How to bust the boring routine and have a daily makeover

Getting new make-up can help you go from boring make-up routine to head-to-toe makeover because new make-up is exciting to put on and see the new look on yourself. Whether it is eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick or even nail polish, new color can have a dramatic effect.

It is very easy to get into a boring routine when it comes to make-up, buying something as small as a new lip-gloss can really make a difference.   If you are always putting on the same make-up every morning things get boring but if you spice things up with say maybe a new color of eye shadow, or a different shade of lipstick you can really make a difference in your appearance. If you find yourself not applying all of your make-up, say you only put on blush and mascara most of the time, but you have eye shadow and lipsticks, you just don’t take the time to use them, then you are probably bored with your make-up routine.  You are more likely to put all of your make-up on if you aren’t always doing the same boring routine.  If you always find yourself buying the same boring color eye shadow every time you go to the store, try to get different color, maybe something a little bolder say with some sparkles, or maybe something a little less subtle than what you usually wear and you will find that you are excited to try the new color, and see how different you look.   Buying different colors of mascara, eye shadow and even blush gets you excited to put these on to see a new you.  Try using a bronzer for your face and neck, or maybe sparkles around your eyes.   If you always wear black mascara try using a blue or brown one day maybe to match your outfit. Try eyeliner or maybe just change the color of your eyeliner. It is amazing how even adding eyeliner or changing the color of your eyeliner can make a huge difference in your appearance.  Maybe use black one day and experiment with blue or brown or green to match your outfit another day. If you normally use a liquid foundation try using a mineral powder foundation that is not so heavy.  You will be surprised at how different these two can look on your skin.

A new lipstick color can have a dramatic effect.  If you mostly have light colors try a darker shade or vise a versa.  Try using lip liner if you normally wouldn’t.  Maybe try a little darker lip liner that will compliment your lipstick or lip-gloss.  You could try a lip-gloss that has some shimmer to it or just a very shinny lip-gloss.

Try getting a manicure or pedicure and changing to color of nail polish you always use.  Or if you always wear a colored nail polish try using just a clear coat.  Maybe try doing a French manicure, they are very easy, you just apply white polish to the tips of your nails and put a clear coat over the top.  That can make a big difference.

Something a simple as a new perfume can make a big difference also if you always wear the same scent you probably don’t put it on every morning, you get bored with the same old smell, but if you buy a new scent you are usually excited to try it out and you are more likely to use some perfume everyday.

It is amazing how just changing something as small as eye shadow color or putting on lip-gloss or a different color of lipstick can dramatically change the way you look.   It is also fun to see how other people respond to your change.  Try to have a variety of colors on hand and always look for something new in the cosmetic department that would be fun to try.