What teens should look for in a new car

dad giving son a car tutorialWhen a teen gets their first car it can be one of the most exciting parts of being a teen.  All teen guys want a sweet ride to drive around in with their friends or the hot blond from chemistry class.  However, buying a car is a big decisions, and believe it or not, appearances shouldn’t always be the deal breaker.  Here are a few tips teens should consider when purchasing their first car.

Gas Mileage

The three most popular types of cars that teenage guys seem to want are big trucks, SUVs, or supped up racing cars.  The problem, is all of these cars are not very efficient as far as gas mileage goes.  Since most teens would rather spend their money on girls, movies, and food, forking out money for gas should be a turn off.  Instead, teen guys should be looking for a car that gets a higher amount of miles to the gallon so they can save money for the fun stuff.  Besides, cars that get more miles to the gallon are friendlier to the environment also.


Most teen guys dream about cars they can’t afford.  Everyone wants to roll around in a BMW or Porche.  However, even if a teen is able to cover the monthly payment on one of these types of cars, they might not be the best car for a teen.  These cars usually require expensive maintenance and cost more to insure.

It is also unwise to take out large car loans.  Large loans put extra strain and risk on teens.  Even if a teen has a good job while they are going to school, the amount they will need to work will require more time at work and less time with friends.  Also, if the teen no longer likes their job, they will be trapped until they can find something they like better.  If a teen is unable to pay the huge car payment they run the risk of defaulting on their loan.  This will slaughter their credit and make it more difficult to take out loans for other cars, a house, get a cell phone, or get loans for college.


Everybody wants a car that is fully loaded.  But paying the high sticker price may not be worth it for teens.  It may be better to buy the basic version of a simple car, and spend the left over cash on custom accessory upgrades.  No matter what kind of factory stereo system the dealer has in the car, teens want something better.  Teens should just get the basic radio in their new car and then upgrade it to the stereo that fits their wants.  The same goes for interior color.  Seat covers are much cheaper than paying to have the interior changed.  Engine upgrades are also better to do after purchasing the car.  Sometimes buying the basic engine will allow a grease monkey more freedom to customize it.


Another important thing to consider when purchasing a car is its safety rating.  Purchasing a safe car is more important than purchasing a fun car.  Besides, the benefits are more than just safety.  Buying a safe car will reduce insurance costs which will save money for more important things like girls and concerts.

Teens have a lot more to consider when buying their first car than the exterior and the stereo system.  They must consider the practical aspects of the car as well.  Teens should consider the gas mileage, price and loan size, accessories, and safety when purchasing their first car.