Question: Do guys like sporty girls, or girly girls better?

If you have ever wondered what a guy is thinking, now you get the chance to ask. The following is a guy’s answer to a teen girl’s question:

Question: Do guys like sporty girls or girly girls better?

Answer: If we could have it our way we someone who is both. It would be nice to have her want to watch football with us, and then get all dressed up to go out too. Obviously though, sometimes this is asking too much. If we have to choose between the two, we almost always go with the girly girl, but we almost always say we would go with the sporty girl.

I think it would be better to just explain the attraction to both, and then you can see why we like what we like.

The sporty girl is a lot of fun. We know that she is up for whatever, and that we can do the stuff we like, like long boarding, surfing, hiking, playing sports, playing video games, etc. We don’t have to worry that she is going to hate it, because we know that if we want to head into the mountains and hike up to a waterfall, she isn’t going to complain about getting sweaty and dirty.

We also know that we aren’t going to have to listen to her personal version of style magazine, or hear about some new hair removal procedure, or whatever. We like that we can talk, play, and watch sports with her.

The girly girl is great too. We like that she is always looking hot! We like her painted toe nails, soft skin, and that she always smells nice. We also like that she has to rely on us. Okay, we are guys, we want someone who is going to make us feel needed. The damsel in distress act really works for us. We are okay with you not being able to pump your own gas, it is actually endearing, and we don’t want you to stink like gas anyway.

We like that the girly girl is going to be eye candy for us to show off. We like what a good kisser she is, and that she is fun to look at. We also like that we can relax and watch movies together, go out to eat, or hit up the mall.

So, why do we like one over the other? Initially the sporty girl is more attractive to us because she is simply more fun. However, we have our guys for poker, games, and being sweaty and dirty. Frankly, when it comes to girls, we want them to look and smell their best. Sure we want to include them in the active things we like, but if we have to choose, coming home to the beauty queen usually wins out.

How to steal our hearts: Be the vixen that is a little bit of both. We want the girl who will drive the motorcycles, wrestle in the dirt, and beat us at Mario Kart, but does it wearing heels, having their hair and nails done, and smelling like a rose.

Question: Is long hair better?

As a teenager you probably have some questions you wish you could have answered honestly by the opposite sex. The following is a look at a question asked by girls to guys, and their answer, free of the bias of catering to what you want to hear.

Question: It seems like most guys like long hair better than short on girls. Does it depend on the girl, or in general is one better than the other?

Answer: While every guy’s opinion is going to differ in some degree, as a whole, it seems that our gender is much more attracted to long hair. Long hair is almost always more attractive than short hair. So, don’t cut your hair.

Of course there are always some exceptions to that rule, but don’t think you are the exception, you probably aren’t. Celebrities that have short hair and still look hot have professionals doing their hair, make-up, etc. They dress awesome, and have a rockin’ body. So, if you are going to cut your hair short, you better have someone to do your make-up, wardrobe, etc. and get a personal trainer so that you have a rockin’ body to take our mind off of your short locks.

This doesn’t mean you can’t look good with short hair, you probably do, but you probably look a lot better with long hair. Even if you think you look better with your hair short, or think it is easier to do, and you look nicer when you have short hair, we don’t mind you just pulling your hair up when you are in a hurry, we like it long!

Honestly, long hair has so many benefits. You can wear it a million different ways, which we like to see, it keeps things interesting. It means you can have a pony tail, which is hot! Wear it long and straight, curled, up, down, braided, etc. We like that about long hair because it means a different look each time we see you. While short hair is cute, it seems like it has a lot less options, and is just not as fun, or attractive.

We like to touch your hair, and long hair is better for that. Unless you have unhealthy long hair that is all gross, long is best. Just be sure that you keep is shiny, silky, and soft. Split ends are not really very attractive, so healthy long hair is the qualifier.

Most guys are not big fans of the long hair past the butt. We want your hair to be long, don’t get us wrong, but we do not want to see your hair dragging on the ground. Unless you have incredibly beautiful hair that is super healthy and strong, having it past the top of your butt is just too long. In fact, most of us think that is kind of gross.

We want to be able to wear our hair longer without risking having hair longer than yours! We don’t want anyone to mistake us for dating another guy because you wear your hair too short. We also do not want you to borrow our gel. Long hair is a feminine characteristic, and we love it!