Keeping your locks lovely in the sun, protection, and best do’s for summer fun

Want to keep your locks lovely in the sun?  Here are the best tips for how you can protect your hair from the sun.  Read on for the best hair care and hair do’s for summer fun!
When you think of summer, you probably have glorious visions of yourself at the beach, tanned, in a great bikini, with beautiful natural highlights and fabulous windswept and sexy hair.  The only problem with summer is that while the sunny part is right, the sun actually ends up being one of your hair’s worst enemies!
Sun damage during the summer can be just as bad as damaging your hair through overuse of your blow dryer.  The sun can make your hair really brittle and dry.  You can end up with lots of split ends and terrifyingly frizzy hair.
Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do for your hair to keep it from being a summer time frizz ball dried out disaster.  Follow these simple steps for stunningly beautiful and head-turning hair all summer long!

  • One of the biggest problems with summer hair is actually static electricity.  You can cut down and prevent static electricity when you shampoo your hair.  Apply either a conditioner that you rinse out that says specifically that it is formulated to add moisture and shine to your hair.  Or you can use a leave-in conditioner that you put in your hair after you towel dry your hair.
  • Look for products that say that they replenish your hair.  While you can find products that say that they are going to give you great shine and great volume, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to give your hair moisture.  So look carefully at the hair products that you buy and only purchase ones that will moisturize your hair.
  • Most of the time during the winter, it’s too cold for you to let your hair dry when you go outside.  But during the summer, you should take advantage of the warm air!  Rather than damaging your hair with harmful hot styling tools every day, like your blow dryer and your curling irons or flat irons, go natural!  Let your hair air dry!  Or at least take a break from your curling iron for a little while.
  • If you want great, loose, sexy curls in your hair, forget about the hot rollers and the curling iron.  Instead, braid your hair into several different braids when it’s wet.  Then when your hair has air dried, take the braids out, and presto!  Perfect, loose, sexy curls!
  • On the weekends or whenever you have time at night, give yourself an at-home spa deep conditioning treatment.  Find a really good deep conditioner, first of all.  Some great examples are Phytokarite Intesive Treatment, Phytocitrus Mask, Rene Furterer After Sun Repair Mask for hair that has been exposed to the sun, or jojoba oil.  Them apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair and any part that is having major problems with the frizzies.
  • Next, either pin up your hair or wrap your hair in plastic.  Then go to sleep.  This will give your hair a fantastic all-night moisture treatment.  Because you’re only putting conditioner on the parts that really need help-the ends and the damaged parts-you won’t be weighing down your hair with conditioner residue.
  • Always wear a hat when you go to the beach!  You can find fantastic and cute hats at almost any store!  Or you can actually buy sunscreen for your hair; look in beauty supply stores.
  • One of the sexiest ways to wear your hair during the summer is also one of the healthiest ways.  Loose knots and buns look great and are both elegant and playful.  So are loose braids!  These hair do’s will also help protect your hair from the hot summer sun.  Tie up your hair loosely, and let a few tendrils escape for a carefree look.  Tuck a flower in your hair or a playful clip.