Activities To Build Up Self Esteem

Do you worry about your teen girl? Does it seem like she goes through waves of loving herself and then despising herself? You need to be able to help your teen girl have self esteem and to find ways in which you can help her see just how  special and important she is. Leaning to love yourself is not always an easy thing for a lot of people but you need to take the time to do this in order to be able to have others respect and admire you. Without self esteem you may struggle with a lot of things in life and you may never have the confidence you need to apply towards getting a job in the future or even finding people to date that will respect you. Believing in yourself and learning how to build high self esteem is a process and it’s something that needs to be done daily. How can you help your teen girl to work on her self esteem so she will have confidence in her abilities?

Remember what it was like to be a teenager! There are so many pressures placed on teens that it can be hard to stay positive. When they have issues that they are facing and then struggling to make friends or to find a certain niche that they can fit into,  you will see that your teen girl is going to feel pretty worn out a lot! The teen years are full of a lot of growth and confusion and you need to be able to really work on helping your teen to learn how to have self esteem and to help her move forward in the face of hardships and other challenges that she has to deal with. Here are some great tips that will allow you to help you teen in building up her self esteem:

  1. Word of affirmation. Each day you should plan on telling your teen things about her that you admire and love. When she is getting positive motivation and compliments from the people that love her, it can help her to grow. Your teen may start to believe in herself more as you tell her just how special and significant she really is.
  2. Help her to take care of her body. Teen girls will place a lot of emphasis on the way that they look. Make sure she knows that she is beautiful and that she doesn’t need to be a certain size or look a certain way to be considered beautiful. You need to help her take care of her body and teach her proper tips on how to wash her skin, do her hair, and to wear makeup. Having the right balance of these things can give her more confidence in her appearance.
  3. Always help your teen to make friends. She needs to have friends in her life to have a good support group and to have people around that she can enjoy being around. Friends can help to build up her self esteem as they will empower her with other compliments and things as well. Good friends love and accept each other for who they are, no matter what situations happen and what type of different quirks they have that make them unique.
  4. Daily coaching. As a parent you need to plan on spending time with your teen and telling her amazing things about herself. Encourage her to spend time in front of the mirror and to repeat back to herself some of the things that she really likes about herself. As she starts to see how amazing she is, she can easily build up her confidence level.

Get respect from your boss, even if you are a teen

As a teen in the working world, sometimes you may feel like you get the raw end of the deal.  You haven’t graduated yet and don’t have a ton of life experience.  You are a hard worker and you want respect from your boss and coworkers, even though you’re only a teenager.  But sometimes adults don’t take teens seriously enough, which can be very frustrating.  So here are six tips on how to get respect from your boss, even if you are still a teen.

  1. Be a hard worker.  Any boss, whether s/he is a good boss or a bad boss, can respect a hard worker.  If you put forth the effort to get your job done and done well, your boss will notice.  Make the effort to go the extra mile on a task or be sure that every job you do is done to the best of your ability.  If you’re working on something with another coworker, be sure that s/he is also doing a good job with the assignment, so that it reflects your hard work.
  2. Be on time. One of the worst things an employee, especially a teen employee can do is to be consistently late for work.  It is very, very important that you are always on time for your job.  If something comes up and it looks like you might be a few minutes late, call your boss and let him or her know when you’ll be arriving.
  3. Be reliable. An employee that not only comes on time, but comes to work when s/he is supposed to is an employee that a boss will grow to respect and appreciate.  If you say you’ll be at work on a certain day and time, be there.  If you say you’ll finish a task by a certain time, be sure that you finish it.  If you promise to achieve a goal that you set, do all that you can to achieve that goal.
  4. Be respectful. Every adult loves a teen that shows them respect.  Be polite to your boss and s/he will be polite to you.  Adults will remember teens that were exceptionally polite and respectfully just as they will remember teens that were exceptionally rude.  Showing your boss respect will solidify his/her respect for you.
  5. Be honest. No employer wants an employee that is dishonest.  As a teen, one of the best things you can do to gain the trust and respect of your boss is to be honest.  Show him/her than you are always worthy of his/her trust and you will gain respect.
  6. Be confident. An employee who is confident in his/herself is an employee worthy of respect.  Your boss will notice your confidence and you will gain respect through your self-assuredness and assurance.  Having confidence will allow you to do your work better and encourage your boss to trust you.

Now, this is not to say that all bosses will notice all of these things.  You may end up with a boss that is an ogre will never give you the respect that you have tried to hard to earn.  If you’re doing your best and s/he still continues not to respect you, perhaps it is time that you look for another job.  A boss-employee relationship based on respect is a relationship that may help you with future jobs, college applications or personal references.  Your boss could become a mentor who helps you through tough times and supports you in your activities.  But remember that your relationship should always be based on respect.  If you respect your boss, s/he will respect you and your work experience will be happy one.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, how to get him to respect your physical wishes

girl glaring at boyWhen you are dating or even in a serious relationship it is important that he respects your physical wishes. If you have things you are not comfortable with, he should know that and respect that. In order to get him to respect your physical wishes you need to set boundaries to govern behavior.

Boundaries provide the ability to have relationships where both people are committed to preserving trust and upholding the value and worth of each other. If you set a boundary, and he crosses it, then a trust is broken. You need to set your boundaries with him and make sure that is clear.

Boundaries are best understood when they are clear. When you do sports you know what the in play boundaries are, and in a relationship it should not be any different.

So not be shy about setting boundaries. Boundaries are a good thing. In sports you get rewarded for staying in bounds, and the same goes for relationships. They have a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship because both parties exhibit respect and trustworthiness.

Boundaries also set up in order to protect the players. In hockey, a strong elbow check is a foul; the penalty is a shot or time in the box. There should be a penalty in your relationship when a boundary is crossed. This penalty may be severe like breaking up, or it may be less severe like spending time apart, or only dating in groups because of the temptation when alone.

In your relationships as teenagers, boundaries are significant. When you set boundaries for your relationships you give yourself to opportunity to work on your skills within the boundaries. You will learn important aspects of relationships that will help you in future relationships. For example, you will learn how to have a relationship that is not 100% physical, which is what many teens fall into the habit of having.

Boundaries regarding physical intimacy are not about keeping all the “fun” away from your relationship, they are about making sure you protect yourself emotionally and physically until you are truly ready for the level of commitment physical intimacy means and requires. Physical intimacy is meant to help bond and unite people. If you ignore its power, you disregard the wonderful opportunity it provides. So, it is important that you not only talk to him about you physical wishes, but together you should plan and consider the most appropriate boundaries physically for you within your relationship.

When getting him to respect your physical wishes, be clear about what is acceptable for you, not only within your comfort level, but also within your faith level. Discussing these boundaries and be sure they understand that they are to be held accountable to the standards you set. This does not have to be a big serious scary conversation. Just tell your boyfriend what your standards are, what your boundaries are, and ask him to respect them. Then say that if he can’t you will have to break up. Then most importantly stick to your guns about it. If he breaks a boundary, and you do not hold him accountable, he will continue to disrespect your physical wishes, and you will have an unhealthy relationship where you are left feeling used and uncomfortable.

In summary. Set boundaries. Understand the importance of having boundaries, and help him to understand that as well. Then hold him accountable for upholding these boundaries. If you do this he will respect your physical wishes.