Teen Girl Weight Loss Plan

Dealing with weight issues seems to be one of the biggest plagues for teen girls. There are many girls that place so many emphasis on their weight that they honestly do not think about anything else. It is important to have a healthy weight and to establish a good trend of healthy eating and a healthy weight when girls are teens as weight problems could follow them for the rest of their lives. Parents need to be sensitive to teen girls and their weight issues as they can be a reoccurring issue for years. There are things to be concerned about like if your teen girl is overeating and causing obesity to occur and then there is the opposite end of the spectrum where anorexia occurs. How do you find the balance to help your daughter?

If you need to help your teen girl with weight loss, it is important to be incredibly sensitive to her needs. Typically weight issues as a teen are a sign that there may be a concern with the way her body is developing. Her metabolism may not be functioning properly or you could be dealing with lack of exercise and excessive eating. Either way, you need to get to the root of the problem with your daughter and to develop a healthy way for her to be able to lose weight. Here are some easy weight loss programs to start with.

Always maintain a healthy intake of the essential food groups. What you want to work on more than anything is cutting out the excessive amount of calories that she may be consuming. You also need to work on reducing other issues as well like cutting out all the fats and the unhealthy foods that are not contributing to her overall health.

For one week, have her take notes of everything that she eats. This can help her to see what types of foods she is consuming and the dangers that they may have on her health. She can also see why she is dealing with excessive weight issues thanks to the type of diet and exercise program that she is following.

There are some great tracking programs that you can use that will be able to assist in tracking the foods and things that you are consuming. This is a great way to help your teen girl find out how much of each food group she is consuming. The more she can focus on understanding how much fat is in her diet and where it is coming from, the easier it will be for her to start removing it from her diet.

What else can you do besides counting calories and making sure healthy foods are being eaten? Weight loss cannot occur without a good exercise program. Your daughter needs to spend time exercising each day to burn the excess amount of calories that she is dealing with.  You can easily get her to do this by going for walks with you in the evening. How about taking her swimming or to play tennis? Some teen girls do not like going to the gym which is why it is a good idea to look at a variety of other ways to exercise and get her moving. Swimming, skiing, and tennis are all great ways to move and to burn off the extra weight.

For healthy weight loss to occur, your teen girl needs to plan on losing about 1-2 pounds a week. It doesn’t take days to lose weight, it can take months and possibly even years. Be supportive of your teen and make sure you are also following a healthier diet and exercise plan to support your daughter getting back in shape.

Need A New Hobby? Here Are Some Great Ones!

A great way to fill up your spare time is with some new activities. Instead of turning to video games and television for your spare time, you need to consider getting into some other hobbies that will really assist in enriching your life. No matter what type of hobbies you choose to pick up, you need to be able to find hobbies that are designed to help you feel better about yourself. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and pushing yourself to find a new hobby or to take that critical step forward in doing something you have always wanted to try out. Here are some ideas to help you come up with your own hobbies.

Join a book club

One of the best ways to explore your creative mind is by joining a book club. You need to be able to look for books that are interesting to you and will really challenge your mind and cause you to “move” into a different world. As you use a book club to help you move along with the reading programs you will also be able to make new friends and will likely get in touch with people that have a lot of similar interests to you. A book club will allow you to really stretch your brain power as well so you aren’t always sitting around and doing the same old thing over and over.

Pick up a new sport

If you aren’t a fan of basketball, why not try out for a different type of sport? How about swimming? This is a sport that most people enjoy recreationally and it also gives you a chance to find a way to stay in shape without needing to spend hours on a treadmill! You can try out for a swim team if your school has one and you really think this might be something you would enjoy. Another good sport for girls is track. There are many other girls on the track team that you can easily become friends with and you will be able to create great relationships with them.

Learn to cook

One of the most rewarding things is to take a bunch of random things and create something from them. Cooking is actually a lot of fun and you can easily see how exciting it can be for you to create your own recipes and to share them with your loved ones. Consider cooking meals for your family! This is a great way to give your parents a break but it is also a great way to continue expanding on your new hobby.

Play music

Many teen girls love to listen to music and often walk around with their iPod permanently attached to their ears! If you love music, try taking some music lessons. You may surprise yourself to learn that you have a natural talent and gift for the piano or singing. Learning to play an instrument is a lot of fun and it is a great way to test yourself and to learn a new hobby that a lot of people deem impossible.

Learn a different language

With a world that is really starting to intermingle a lot, learning other languages is a great idea. There are some classes you can take in school to help you learn a new language. Study hard as this is a very difficult and challenging thing to do but learning a new language can be incredibly rewarding as well. Spanish and French are two of the most common languages that people learn and they can be a great way to help you market yourself in the future when you apply for colleges!

My Friend Has An eating Disorder!

Many teen girls struggle with self-esteem issues and many of them are hard on themselves about their weight. Teen girls place a lot of importance on their looks and if they do not feel that they look perfect, it can often lead to a number of self-esteem issues and eating disorders. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can be incredibly dangerous. They can lead to serious damage to your health and even death. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of these eating disorders in order to prevent issues from happening in your life. If you suspect that your teen friend many have an eating disorder, you need to help her right away. Teen girls with eating disorders can gave serious emotional problems. It is important that you do not ignore your friend’s behavior and that you step in to help her out. Here are some of the common signs and symptoms of eating disorders to be on the lookout for:

  • She counts calories and seems to have an obsession with eating too much food or not enough. She may take a bite of one thing and count that as her meal for the day.
  • She doesn’t actually eat but ends up moving food around on her plate to give off the appearance that she has eaten.
  • She doesn’t eat at all but instead only drinks water or Red Bull for meals.
  • You notice she exercises a lot and continues to complain that she is too fat.
  • She doesn’t look healthy. Her skin may have a yellowish color to it or she may look incredibly pale and too thin.
  • She eats a lot and then always goes to the bathroom afterwards.
  • You have heard her vomiting after eating.
  • You notice she is taking diet pills or laxatives.
  • You hear her talking about her issues with weight and joking about considering going anorexic or bulimic to lose weight.

If you see any of these signs in your friend, the first thing that you need to do is to talk to your friend about her condition. You want to get her to admit her issues. This is the best way to get her help as she needs to recognize that she does have a problem. A lot of teen girls will realize how dangerous it is but they do not know how to stop. It is important to remember that eating disorders are a mental condition in addition to a physical one. It is an addiction that will be hard for many people to break. If you talk to her about it and she doesn’t seem to respond, you should seek out the advice of an adult.

Talk to your parents and ask them for help. You may even try speaking with a counselor at school. It is a good idea to get help from another person and to show your friend that you want to help her as do many other people that love and care for her. As she can recognize the support group around her, it may help to get her on the right path towards getting better and getting help.

Dealing with eating disorders are dangerous. You need to make sure that you are eating healthy and taking care of yourself. Teen girls are going through a lot of changes and you must be able to focus on your health to provide healthy foods for your body to grow properly. Pay attention to yourself and to  your friends and learn how to help each other!

Healthier Diets For Teen Girls

Teen girls need to watch what they eat as many processed foods out there can be detrimental to their health. Unhealthy eating can set a life pattern of it and you often end up with obesity as a result of improper eating. As a parent, how can you help your teen girl focus on healthier eating habits? Sit down and talk to her about healthier eating and even consider having her help you in doing the shopping. This way you will both be able to purchase foods that you know she will eat and you can steer clear of the areas that are detrimental to your health like the soda, candy, and processed food areas.

Use the food pyramid to help you find foods that are healthier and foods that will be able to properly provide for your teen daughter. You can see which food areas need to make up a large part of her eating habits. Proteins are areas that a lot of teen girls neglect. You need to make sure that your daughter is getting her sources of lean meats in her diet. Some teen girls will go through phases where they want to try being a vegetarian. If this is the case, you will need to help her understand how to find proteins in other food sources. You must include protein in the diet as it helps to provide the body with essential amino acids. These food sources will provide for proper growth but they also assist your teen in giving her sustainable energy through the day.

Healthy eating also needs to include carbohydrates. This is another touchy subject with teen girls as they want to blame any fat they have on carbs. You need to properly explain good carbs from bad carbs and help her to see the importance of eating a balanced diet. She may like whole grain bread, which is a great start as you want her to enjoy the healthy carbs that aid in proper digestion and many other things.

Remove all the soda and sugary drinks from your home. Your teen girl should drink plenty of water and milk during the day. When she is able to focus on consuming beverages that build up her muscles and aid in giving her the nutrition she needs, she won’t feel as sluggish throughout the day and she will be able to maintain a healthier body. Milk is one of the things that needs to be consumed often, especially for teen girls as they need it daily to build their bodies properly.

If your teen daughter has had a sweet tooth, you may be able to help her out by getting her to turn to fruits when she wants something sweet. Fruits are great sources of natural sugars and they are great at offering you a balanced and healthier diet. She can try out a number of different fruits to see which ones she really enjoys and wants to incorporate into her diet.

Vegetables are vital to your diet. A lot of teens are terrible with eating their vegetables. You can find ways to hide vegetables in meals a lot! Just like when they were toddlers, you can disguise them in sauces and many other things. This will help your teen to get the nutrition that she really needs from the veggies without knowing she is eating them. Take her with you to the store to choose vegetables and create recipes together. Having her help you in the kitchen may be able to help her try out the foods as she is the one preparing them and it can overcome her fear of trying new things.

Getting Along With Your Teen Daughter

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world! Many people find that the teen years are some of the hardest ones as the kids are learning a lot and they like to challenge authority and test their boundaries. Your once adoring daughter may suddenly be going through a number of life changes and she may find your overall presence irritating and annoying. You could end up dealing with a lot of arguments and just struggling to get through the days. How can you find better ways to parent your teen daughter?

It is important to recognize that she is going to deal with a lot of hormonal changes and things and these issues will end up impacting her mood. This can be really hard for many people. You need to be understanding of this as it’s just as hard on your daughter as it is on you to deal with the mood swings. She is learning to control them and it is not always easy at times.

Watch your behavior. When your teen daughter starts flying off the handle, you need to maintain your cool! It is important that you do not become like a teen yourself and start thinking in the moment and illogically. You need to be the parent and to be in control of the situation! Focus on working hard to manage your own emotions so you don’t end up in a screaming match with your teen.

Your teen is on the hunt for a person that they feel understands them. As a parent you need to be this person! It is important that you take the step to really learn how to listen to your teen and to find out what is going on in their life. You must be able to work on effective communication with your teen and to show them that you are trying to understand them. They may appreciate the effort that you are putting forward to try and make your relationship work. Learn to listen as this is huge to a teen. They don’t always want you to give them advice as they want you to listen to them. Sometimes teens just need to vent.

Make yourself available for your daughter. You really need to work on being there for her when she needs to talk and not letting yourself get distracted by other things. As your daughter can see that you make her a big priority in your life, she will feel loved and it will be easier on her to trust you and to know that you will always be there for her.

Watch your words. Teen girls have very fragile self-esteem. You need to make sure you are watching what you say as she can be overly sensitive to it and may be offended. You need to be able to provide her with compliments each day and to let her see and know of your love for her. You have to avoid scolding her and to make sure that you are having discussions with her instead. This is a different type of relationship and it’s one that you both need to figure out together. Have a lot of love and patience with each other.

Rules are necessary for teens! Some parents try too hard to be the best friend that they forget about being the parent. You need to have set rules and she needs to understand what these rules are. If you do not have rules and you let her make her own rules, it will lead to a lot of fighting in the home as you are trying to parent too little too late.

Flirting Tips For Teen Girls

Are you anxious to get a date to PROM? If you are hoping to get asked out on a date or just to make friend with some new people, it helps to learn how to flirt! Learning to flirt is easy, actually executing it effectively can be the hard part. You need to be able to have confidence in yourself when you are flirting so you don’t feel embarrassed and to make sure that you are eluding this confidence to the boy that you are flirting with. Giving off the impression that you have confidence can really help him to be attracted to you as he sees that you are talented and just fine without having a boyfriend. Here are some tips that can help you to flirt!

Look great

When it comes to flirting, you need to spend a little bit of time making yourself look nice. When you take the time to do your hair and to dress nicely, you will have more confidence in yourself. You will feel better and you will know that you do look good today. Having this extra boost of confidence can finally give you the gumption you need to talk to the boy sitting across from you in science class!

Catch eye contact

How will a boy know you are even interested if you are always looking down and away from him? You should try and catch eye contact with him to let him know that you are paying attention to him. When your eyes meet, smile or give him a small smile. This lets him know that you are interested. If you do this, you may notice that he is starting to look over in your direction more. The power of eye contact is huge when it comes to properly flirting with a boy.

Be friendly

A great way to get a boy to notice you is to be kind. When you are nice and friendly, you are easier for him to talk to. You should really work on being friendly to him so he feels relaxed and at ease and doesn’t have a hard time talking to you.


This is a great way to break the ice and tension. It can help to calm your nerves and also his nerves and may help you both to see each other differently. If you smile and you notice he turns away or he doesn’t look too interested, move on! You don’t want to waste your beautiful smile on a boy that doesn’t really deserve it!

Ask questions

Teen boys aren’t always the greatest when it comes to talking. You should have some fun and interesting questions to ask him in order to motivate him to talk. This is a great way to start flirting but it can put you on the fast track to making a nice friendship with the boy.

Find similar interests

One of the best ways to flirt is by finding something that you are interested in and that he is interested in. A great idea is to find out something that he is really interested in and then to say something about it. Boys love to teach girls about their hobbies so act interested! However don’t lie as you do not want to give off the appearance that you are something that you aren’t. He may love Monster Truck rallies but that doesn’t mean you have to! The differences that you have are the things that make you both unique and can help in making you become stronger friends and actually enjoying each other’s company.

Buying A Gift For A Teen Girl

If you have to buy a gift for a teen girl, you are probably dreading it! A lot of people have no idea where to start when they are searching for a gift and many others are unable to buy anything besides a gift card. Buying for a teen can be hard but with some creativity, you will get to know your teen better and you will see certain hobbies and interests that she has. This can assist you as you are hoping to buy her a gift that she will never forgot. It is a good idea to consider a gift card to her favorite store instead of trying to buy her a shirt or something as she may get offended by the choice of shirt that you choose or the size.

Since shopping for teen girls can be such a hard thing, a lot of companies have created online lists to help you out. Amazon is one of the sites that actually can help you browse by genre and age when it comes to finding the right gift for a teen girl. In addition to using these websites, you can also get some great ideas from articles and blogs. A lot of parents of teenagers will create lists, which can really help in finding the best gift ideas for teen girls.

How much can you afford to spend? Your budget is important to consider as you need to make sure that you do have plenty of money but that you are not spending too much money on her gift. Choosing a gift for a teen girl doesn’t need to be an extravagant thing. Some girls will really appreciate it when you offer them something that is heartfelt or handmade. Passing down an heirloom can be a wonderful gift that she will be able to cherish for many years.

The one thing that can be hard with teen girls is the trends that change often. You can see that she is really into a certain type of makeup line and then in a month, she is over this and onto to the next trend. It is hard to keep up! You need to plan on doing a little research and watching your teen so you can see what types of things she is interested in and to help you in picking out things you know she would appreciate. Most malls have certain jewelry stores and other places that are specifically centered around teens. Head into these stores and browse around to see if you can find items that you know she will appreciate.

Good cashiers in these stores deal with teen girls all the time and they can give you some great ideas on what type of gifts are popular right now and what types of items they see girls purchasing a lot of. You need to be able to have someone like this to help you out and to give you a second opinion when you are trying to find a unique gift for a teen girl.

Certain teen girls are really into makeup, hair, and jewelry. Others are not into these things at all and they may appreciate books or a Kindle. You should look at her hobbies and try to get her something she will appreciate and will actually use. Giving her gifts that she can use to decorate her room are other ideas that often work well.  Unique picture frames for her walls are great as she can fill them up with pictures of her friends. Unique furniture can also be a fun gift for a teen girl.

Becoming A Better Friend

Do you long to become a better friend? Have you seen other people in your life develop friendships that last for their entire lives? If you have the hope and desire to make friends that will be with you through your entire life, you need to learn how to become a better friend. Becoming a better friend is a self-determination that you need to follow through. You must be able to learn how to reach out to other people and to be the type of friend that you would like to have in order to get other people to respond to you. Becoming a better friend can come down to many different factors but here are some of the key elements that can help you to become a better friend.


A good friend is one that knows how to listen. You do not always want to be the friend that is talking all the time. You have to start listening and getting your friends to see that you are a great person to vent to and a person that really does care. When you learn to listen, your friends will be able to appreciate you more and they will realize that you are always kind and thoughtful in your listening abilities.


What is a great way to show a person that you care about them? Pay them a compliment! A good friend is one that can recognize things about their friends. You will notice when they get a haircut or when they look nice. It is a good idea to focus on giving a nice compliment to your friends in order to see them flourish and to love being around you. Compliments are great ways to let people know that you do notice them, and we all want to be noticed right?

Thank Them

A great way to become a good friend is by taking the time to tell your friends that you appreciate having them in your life. Teen girls need to have good friends to help them through the ups and downs of the teen years. Make sure you are thanking your friends that always stand by you and always support you no matter what. Having a good support group is one of the best things to have as a teen and you need to be there for your friends in the same way they are there for you.

Give them attention

When they are talking or when you are hanging out with your friends, do you give them attention? It is important that you give them your eye contact when they are talking and that you are present with your friends. You need to give them the attention that they need and crave. If you are always on your cell phone and playing on your iPod when they are talking, you are not offering them the type of attention they need and deserve.

Be available

It is common to have a lot of things get in the way in life and can cause you to become busy. When you are too busy for your friends, you may notice that your relationships start to fade. You need to make time for your friends and to be available for them if you hope to have strong relationships with them for the rest of your life. Try to plan nights where you can hang out with them. If you are busy, consider getting together to do your homework together. It’s the little ways that you get together and hang out that will have an impact on your friendship for many years to come.

Activities To Build Up Self Esteem

Do you worry about your teen girl? Does it seem like she goes through waves of loving herself and then despising herself? You need to be able to help your teen girl have self esteem and to find ways in which you can help her see just how  special and important she is. Leaning to love yourself is not always an easy thing for a lot of people but you need to take the time to do this in order to be able to have others respect and admire you. Without self esteem you may struggle with a lot of things in life and you may never have the confidence you need to apply towards getting a job in the future or even finding people to date that will respect you. Believing in yourself and learning how to build high self esteem is a process and it’s something that needs to be done daily. How can you help your teen girl to work on her self esteem so she will have confidence in her abilities?

Remember what it was like to be a teenager! There are so many pressures placed on teens that it can be hard to stay positive. When they have issues that they are facing and then struggling to make friends or to find a certain niche that they can fit into,  you will see that your teen girl is going to feel pretty worn out a lot! The teen years are full of a lot of growth and confusion and you need to be able to really work on helping your teen to learn how to have self esteem and to help her move forward in the face of hardships and other challenges that she has to deal with. Here are some great tips that will allow you to help you teen in building up her self esteem:

  1. Word of affirmation. Each day you should plan on telling your teen things about her that you admire and love. When she is getting positive motivation and compliments from the people that love her, it can help her to grow. Your teen may start to believe in herself more as you tell her just how special and significant she really is.
  2. Help her to take care of her body. Teen girls will place a lot of emphasis on the way that they look. Make sure she knows that she is beautiful and that she doesn’t need to be a certain size or look a certain way to be considered beautiful. You need to help her take care of her body and teach her proper tips on how to wash her skin, do her hair, and to wear makeup. Having the right balance of these things can give her more confidence in her appearance.
  3. Always help your teen to make friends. She needs to have friends in her life to have a good support group and to have people around that she can enjoy being around. Friends can help to build up her self esteem as they will empower her with other compliments and things as well. Good friends love and accept each other for who they are, no matter what situations happen and what type of different quirks they have that make them unique.
  4. Daily coaching. As a parent you need to plan on spending time with your teen and telling her amazing things about herself. Encourage her to spend time in front of the mirror and to repeat back to herself some of the things that she really likes about herself. As she starts to see how amazing she is, she can easily build up her confidence level.

A Step By Step Guide To Making Friends

It’s never easy to step out of your comfort box and to make friends. As a teen girl you may find that making friends can be one of the biggest challenges you will face. How can you look for ways to make friends and to be a good friend to others? You need to be able to learn how to have confidence in yourself and to start taking the first steps! Here are some easy steps to follow that will help you in being able to make lifelong friends.

Step # 1 – Know yourself

What qualities do you have that will make you into a good friend? You need to get to know yourself and to be able to trust yourself to be a good friend. It is a smart idea to take time to look in front of the mirror each day and give yourself a pep talk. Point out all of the great qualities that you have and that you really like about yourself. This is a great way to have confidence in yourself and to know that you are an amazing and talented person and you can make friends! If you have confidence, you will find that it is a lot easier as the friendships will be able to come to you naturally and you will not need to force them.

Step # 2 – Speak up!

How can you make friends if you just sit in the corner and never talk? If you want to make friends, you need to make the first move and start talking! You may be surprised to see that a lot of other people are dealing with the same hesitation about making friends and they are also scared to speak up. By taking that first step, you can easily make them feel at ease and you will both be able to find a number of different things to talk about. Finding something that you have in common with another person is one of the easiest and best ways in which you can make friends.

Step # 3 – Smile and be kind

A great way to make friends is by being a nice person. When you have a warm smile on your face and you are always polite and nice, people will gravitate towards you. Treat others the way that you want to be treated as a friend. When you have kindness and warmth, it will welcome many others and you will make a lot of great friends.

Step # 4 – Listen

If you want to be a great friend you need to learn how to listen. People want to see that you are actually interested in what they have to say. A good friend is one that knows how to listen and understands the importance of just listening. Always give your friends your complete eye contact so they can see you are invested in the conversation. You need to show your friends that you are listening to them as this will be able to really make an impression on them.

Step # 5 – Be true to yourself

A good friend will love you for who you are and they will not ask you to change for them. You need to be true to yourself and accept yourself for who you are. As you do this, you will be able to gain more confidence and self-esteem. You may also find that other people easily gravitate to you as they can see what a great person you are and that you do have confidence in yourself and you want to be a good friend to others.