Popular short hair products

Knowing the popular short hair products that are out there can help you style your short hair so that it looks great every day!

There are tons of different products out there.  But not all products are the same.  There are certain products that are created just for short hair and whatever style of short hair you have—curly, spiky, layered, whatever.  The key to buying the right product for your short hair is knowing your style and your hair type.  Is your hair coarse or fine?  Do you need volume?  Do you want to control frizz?  Do you want more curl?

Talk to your stylist about what products will be best for your hair type and your hair cut.  Your stylist will have great ideas for the best products for your hair.  But if you’re into trying something different, or you don’t want to pay a fortune for salon products, look over this list of popular products for short hair to see what can give you a great do all day, every day!

Matrix Vavoom Smoothing Gel

Vavoom Smoothing Gel is great for both smooth and sleek short hair, or messy bed head styles!  Vavoom Smothing Gel works great in humid weather, and can control frizz no matter how awful the weather is.  You won’t even need hairspray.  You can also use the Vavoom Smoothing Gel to create a messy look that doesn’t need hairspray to control it, unless you want to go really spiky!

Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick

Styling sticks are a great way to control and style both wet and dry hair.  You can also use styling sticks to give your hair that much needed volume.  Styling sticks can even help you get rid of all that frizz, and will hide your split ends!  Another benefit to styling sticks is that you can just throw them in your backpack, and whip it out between classes or whatever for when your hair needs a quick fix.

With styling sticks, you just put a little on your fingers, and then rub your hands together to warm up the product.  Use as much as you want.  This styling stick is great because it can make your hair extra spiky without any other help.  It can also make your hair softer, if you don’t want to use hairspray.  And as an added bonus, this styling stick adds great shine to your hair!

ARTec Textureline Volume Gel

Got short hair that’s also short on volume?  This volume gel is a great way to get easy volume that gives your short hair that much needed lift.  Just work the gel into the roots of your damp hair, and then work into the rest of your hair.  You can blow dry your style.  But since this volume gel is so strong, you can even just air dry!  The natural ingredients (juniper, ylang-ylang, chamomile, soy, tea tree, and more) give your hair great shine and body.

American Crew Pomade

Yeah yeah yeah.  I know what you’re saying.  American Crew is for guys!  But having great hair is all about breaking rules and being willing to think for yourself!  So trust me on this one!  American Crew Pomade is a fantastic way to give your hair great shine.  What’s better, it is one of the best texturizers out there.  This pomade will give your hair really good control, whether you have spiky short hair or layered short hair.  All you have to do is take a small amount, rub it between your hands, and then apply to your hair.  Instant style, instant shine!  Who would’ve thought that something meant for a guy would work so well for a girl?

Long or short hair, which is best?

friends smilingMany girls base their fashion choices off what guys like, but most are not sure whether guys really like long or short hair best. Now you can know.

Question: Long or short hair, which is best?

Answer: Every guy is going to have their preference, and most pretty much like long hair, or at least longer, like not guy short. But, it really just depends on the girl. Some girls look really great with short hair, so long hair would be a shame. However, long hair can be a real asset for other girls.

Long hair is more feminine, and can really help a girl out. However, the rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t help to have long hair, then you are better off with short because it is easier to do, and you will look better if you do your hair, than if you don’t, no matter what length it is.

What looks best on your face? Which do you like better? If long hair is easy for you to manage, and you are going to do it regularly, and keep it healthy, then long hair is the way to go. If it really highlights your facial features, and you look great with it, then long hair is a great option. If you like your hair better long, then keep it long.

However, if you find short hair is easier to manage, that you will do it more often, and make it look better when it is short, then do not go long. If short hair really helps you great jaw line, or cheek bones, or eyes, or whatever stand out, then go with short.

A lot of times, a guy will judge a girl from what they see, so whether the hair is long or short, it just depends if they look good with that cut, color, and length. So, if you can find a length that looks great with your face shape, and your body, lifestyle, etc. then that is the length you should have, and the length guys will like best on you.

There are guys that like short hair better, and there are guys that like long hair better. Most of the time though this is because they like someone, and that person has either short or long hair. You should choose a hair length that is going to give you the most confidence. Confidence, especially self confidence, and confidence in your appearance and ability to attract the opposite sex is a huge part of you looking good. So, if your hair being short gives you more confidence, then guys are going to like you better with short hair. If your hair being long gives you confidence, then guys will like you better with long hair.

Even if a guy thinks he likes long better, he won’t really know with you until you show him. So, experiment, see what you like best, and what reaction you get from him. If you are ready for a change, but do not want to go from long to short, try layers, bangs, or a different color. Guys just like when your hair looks nice. So, even if all you do is stick it up in a pony tail, make it look nice, make it look like you put in some effort.

Just remember, if having long hair does not help your appearance, you are better off with a shorter, more manageable cut. Looking well groomed is a big part of looking good. So, get a cut that you can do, that you feel good in, and that fits your face shape, and guys will like it.friends smiling