What colors are best for my skin tones?

a pile of makeupAs a teenage girl, make-up is probably a part of your daily routine. Learning how to choose the right makeup colors is going to help you look your best even if you are only wearing a little bit of makeup. What looks great on one girl might look really horrible on another. So, never base your make-up color choice off of what looks good on someone else. Instead, consider your skin tones, and choose the colors that look best for your skin. The following are some tips for choosing the right colors for your skin:

First you have to know what your skin tone is. Generally there are four categories, also referred to as seasons, for describing complexions. So, look in the mirror and figure out which of the seasons your skin tone most closely represents. If you can’t tell from that, look at your nail bed, and determine what colors are in it. This should help you determine which season you fit in best.

The four seasons are winter, summer, spring, and autumn.

Those with a winter complexion will have blue or pink undertones. You do not have to be pale white to have a winter complexion. Skin is usually pale white, yellowish-olive, or dark. Most of the time, those with winter complexions are going to be brunettes with dark eye colors. Many Asians have winter complexions, as do African Americans.

Those with summer complexions are usually pale, with pinkish skin. The undertones are often similar to that of winter, with blue or pink. The most common people with this complexion are natural blondes. However, brunettes with pale eyes may also have this coloring.

Those with a spring complexion will have golden undertones. Their skin is usually more peach than pink, or more creamy than white. This skin tone is common in people with freckles, blue or green eyes, or strawberry hair.

Those who fit the autumn category have complexions with golden undertones, as well, but typically this is more for redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes.

So once you know what category you fall into, it is time to look at what make-up and clothing colors are most flattering on you.

Winter: For those with winter complexions, white, black, navy, red, and bright pinks all look good. This means a smokey eye with bright red lipstick might be just the right look. Pale pinks, pastels, beige, golds, creams, or oranges etc. should be avoided. Darker, sharper, or starker colors work better, or icy colors that are lighter, but still stark.
Summer: For those with summer complexions, the softer pastels and nuetrals are your best bet. Rose undertones, light blues, lavenders, browns, etc. all make your skin look great, black and orange should be avoided, as well as other dark colors.

Spring: Those with a spring complexion should use the warm colors like gold, yellows, golden brown, peach, etc. Dark colors, or dull, ashy, colors should be avoided.

Autumn: Those with an autumn complexion should use colors with golden undertones, like camel, beige, or even dark chocolate brown. You can pull off orange, gold and other dark colors better than most. You should, however, avoid blues.