How to choose shoes

Shoes can either make or break an outfit. They can give you confidence. They can help you feel sexy, fun, older, younger, etc. There is a lot of power in a great pair of shoes. By choosing the right pair of shoes you can harness that power. Thus, the following is a look at how to choose shoes, what to consider, and why:

Comfort: If the shoes hurt your feet too bad, no matter how cute they are, you will find yourself not wanting to wear them. This is especially true for girls. Often a cute pair of pointy toe stilletos is to die for, and looks incredible on, but after 3 minutes on your feet you are dying and wishing you had worn flats. So, make sure you get the most out of your shoes by only purchasing shoes that are comfortably enough to wear for a few hours. Sometimes you give up some comfort for style, but if they give you blisters, pinch your feet, or just cause pin, and you won’t wear them as a result, then don’t buy them.

Style: Everyone’s feet are different, and some styles work well for some feet, and not so much for others. The best way to figure out what works for your feet is to go shoe shopping, and try on every style. Then choose things that are stylish, and that fit your personality.

Consider other things: Besides the comfort and style of the shoes, you also have to consider how often you will actually wear them. For example, a pair of bright yellow knee high boots may seem like a fun idea, but unless you have money to burn, they won’t be worth it because for the same price you can get a pair of shoes that will go with several outfits, not just one, and that will work for several occasions.

Function: When choosing shoes, ask yourself if they are functional for your needs. If you are active and will be doing a lot while wearing the shoes, a pair of 3 inch heels may not be the best choice, if you almost always wear skirts, and never wear jeans, tennis shoes may not work for you. So, consider your circumstances, why you are buying the shoes, and how you intend to use them. If you work at a restaurant for example, you need no slip soles.

Quality: The shoes may be cute and fun, but if they won’t last through the first few times you wear them, don’t waste your money. Some shoes have flimsy soles, or poor construction. When choosing shoes, choose shoes that if you love them you really could wear them every day.

Cost: Cost is a big factor in a shoe purchase. You should never buy expensive shoes you do not LOVE. You should also never buy shoes just because they are inexpensive. When shoe shopping, choose shoes as if every shoes was free, and you are looking for what you really want. Then make sure the price is worth the use you will get out of them. If it is, buy them!

Hot brands for the stylin’ teen

styling hot teenEvery teen has got to send out the right vibe by looking the right part.  Nothing says more about you than the brand you wear from make up to shoes we’ve got you covered.  Image says it all, so read up on all the hot brands for the stylin’ teen.

Make up

Cover Girl is always a hot classic in the world of make up.  Even the make up artists on hit shows use Cover Girl mascara.  And what’s not to love?  Their mascara has always been a hit.  Not to mention their powder and liquid foundations are the bomb.  Oh, and their nail polish is to die for.  They’ve got all the most glamorous shades and shines.  So when it comes to make up, easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl wins out for the smokin’ hot brand.


American Eagle has always been a top contender in the world of stylin’ teens.  They’ve got great selection and they’re always on top of the latest style trends.  They are easy to find in any local mall too.

Nobody says SEXY like Victoria’s Secret – HELLO!  This is totally the place to get all the bras and underwear a girl could need.  Victoria’s Secret is not a secret any more, it is totally a hot brand for stylin’ teens.  Why would anyone buy a bra from anyone else?

For the Gothic spirit, head straight to Hot Topic at a mall near you.  These stores are easy to access and they have a great stuff.  They’ve also got a killer website, so save the feets and do some shopping online!

In the world of department stores, Macy’s is always a good bet.  They’ve got some killer brands that have a great look.  Macy’s is always good at keeping up with the latest trends as well.  Some fav brands at the Macy’s near you are Rampage, Roxy, and XOXO.  Oh, and Macy’s totally has the hot styles from the JLO line; can we say sexy?

Jeans have always been in a world all their own.  They’re our favorite thing to wear, and so they naturally get lots of attention.  Smokin’ hot brands in the world of jeans aren’t hard to find.  The list includes Gap’s Slim Fit Jeans, Levi’s Superlows, and Weathervane’s 16 Series.


Shoes, shoes, shoes, we love to hate them!  They take up so much room in the closet, but they are so dang cute!  And they can really make an outfit a hit.  When it comes to styling and sleek, check out the heels from Chinese Laundry.  These guys got it goin’ on.  If its sneakers you’re in need of, Etnies are always a hot buy.  Rampage footwear often has hot styles for any look.  And then there’s always the classic standbys Addidas or Nike for running gear!

Hair Care

Last but not least, when it comes to hair care all brands are NOT created equal!  So be sure to find the best brands to do your do.  If your hair tends towards the dry side, find some moisturizing shampoos like Swiss Formula Papaya Shampoo plus conditioner or Logics Remoisturizing Shampoo.

Limp, lifeless hair definitely needs a boost, but don’t over do it with too much goo.  Just use the right amount of something like L’Oreal’s Nature’s Therapy Mega Volume Instant Root Lifter.  Hello!  That’s a mouthful!

When it comes to hair color, check out Clairol Radiance Colorgloss.  This dye is to die for!  A semi-permanent coloring system with no ammonia makes for great color on your great locks.

Be sure to be stylin’ by checking out these brands for shoes, clothes, hair care, make up, and the works!

Why girls love shoes

There are so many different accessories out there that girl’s must have for an outfit. For example girls love jewelry, hair accessories and shoes. Girls love shoes; there are so many different reasons why girls love shoes. If you have ever wondered why girls love shoes here are some reasons why girls love shoes.
The first reason why girls love shoes is because they can make or break and outfit. Girls have to have more than one pair of shoes because they have more than one outfit. Shoes help to add character to a girls outfit by showing what kind of mood they are in. If a girl is in a playful mood they will wear an opened toed shoe or flip flops. But if a girl is in a serious mood, or want to get down to business she will wear pumps, and neutral coloring pumps at that.
The second reason why girls love shoes is because it helps them shoe their personality. If a girl has a more playful personality she will probably have more colorful shoes that will show that she likes to have fun. Where as someone that is more serious will probably have more neutral colored shoes that will go with all of their outfits. Depending on peoples personalities will also depend on the style of shoe they will buy also. People that are more serious and like to be professional all of the time will buy shoes that are the classic colors and the style of shoe will probably be very simple and plain. Where as some one that likes to be comfortable and doesn’t really care about dressing up will wear flip flops or tennis shoes, or just causal slip on.
The third reason why girls love shoe is because shoes are therapeutic. If a girl is having a bad day or is stressed about her weight and life she can buy shoes that will make her feel better. It doesn’t matter if a girl has gained 5 lbs she will still fit into the same size shoe so she is not going to get depressed. Also a new pair of shoes can make a girl feel great because she looks good in her new pair of shoes.
The fourth reason why girls love shoes is because it can make an outfit look completely different by wearing one pair of shoes to another. If a girl feels like she needs a new outfit but cannot find an outfit she likes she can go to plan b and find a new pair of shoes for an outfit she already owns. This will help to make a old outfit look new.
The fifth reason why girls love shoes is because there are so many different choices out there. Sometimes girls get in a rut where all of the clothes look the same or the only clothes they can find don’t fit right or are the wrong color. But with shoes the sky is the limit. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you can never get bored of buy shoes. Plus you can wear shoes for a lot longer than an outfit. Shoes are great because the style of shoes might change a little bit from year to year and of course there will always be new styles coming out. But shoes that girls buy they can wear for more than a year and still get a way with it.
These are all reasons why girls love shoes. Shoes are so fun to buy and to match with different outfits and moods. Why wouldn’t a girl love shoes?

Comfort and style, choosing cute but comfy shoes

Shoes are one of the best ways to dress up a dull outfit, add style to your aging wardrobe, or just have fun. The problem is that many of the cutest shoes are not so comfy. While those pointy toed shoes with high heels look stunning, they can also cause big blisters and major foot pain after a day of wearing them. So, how can you choose cute, but comfy shoes? Try some of the following:

  1. Get the right size. One of the reasons girl complain about their shoes hurting their feet is that they have purchased the wrong size of shoe. Too small means cramped feet and uncomfortable shoes. Too big means sliding around, and that friction leads to blisters. If you have wide feet and you buy slim shoes, your feet will feel compressed. Etc. While shoes have sizes, so do pants and we all know just because the pant says size four does not mean it will fit like the size four you are already wearing. So, when you buy pants what do you do? You try them on. Do that with shoes. Make sure if you have wide feet that you buy wide shoes. Make sure you get the right size, and walk around the store with them on. Do not just stick them on your foot, take a lap. This way you know if you can handle wearing them all day at school.
  2. Get material that breathes. Your feet have to be confined to shoes, but that does not mean they have to be confined to rubber shoes. To make your feet comfortable, get cute shoes that are made of fabric, leather, etc. Do not go for the synthetics, but the natural materials. Your feet will be happier, and your shoes will stink less because your feet will sweat less.
  3. Choose the right height. Cute shoes come in all shapes and sizes, as well as heights. You need to choose the right height for your activity. There are tons of really cute flats available today, and those are perfect for school where you will be walking around. Get a few pairs of heels for weekend fun, but make sure they are wedged, or have support so that your feet aren’t killing by the end of the night. Sandals with sequins and beads can look dressy but still be comfortable. Choose classy, comfy, and fun.
  4. Think color. You can get really comfortable shoes, and make them cute and fun by getting great colors and patterns. So, instead of the bright white or pure black loafers, try lime green. No one will think Grandma shoes when you wear them.
  5. Go for quality. One of the best ways to get comfort and style with shoes is to buy some of the higher end quality shoes. You can find tons of cute shoes at Payless, Wal-mart etc. But chances are 50% of them will hurt your feet. So, check out the shoes at Nordstrom, or at least get the higher end brands from Payless and Target. Your feet deserve attention, and if you always buy the shoes that are on sale, you will always need to keep buying shoes because none of yours will feel right on your feet. They will be cute, no doubt about it, but what comforts are you willing to give up for cute shoes?

Now that you know how to find cute and comfortable shoes, get out there and have a blast shopping for shoes. After all, that is what girls (at least some girls) do best.

Accessorize to make a dull outfit pop

Accessories can do a lot to make a dull outfit pop. You can dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt for a night on the town by adding carefully placed accessories. So, to accessorize the right way, try the following steps:

Start with one of your basic outfits, preferably something you feel confident and attractive in. Jeans and a solid shirt is a great blank canvas. You do not want to use accessories for too busy of an outfit, so simpler is better when accessorizing.

Consider your shirt. What you can do to make it more interesting? Layering shirts is a good way to start. So why not wear a long tank-top under a second, slightly shorter shirt. This allows the tank-top to peek out under the bottom, and at the top if the second shirt is low-cut. V-neck shirts look great over a tank top. This makes an otherwise boring shirt really look fun. Or, in colder months, layer two long-sleeved shirts, and cuff the sleeves of the bottom shirt over the top one. This adds color and dimension while staying simple and comfortable. Or, if you are not a t-shirt kind of girl, wear an unbuttoned or partially unbuttoned blouse over a complementary tank-top or shell. You can also wear a tank-top or short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. This look is really great, but you will want to make sure the shirt underneath is not too baggy, or it will wrinkle weirdly.

Now, find some pieces of complementary jewelry. If you want to look trendy, go with something bold like a chunky beaded necklace. Bigger beads are slimming and instantly spice up any outfit, so add them to your boring jeans, and simple t-shirt for a fun look. Also, be sure to pick a pair of earrings and throw on some bangle bracelets, as this will make you look very trendy, and take the focus away from your dull outfit, and center it on your fun look. Jewelry is easy and makes any outfit look more thought-out and stylish.

You could also try a belt or a pair of interesting socks, but don’t go over board here.

Can you accessorize your hair? Sure. Do something nice with your hair. If you are a ponytail girl, spice up your look by wearing a cute headband.

Put on shoes and a jacket. Flats or boots are a comfortable way to add style to any outfit. Wearing boring clothes, and then a bright red pair of cute heels or flats can really make your outfit pop.

You can make a day outfit turn into evening by adding a blazer, and a pair of strappy heels. Throw in an oversized bag (whether knock off or designer) and you are set.

Hand bags and jewelry and shoes are the best way to make a dull outfit pop, they have a way of making even a boring outfit really stand out and look planned. Just keep this one rule of accessorizing in mind:
If the colors or patterns of your accessories are loud and bold or wild, pair them with plain clothes. If your clothes are loud, bold, or wild, pair them with plain accessories. You will want your accessories to compliment your outfit, not overwhelm it. However, even a pair of blue jeans and a white tee can really look planned out when you add a chunky black bead necklace and a pair of wedge heel shoes with a matching black hand bag.

So, use the power of accessories to your advantage. They are great to have, make a dull outfit pop, and can help you to take your look from day to night in a second.