Ideas for fun group activities

Are you and your friends having a hard time thinking of stuff to do as a group? It is hard to find an activity that a whole group of friends can do that is fun and activities that everyone in your group will want to do. Activities that everyone will participate in might be close to impossible, because you know there is always someone that hates this or can’t do that but just because a person doesn’t participate doesn’t mean that they have to be completely left out.
Depending on how many people are in your group of friends is really what you should plan activities around. For instance, if you and two friends want to do something fun together, one thing you could try is going shopping, not just to the mall you do that all the time. Go to the flea market/swap meet and have a look around one Saturday afternoon. You would be amazed to see some of the neat stuff people are selling and you may even find yourself buying as well. A movie is always fun but if your group of friends consists of more than three people I suggest going to the drive-in movie instead. Just load up the whole gang into a couple of vehicles, get to the movie a little early so you can park next to each other, lay some blankets down on the ground or if one of your friends has a truck everyone pile in the back and have a good time watching the movie without having to be real quiet. Because don’t you ever notice the more people involved in the activity the higher the noise level. And the more people that are present the more things there are to talk about. So an indoor movie most likely would not be the best group activity to do.
Now if you are trying to think of a group activity that is fun to do involving more than five people you will want to do something that is in a large area. The more people involved, the bigger the area should be. A park is always a fun place to hang out. No, I don’t mean hanging on the monkey bars with the little kids either. Unless of course, the park playground is empty, then hang from the monkey bars all you want. I have always enjoyed sliding down the slide to hanging from the monkey bars. But if children are present, it isn’t a good idea to “take” over the playground. There is plenty of space in most parks. Find a nice open space and play a game of tag football, softball or a game of kick ball. Not everyone has to participate either to have a good time. Another great activity in the park is bringing water balloons and then have a water fight or a squirt gun fight. Don’t think I mean a squirt gun fight using those teeny little guns that hold barely any water; I am talking a “real” squirt gun fight using great, big super soaker squirt guns that hold more water than the average camel. Now that’s what you call a squirt gun fight!
Another fun activity to do with a large group of friend is go up in the mountains and roast hotdogs or marshmallows. Or neither, it doesn’t need to be a picnic. Just have fun hiking up the trails. You could even go to a nearby lake to fish, but I don’t recommend going to a lake where there are other people trying to fish because you know full well someone will be getting thrown in before the fishing poles have even been cast out.