Making practical items (back packs, etc.) fashionable, tips and tricks

There are so many different things that can be done to be fashionable. For example you can buy different shoes and accessories to be fashionable. You can also make back packs fashionable. You can be fashionable along with be practical. Here are some tips and tricks that you can do to make practical items fashionable.
The first tip that you can do to make practical items fashionable is to make sure that you get practical items that work for the purpose they are intended for. For example if you want a book back that is fashionable so you decide to go for a bag that looks more like a purse than a book bag you will want to make sure that you will be able to use it. Make sure that the book bag is big enough to hold your books in. You don’t want to have to carry your books around because the book bag you bought is too small. You can be fashionable by buying an over-sized purse that is in style right now. This way you can fit the book that you need in there without having to haul around a purse that has books in it and carry around the other half. This is not practical and will get annoying.
The second tip that you can do to make practical items fashionable is to make sure that you buy items that are comfortable. For example there might be a cute pair of shoes that you think you cannot live without but they might not be practical. They might have to high of a heel or squeeze you feet. If you find some shoes that are uncomfortable and do not fit right you might want to stay away from them. After walking from class to class and every where else you will be walking the shoes might start to create blisters and become very uncomfortable. A trick you can try is to put band aides on your heels or the gel pads on your toes that will help with discomfort. Or continuing looking for another pair of shoe that might be a little bit different in style but they might be more comfortable.
The third tip that you can do to make practical items fashionable is to buy things that are proportional. For example if you buy a necklace or earrings make sure that they are proportional to the outfit you are wearing. You do not want you accessories to take over your outfit so everyone is focused on your jewelry and nothing else. Also make sure that your necklaces and earrings are not too long. If your earrings are too long they will start to hurt your earlobes because of the excess weight that is on them. If you get to long of a necklace you will be continually trying to keep it from getting caught on stuff. So make sure to buy necklaces and earrings that are practical.
These are just a couple of tips to making practical items fashionable. There are so many different tips and tricks that you can take into consideration. There are so many different tricks that you can use to make practical items fashionable. For example picking a certain color that is really in right now will help you to be more in style. You can also dress something up like a shirt that might be practical but it is not the most fashionable by adding jewelry or a scarf or even a necklace depending on the weather. So make sure to use these tips when making practical items fashionable.