Wear what works for you

While it would be great to wear high fashion all of the time, is that really a good idea when you are babysitting for the neighbor, or cleaning the garage with your dad? If your lifestyle does not call for ball gowns, then don’t buy them, instead buy and wear what works for you. Designer labels, and high end clothing is appealing, but not practical for the average teen who spends their day on a school bus, in a classroom, and hanging out with friends. Prada next to Jansport is a bit of a fashion faux paus, so instead of always trying to be in the newest, best, top designer world, wear what works for you, your body type, and your lifestyle.

Here’s how to assess what works for you:

First, make a list of all the places you have been in the last week of your life, and take note of the places you typically spend your time, such as at school, and in your friend’s basement playing video games. Once your list is complete, think about the type of clothing that is most appropriate for a lifestyle of this kind. What would you be most comfortable wearing, and what would be out of the norm?

Second, determine what your basics should consist of. If you spend a lot of time in active sports, etc. then your basics will include some workout clothes, sports bra for girls, etc. If your activities are more along the lines of tinkering on cars, your basics should include a pair of coveralls. So, as you determine your basics, consider personal activities and interests . What do you need for them?

Third, do not give up style for comfort, or comfort for style. It is possible to both look and feel great in your clothes. Choosing itchy fabrics, or jeans with no stretch is going to be uncomfortable. So, determine what comfort level you need, and only wear clothes that fit that assessment.

Fourth, consider your body. Even if skinny jeans look amazing on some girls, if you do not have the body for them, DO NOT WEAR THEM. Trends are trendy, but no matter how with the times you are, if the clothes do nothing for your figure, you won’t feel good in them. So, figure out what cuts and styles work well for your body type and figure. If you just do not know, take a friend along, and ask them to be honest.

Fifth, have an idea or a model you want to follow. Once you figure out what styles work for your life, and what you like, and how comfortable you have to be, as well as what cuts and colors work for your body, it is time to get a “look”. The most famous fashion icons all were known for their looks. You are not fashionable just by wearing designer clothes. You have to look very put together. So, find a look you want to emulate, and refer to it when putting together outfits. You can use a celebrity, a magazine spread, or whatever works for you.

The role fashion plays in the life of a teen

Fashion is not just for models, or those with large incomes. Fashion is a part of everyone’s lives, some more so than others. For a teen, fashion often plays a big part of their life, socially, personally, and even emotionally. The following is a look at the way fashion plays a role in the life of a teen.

Expression of their identity: Clothing is an integral part of a teen’s identity. Would the popular cute girl be as cute if she wore clothes from salvation army? Would the nerd be as nerdy if he dressed like an Abercrombie model? Your identity is often wrapped in your clothing. It is like your clothes define you as a teen. In many instances this is the case, or at least in part. While it is possible to have an identity completely separate from your fashion choices, the teenage years are often extremely superficial in nature. This means that first impressions are often the impressions that last. Because your first impressions are usually based on, or made by the way someone looks, fashion is a critical element of identity.

An outlet for their feelings: Clothing is a way that you have an outward expression of how you feel on the inside. You can often tell a story through your fashion choices. For example, the free spirited girl can wear flowing skirts, peasant tops, and gladiator sandals. The boy with a traditional and conservative outlook on life may wear slacks, oxford shirts, and sweater vests. The girl who is not sure who she is may have an eclectic style of hippie one day, preppy the next, grunge the next. Your clothes not only help you express who you are and how you feel, but they often form your identity in the eyes of others. The person who always wears name brand is the “rich kid”. The person who always is found in work out attire is “the athlete”. Clothes are more than a way to cover nakedness, and as a teen, they often become the outlet of self-expression.

A social circle qualifier: One of the most difficult realities for some teens is that fashion often acts as a social circle qualifier. Without the right look, you won’t fit in to certain groups, especially the popular crowd. In the teen years, fitting in is usually really important, and while it can be overrated, it still acts as a catalyst for many choices. The girl who wants to get noticed by the guy may wear a revealing top, or a short skirt. The guy who wants to show off his muscles may wear a tight tee, or a wife-beater. Many of the friends a teen makes, and the circle within which they associate is made up of people who dress the same, or have similar fashion choices. It is not often you see the designer label girl hanging around with the girl who bought her clothes from the local thrift shop. This is not because one is necessarily better than the other, but simply because in the world of teens, fashion matters socially.

The basics of teen fashion, what you need to know

As a teenager, staying hip and in the fashion trends is likely important to you. However, it can also be very expensive, especially if you are having to replace your whole wardrobe. In order to stay in style, and have flexibility in your wardrobe, without the high cost, consider having the basics or essentials that you need, and then adding accessories, and a few trendier pieces. This means that your core pieces will not change with the trends, but instead you will supplement with some of the fun items like novelty tees, or the ultra-trendy clothing that by next year will be long gone in the fashion world.

The following are some tips for what basics you need to have a wardrobe with a backbone that can be supplemented with trendier items. Of course, depending on where you live, your core basics may vary, as different climates call for different articles of clothing. However, in general, here are some items every teen girl should have in her closet:


You want to have at least two pairs that fit you perfectly, and that are a classic cut, not a huge flare, or a tight bottom, but consider a boot cut or straight leg. You also want to ensure that they are a medium wash, as dark and light tend to change with the trends. These are to be your basic pairs, so you want to keep things basic with them, do not have bedazzled pockets, or funky stitching, just go with the basics.


There are occasions when you will need something other than jeans, so have a pair of trousers that are going to fit you nicely and that are in a neutral shade.


It is smart to have a pair of khaki shorts. Not too short or long, and not with embellishments. A pair of basic denim shorts, again not too short or long, will serve you well as well.


When it comes to t-shirts you can have a closet full, and only wear a few. For your core wardrobe you need Three solid-color –shirts, choose your 3 favorite colors to wear, or, to stay safe, choose white, black, and gray. In addition, do not choose any funky necklines or cuts, just a basic short sleeved tee.


No matter where you live there is likely a time when you need a jacket, consider having a neutral shade button-down oxford, a well-fitted denim jacket, and a neutral colored zip front sweatshirt. Blacks, brown, whites, and grays are always good color options.


Shoes really add to outfits, and are a fun place to find diversity and mix things up, however, there are some basics that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The shoes you should have include boots, sandals, flats, and a pair of workout type shoes.

How to choose shoes

Shoes can either make or break an outfit. They can give you confidence. They can help you feel sexy, fun, older, younger, etc. There is a lot of power in a great pair of shoes. By choosing the right pair of shoes you can harness that power. Thus, the following is a look at how to choose shoes, what to consider, and why:

Comfort: If the shoes hurt your feet too bad, no matter how cute they are, you will find yourself not wanting to wear them. This is especially true for girls. Often a cute pair of pointy toe stilletos is to die for, and looks incredible on, but after 3 minutes on your feet you are dying and wishing you had worn flats. So, make sure you get the most out of your shoes by only purchasing shoes that are comfortably enough to wear for a few hours. Sometimes you give up some comfort for style, but if they give you blisters, pinch your feet, or just cause pin, and you won’t wear them as a result, then don’t buy them.

Style: Everyone’s feet are different, and some styles work well for some feet, and not so much for others. The best way to figure out what works for your feet is to go shoe shopping, and try on every style. Then choose things that are stylish, and that fit your personality.

Consider other things: Besides the comfort and style of the shoes, you also have to consider how often you will actually wear them. For example, a pair of bright yellow knee high boots may seem like a fun idea, but unless you have money to burn, they won’t be worth it because for the same price you can get a pair of shoes that will go with several outfits, not just one, and that will work for several occasions.

Function: When choosing shoes, ask yourself if they are functional for your needs. If you are active and will be doing a lot while wearing the shoes, a pair of 3 inch heels may not be the best choice, if you almost always wear skirts, and never wear jeans, tennis shoes may not work for you. So, consider your circumstances, why you are buying the shoes, and how you intend to use them. If you work at a restaurant for example, you need no slip soles.

Quality: The shoes may be cute and fun, but if they won’t last through the first few times you wear them, don’t waste your money. Some shoes have flimsy soles, or poor construction. When choosing shoes, choose shoes that if you love them you really could wear them every day.

Cost: Cost is a big factor in a shoe purchase. You should never buy expensive shoes you do not LOVE. You should also never buy shoes just because they are inexpensive. When shoe shopping, choose shoes as if every shoes was free, and you are looking for what you really want. Then make sure the price is worth the use you will get out of them. If it is, buy them!

Great teen fashion places

Teen fashion is completely unique from the fashion for kids, adults, and seniors. They have their own look, and their own feel. So, the items you purchase for your fashion should be purchased from stores specifically designed for teens. If you buy from a store that is for a teen, you get something that is going to fit right, look right, and be right for your body type. The following are a few great places to purchase clothes if you are a teen and want to stay fashionable:

dELIA*s: This is a fun site or magazine that had trendy and fun clothing that is designed especially for teens. You can go online and have the catalog sent to your home. You can then order from the catalog, or you can order online, or by calling their number. They have everything from shirts and pants to accessories. They get a new clothing line each season, and have some basics you can get all of the time. You really can’t go wrong ordering your clothes from dELIA*s.

DrJays.com: This is a great site for finding street wear and hip hop clothing. It is designed for teens, but it is in the pop culture, hip hop genre, so it is things like hats, sweats, and graphic tees. They have a wide variety, and things designed to fit a teen. It is a fun solution to your street wear needs.

Forever 21: This is a great store for all things teen. You can get hats, sunglasses, bags, jeans, dresses, shirts, tanks, underwear, earrings, you name it, they have it. In addition they are really well priced. You can get a whole season’s worth of clothes for a low price, making it easier to stay with the trends and look and feel your best. You can find Forever 21 stores in malls across the country, or you can visit their website and order clothes to be shipped to you.

Catalogs.com: This site will take you to all of the popular places for teens and their fashion trends. It offers links to the most popular places for teen fashion, including teen fashion advice, and is a great site to start out at if you are not sure what you want.

Alloy: This is a magazine type order that allows you to order all the clothes you want to have as a teen, but also find fun quizzes, advice, horoscopes, gossip for celebrities, etc. It is kind of a one stop teen fashion site, magazine. It allows you to read about what the newest trends in fashion are, what the celebs are doing, and how to order the clothes you want and love.

Malls are full of great stores for teens, but the places mentioned above either offer specifically teen wear, or offer great prices and quality to give you the look you want for the price you want.

Fashion rules every teen should follow

Fashion is a great way to express who you are through your clothing and accessory choice. It is something you should pick and enjoy, however there are some basic rules that should be followed when it comes to fashion. The rules and explanations are below:

Rule one: Follow trends, but do it in moderation.

Trends are a lot of fun, and are great in moderation, but you will go broke, and be a fashion disaster if you follow too many.  So, pick a couple each season that you can stick with, and that have the potential to be used again even if the trend goes out fast. For example, solids stay in longer than prints do, and go with more things, making them an easier pick. Just remember, trends come and go, so choose one or two and enjoy them for the season, but don’t revamp your entire wardrobe each time a trend changes.

Rule two: Don’t ditch the trend just because it goes out, things have a way of coming and going, so if you invest a great deal in a trend, hang on to it, as there is a good chance it will be back, or at least a similar trend will start sooner than you know. Never spend more than you care to lose if the trend dies out too soon.

Rule three: Pay a lot for your core pieces, and get the rest of your stuff at chain and discount stores, as you will save a lot, and in the long run, you will be glad you paid $15 for your t-shirt, not $75. The core pieces that may be worth going designer on include things like a pair of jeans, a pair of khaki’s or black slacks, a white shirt, a black shirt, a jacket, a few basic pairs of shoes.

Rule four: This is probably the most important rule of fashion, and it is to only buy stuff you love. You are wasting your money if you buy something because it is on sale, because someone else thinks it looks cute on you, or because it is a popular look for the time being. but you don’t actually like it. That means it will sit in your closet, not being worn, wasted money.

Rule five: Keep trying. Getting good style is a learned skill, and if you do not have it yet, do not stress it, you will likely have it soon. Sometimes it takes finding your groove, deciding what you really like, and trying out a few different styles before you figure out what works for you, and most importantly, what doesn’t.

These are just some simple rules, but they really all boil down to one thing—it is your clothes, your life, and your style, so just have fun. If you are too stressed about making a certain trend, or looking a certain way, you will never enjoy the benefits that good fashion can bring into your life as a teen.

Best style for your tresses when you go out in your prom dresses

As prom night approaches, you have almost all of your plans ready; you have your date, the perfect dress, dinner plans, transportation, manicure, jewelry and the perfect shoes. Usually the last thing to fall into place, and one of the most important parts of your evening, is a great hairstyle.  The hairstyle you choose for your prom night can really affect your entire look, and so it’s very important to make sure that you chose the correct one to compliment your personal style and the dress that you are wearing.  Here are some tips to help you ensure that you pick the correct ‘do to complete your prom look.

1.  The classic prom hairstyle is an up-do with lots of curls, all meticulously pinned in place.  This is the most common style for good reasons.  If you’re planning on doing a lot of dancing on prom night, this hairstyle helps you to keep you cool.  Having your hair down will be extremely hot and your hair will most likely begin to flatten.  Another reason to style your hair in the classic up-do is that it is beautiful.  This hairstyle shows that you put effort into looking your best.  In addition to simply looking gorgeous, this hairstyle compliments most dress styles.  With your hair off you neck, your beautiful jewelery and dress neckline are showcased.

Another thing to remember about styling your hair this way is that there are many things you can do to diversify your look.  Not all up-dos are the same, so if you’re worried about having the same hairstyle as everyone else, there are things you can do to change it up.  One very pretty way to add something extra to this classic style is to begin it with an upside down French braid.  Flip your head upside down and have your stylist  begin the braid from the nape of your neck and stop about halfway up the back of your head.  At this point, you can begin the curls, either pinned or dangling.  Another great way to throw a twist into this look is to do just that…make it a French twist.  It’s a gorgeous look that’s always adds a sense of class to formal wear.

2. One hair style that is becoming more popular for prom is very opposite of the previous suggestion.  Large, voluminous, loose curls that are completely free-flowing seem to be the look of the season.  It is important that they are very smooth with few fly-aways, and created with a large-barreled curling iron.  This style can look very beautiful, but as previously mentioned, with your hair down, it will be difficult to stay cool while dancing.  This hairstyle looks the best with a strapless dress because your locks will not be covering the sleeves of your dress.  In a strapless dress, wearing your hair down serves as an accent to your outfit.

3. The third hairstyle that will accent your dress is to wear your hair half up.  This is difficult to pull off while still maintaining a formal look, but if you do decide to pull it up, remember to keep the style voluminous with lots of curls to keep it a classy look instead of an every day look.

Whichever look you chose, make sure that you have it planned out in advance, so that you’re not scrambling on prom day to create the perfect hairstyle.  If you plan on having a stylist create your look, have them booked at least a month in advance, and discuss your dress style with them as well as which hair-dos you like.  Good luck and  have a fabulous prom night!

Long or short hair, which is best?

friends smilingMany girls base their fashion choices off what guys like, but most are not sure whether guys really like long or short hair best. Now you can know.

Question: Long or short hair, which is best?

Answer: Every guy is going to have their preference, and most pretty much like long hair, or at least longer, like not guy short. But, it really just depends on the girl. Some girls look really great with short hair, so long hair would be a shame. However, long hair can be a real asset for other girls.

Long hair is more feminine, and can really help a girl out. However, the rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t help to have long hair, then you are better off with short because it is easier to do, and you will look better if you do your hair, than if you don’t, no matter what length it is.

What looks best on your face? Which do you like better? If long hair is easy for you to manage, and you are going to do it regularly, and keep it healthy, then long hair is the way to go. If it really highlights your facial features, and you look great with it, then long hair is a great option. If you like your hair better long, then keep it long.

However, if you find short hair is easier to manage, that you will do it more often, and make it look better when it is short, then do not go long. If short hair really helps you great jaw line, or cheek bones, or eyes, or whatever stand out, then go with short.

A lot of times, a guy will judge a girl from what they see, so whether the hair is long or short, it just depends if they look good with that cut, color, and length. So, if you can find a length that looks great with your face shape, and your body, lifestyle, etc. then that is the length you should have, and the length guys will like best on you.

There are guys that like short hair better, and there are guys that like long hair better. Most of the time though this is because they like someone, and that person has either short or long hair. You should choose a hair length that is going to give you the most confidence. Confidence, especially self confidence, and confidence in your appearance and ability to attract the opposite sex is a huge part of you looking good. So, if your hair being short gives you more confidence, then guys are going to like you better with short hair. If your hair being long gives you confidence, then guys will like you better with long hair.

Even if a guy thinks he likes long better, he won’t really know with you until you show him. So, experiment, see what you like best, and what reaction you get from him. If you are ready for a change, but do not want to go from long to short, try layers, bangs, or a different color. Guys just like when your hair looks nice. So, even if all you do is stick it up in a pony tail, make it look nice, make it look like you put in some effort.

Just remember, if having long hair does not help your appearance, you are better off with a shorter, more manageable cut. Looking well groomed is a big part of looking good. So, get a cut that you can do, that you feel good in, and that fits your face shape, and guys will like it.friends smiling

Staying trendy without breaking the bank

The following are some tips for staying trendy without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy staples: when you buy clothes make sure the money you spend is not worthless by making sure that the clothes you buy will stay in style. Buy staples first, like jeans, black pants, plain skirts, and solid colored shirts of common materials, a great blazer, trench, and some sweaters.
  2. Longevity: think longevity when buying clothes. You will spend more per item, but less long term because you will buy higher quality clothes. Also think longevity in terms of cut and color, will you like it a few months down the road, or are you impulse shopping?
  3. Base: when you want to be trendy, you start with a base to your outfit. This is like a plain black skirt, or jeans and a t-shirt, and you dress it up from there with accessories. So, make sure you have the right kinds of clothes for starting your base. These are like your staples, and do not have to be super expensive. You can find a great white shirt at Target for under $10.
  4. Fun: part of staying trendy is keeping your clothes fun. So, get the classic cuts and styles, but integrate in some fun colors, bright reds, pinks, greens, and yellows are sure to make even a boring, outdated look more trendy and fun.
  5. Accessorize: the best way to be trendy without breaking the bank is to be trendy not with your clothes as much as with your accessories. Buy the chunk jewelry, the big hobo bags, and the fun colorful headbands, and wear them with the jeans you have had forever, and a plain shirt. No one will notice that your base clothes aren’t as trendy.
  6. Bags: handbags, clutches, wrist-lets, hobos, over the shoulder, satchel, you name it, bags are in, and it is great! Bags are so handy. They hold all of your stuff, and they spice up your outfit and make it look much trendier. So, invest in a collection of bags, and simply wear your staples with a new fun or colorful bag. Bags can be pricey, but you can find good deals, and you will be able to buy less clothes, so you save.
  7. Shoes: make yourself more trendy by wearing the newest line of shoes. Shoes are great for looking in style without breaking the bank. Go to Payless during BOGO and get a couple of pairs. Make sure you have some variety, but never spend money on shoes you won’t wear regularly, or shoes that hurt your feet.
  8. Earrings: this is an accessory, but the style of earrings changes frequently, so choose to buy new earrings instead of whole new outfits.
  9. Buy quality, not quantity: one mistake most girls make is that they buy a bunch of cheaper clothes that are in style now. But, they do not last, they go out of style fast, and what do you have? A whole bunch of out of style, or worn and ragged clothes. So, instead buy a few quality pieces that will stay in style, and add to them with accessories, belts, jewelry, etc.
  10. Trade clothes with friends and bargain shop: you can stay stylish and not break the bank by trading clothes, and looking for great deals. If you update your wardrobe only once or twice a year, get a credit card for the store, and get the 20% off, and then pay it off, cut it up, cancel it, and toss it. You save 20% and you don’t have the temptation to over spend.

Modesty and style can they be compatible

Yes, it is possible to be both modest and fashionable at the same time. In fact, there are a number of companies that have emerged in recent years just for that reasons. You can find any one of these to be not only really cute and in style, but also modest as well. With longer shirts, higher neck lines, longer skirts, etc. the following five clothing companies are sure to please:

  • Modbe
  • Layers
  • ModBod
  • Undertease
  • Shade

However, you do not have to buy clothes from those five stores to have modest and stylish clothing. The following are some tips for how you can be stylish while maintain a modest wardrobe and appearance:

  1. Have fun with different fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, etc., you can mix and match these to add depth to your outfits and look great while being modest.  You can also have a lot of fun with colors, different colors such as peach, greens, etc. come into season and style during certain parts of the year. With so many combos, you can come up with many modest ensembles. Play with different shapes, you have form fitting dresses, bag like, boxy, etc. Have fun with your clothes.
  2. 2.    Layers are a fun way to make your outfit better, more modest, and more stylish too… with jackets, tanks and tees, whatever you like or have, you can layer your clothes. This is super popular right now, and a great way to make your clothes look more pulled together, like an outfit!
  3. Buy some new clothes every now and then to mix in with your older clothes. You don’t need to go crazy on the clothes, but make sure you have enough clothes for the school year. Also, remember, if the clothes are modest, and classic, you can make them more stylish with accessories, and they will be clothes you will want to wear for several years, or until they don’t fit. So, in the long run you will spend far less on clothes, and still be modest and modern.
  4. If you have a favorite store and find that most of the clothes they have in store are immodest, you can look at their website. You will be able to see what clothes are the most stylish, because they are new, and you will also be able to look into their clearance and find items that are modest, or you can look on the newer sections of the site, but limit your viewing to the modest clothes. This way you won’t be as distracted by the immodest wear.
  5. If you have a small budget to work with, but want to update your wardrobe and stay modest, try Kohl’s, Target, or even Walmart! Kohl’s is best with clothes, and Target is best with shoes. Walmart is pretty cheap with everything, and has great jewelry and accessories.
  6. To stay modern while being modest, dress modestly, and modernize your outfit or make it more stylish with cute shoes. You can get shoes with studs, sequins, beading, metallic, strappy, heels, flats, etc. Have fun with your shoes, and update those more often, but keep staple modest pieces as your clothes, like white, black, brown, a great skirt, a great blazer, and of course, a great trench. Also, stock up on cardigans and sweaters. These are stylish, and can take a cute immodest tank, and turn it into a great modest outfit.
  7. Also, if you are trying to be modest, and you wear something over a tank, make sure it is comfortable and weather appropriate so that you are not tempted to take it off.