiful.
  2. Shampoo properly. Shampoo is one of the things you use on your hair most, so use that time as a chance to help you have healthy hair. When you apply your shampoo, massage the scalp, and do it in a circular motion to allow your hair follicles to be stimulated.
  3. Avoid using electric hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. When possible, you want to let the hair dry naturally. The more you dry, heat, or alter your hair, the more damaged it becomes. The less it is, the better your hair health will be.
  4. Be sure to practice proper diet and nutrition. Good nutrition where you eat good food, and drink plenty of water. The fresher the foods, the better. Eating right and getting plenty of water, is going to help you feel better all around, in addition to giving you healthier hair and improved texture.
  5. Wash your hair regularly. A lot of people will say washing your hair too much makes it unhealthy because it dries it out. However, if you choose the right shampoo, it is actually better for you, because when you put the shampoo on, you massage your scalp, and stimulate the oil glands, and this keeps the hair naturally healthy.
  6. Use shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. If you have oily hair, get natural shampoos that are designed for oily hair. If your hair is dry, get shampoo for dry hair. If your hair is curly, use curly hair shampoo, if it is colored, use shampoo with color protector.
  7. Always rinse with cool clean water when you wash out your shampoo, this will give you extra shine.
  8. Never brush your hair if it is really wet because this is a time when it is elastic, and it can be stretched and pulled to the point where it will break. If you are going to brush wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb is best for wet hair.
  9. Brush your hair well each day to help you remove dirt, pollutants, etc. this will keep it cleaner, and in addition it will stimulate circulation which will increase natural oils. This improves the natural sheen and gets oxygen to the hair and scalp.
  10. Use hot oil treatments, conditioner, and other products that help stimulate the scalp and reduce dandruff or the possibility of dandruff.

Getting hair that is easy to do

girl with short hairIf you want hair that is easy to do, having an experienced hair stylist is your best bet. Without a good cut, it is not going to be easy to do your hair, like your hair, or have good hair days.

When choosing a hair stylist, be sure to choose someone who is going to understand your needs. You have to be able to be honest with your hairstylist. You have to be able to tell them who you are, the look you want, the time, money, and energy you will be willing to spend. While you are sitting in a salon it can be difficult to not pretend that you have the means and time to wear the most stylish and up to date style.

Your hair stylist is not going to talk you into a cut that requires a lot of maintenance, product, or time, if you tell them that you want something easy and cheap. So, make sure you have a stylist you can trust. Make sure they have the experience and know your hair well enough to cut it where it is going to lay right, and look good, no matter what. If not it will take a lot of product and hair tools to have good hair. That is not something you want.

Your best bet for a hairstyle that is easy to do is to explain to your stylist what you need, the kind of time you have to do your hair each day, and what kind of care you can dedicate to it. For example, if you have short hair, you can do it faster, but if you do not need to wash your hair everyday, a longer cut is not going to be hard for you time wise. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to getting hair that is easy to do, so make sure you discuss it with your stylist. They are the professional, it is not your job to know the easiest cut; but you do know your lifestyle issues and personal preferences. So, explain those to your stylist and work with them to come up with the best style for your needs!

Besides getting the right stylist and the right cut, if you want to have hair that is easy to do, you have to learn your hair, and how to do it. Your hair will be really easy if you learn how it works best. For example, some people’s hair is best if they wash it everyday, other people’s hair is better off if you do not wash it often. Sometimes your hair works best if you wear it up, sometimes your hair is best if you wear it down.

Learn you hair, and find a style that works for you. Find a style that you like on you, and that does not take a lot of time. Find a style that you can dress up when you need to go out, or dress down when you are just lounging around.