Staying in the social scene during your summer vacation

happy girl with wide spread armsSummer is almost here, so it is time to start thinking about how you will stay in the social scene during your summer vacation. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything fun this summer that your friends might get into, right?

Staying in the social scene during your summer vacation is very important. The key to staying in the social scene is this: Get out as much as you can.

This means, get out and go places! Don’t let the summer heat bring you down or make you want to stay in your air-conditioned home. If you do, you will miss out on all the fun for sure!

There are some popular places you can go so you can be sure to stay in the social scene during your summer vacation. You probably know of the local hot spots in the city that you live in. But if you don’t, be sure to ask around. Find out from your friends, and have them find out from their friends on what the best hangouts are this summer. Asking around is one of the best ways to figure out where the best hangouts will be for you and your friends. Once you find out, go for it! Be sure to look your best, and hit the places that you hear everyone is hanging out at.

When all else fails, one of the best places to go for staying in the social scene during your summer vacation is, of course, the mall. Everyone goes to the mall. It is a place that keeps you cool during the summer, and it also happens to have places you can grab a bite to eat, and enjoy your favorite thing to do: shopping! When you feel like there is nothing else to do, don’t just sit in your house. Call a friend, get ready, and go to the mall and hang out for a bit. You are almost sure to see someone you know. And even if you don’t see anyone you know, it is always fun just to go see the cute boys!

Another way of staying in the social scene during your summer vacation is to visit different parks in your area. It is a great idea to go for a walk with your friends at the park and see who else might be enjoying the heat out there. Parks are a great place for some fun in the sun.

There are also different kinds of parks that might attract a lot of people. For instance, a water park is always a popular hangout during the summer. It is a place to keep you cool and refreshed, while you get to show off your hot stuff!

Other places that are a huge attraction for the social scene are theme parks. If you have any theme parks in your surrounding area, be sure to visit one of those at least once during your summer vacation. That is a really great way for staying in the social scene. Everyone loves to hang out at a theme park, where you can play games, and ride some fun rides. That is a sure way to be around a lot of people and have some fun.

Another idea on staying in the social scene during your summer vacation is perhaps considering hanging out at a dance club that is appropriate for your age. Talk to your friends and your parents to see if that is something everyone would feel comfortable in doing. Dancing is a fun activity that helps you stay fit. Going to a dance club can be a great place to check out the scene, have fun, and keep you entertained during your summer vacation.

Getting out as much as you can will certainly make it so you stay in the social scene during your summer vacation. But, there is one more thing that will be vital to your staying in the social scene. That is, make sure you are constantly staying connected to your friends. Either through the internet, or through the phone, stay in touch with them often, and as much as you can. Get in touch with your friends if you feel yourself becoming a little bored or restless this summer. One of them is bound to be doing something fun or going somewhere. Don’t be afraid to join in the fun!

Remember, staying in the social scene is a very important thing to do during your summer vacation. It will be easy for you to make that happen if you get out, have fun, and keep in touch with your friends.

Running for Student Government – How to Get Elected

mic with american debate backgroundDo you want to get more involved in your high school and run for student government?  There are a lot of things that you can do to better your chances of getting elected to student government.  One of the best things that you can do to get ready for election is to become involved in different clubs and activities before running for office.  This way, you can get to show lots of people your leadership skills and potential before even running for office.  These friends and people can help spread the word about your capabilities and reliability – which is a really effective way to campaign!  Make sure that you use as many volunteers and friends as you can to help spread the word that you are running for office.
One thing that can help you to get elected is to have a strong campaign.  Write down all of the ideas that you have about what you will contribute and do for your school after election.  Try to be as original and creative in these ideas as possible so that you will stand out from the other candidates.  If you have to write a speech for your election campaign, write it early so that you can get all of your ideas organized.
It’s also a good idea to get to know your opponents well, and to be familiar with their campaigns.  Without personally attacking your opponents, look at ways of how you can persuasively argue against their ideas and support your own campaign.  Remember, personally attacking your opponent when running for student government is always a bad idea.  If anything, this will reflect more poorly on you than on the person you have attacked.  Always be polite when referring to your opponent.  People always are aware of how opponents treat each other during elections, and candidates can easily win some votes through their politeness and maturity.
Another good idea when you are running for student government is to speak to as many groups of people as possible.  Don’t limit yourself to only speaking to the popular kids at school – talk to everyone that you can! Look for opportunities to speak to different groups of people, like before school, during lunch, P.E., after-school activities or at club meetings.
When making campaign signs and posters for your student government campaign, use catchy phrases or rhymes that will catch the attention of people.  It’s also a good idea to include a picture of yourself on any posters or signs that you have, so that people can recognize you and know who you are.  If you can’t think of any good ideas for your poster, you could ask help from people in an advertising, journalism or creative writing group at your school.  This will not only help you to have catchy and clever posters, but it will also cause people in that group to become excited about your running for office!  Remember, it’s always a good idea to get help from as many volunteers and friends as possible.
If you happen to have a MySpace website page or any other type of website, make sure that it is also included on your campaign posters and banners.  Keep your website page up-to-date with all of your campaign ideas, slogans, and a list of when you will be speaking to groups of people.  Having a website is a great way for you to express your campaign ideas and reach out to lots of people.  Because websites and the internet are so popular, this is a great way for information to spread throughout your school.
Good luck in your running for student government!  Hopefully these tips will help you to get elected and make a difference at your school!

Popularity, how to be in the it crowd

  1. Don’t change yourself, just be yourself. If you want to be popular, you have to be you. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new wardrobe, or get plastic surgery. Part of what makes people poplar is that they create styles and put their own twist on what is trendy. So, look at what other popular girls wear, and from there create your own style. Show your personality off. Be confident. You have to believe that you’re popular in order to be popular. You have to really believe that you are cute, funny, and fun to be around, and when you do, others will start to believe it too.
  2. Popular girls exude confidence, even if they have some insecurities. Stop thinking you are ugly or that you aren’t cool enough. Sit down and think of your qualities for a while. What do you have to offer? What makes you unique? Okay, those are your reasons for being popular. You have to believe in yourself and let people meet your virtues, and figure out who you are. If you don’t feel it, fake it. Most popular girls do that. Look at Jennifer Aniston. Who would have guessed she was so insecure? The same idea applies to you think that you are cool and pretty, because when you start believing it, others will, too!
  3. Take care of your body. Get into shape, eat healthy, and exercise. Also drink lots of water so your skin looks good, and take showers, and get ready. Popular girls do not go to school with their hair wet or undone, you want to be popular, get ready daily.
  4. Get your own fashion sense lined out. You have to have a style, not just be a fad, or a phase, or a mix match.  It’s no secret that style can get you far in the girl world, shop at the popular stores, and if you can afford it, try to buy designer clothes and accessories. But, be unique too. Accessories like earrings, belts, bags, etc. can do wonders for making you look put together and cool. So, don’t forget to layer, and accessorize.
  5. Change your hair. A change to your hair could be just the thing you need to be a new you. A great cut and color can make you more confident and get out there as a popular girl. Make sure your hair is well-groomed and taken care of as often as possible. Shower every day, wash your hair at least 3-4 times a week, and condition. Your appearance is half the battle when trying to be popular, so look good, and you will find being popular is not that hard after all.
  6. Use makeup to boost your confidence. While most popular girls wear makeup, it’s important to be tasteful about it. You really want people to think you’re not wearing any makeup at all, so go for the all natural enhancement makeup can give. Blend your makeup so it will not stand out. Foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and lip gloss are all you need. If possible, carry these things around with you in a cute bag for touchups, popular girls keep their look fresh. Then one more tip, take your makeup off as soon as you get home, so you can let your skin breathe and your skin will be healthier.
  7. Be outgoing. Being shy won’t help you to be popular. You cannot be afraid to talk to others. Whether it’s chatting up to popular girls in class or at lunch, getting yourself invited to the hottest parties, whatever else it is. You have to get your name out there and get known to be popular.

Being true to you when trying to fit in

Trying to fit in usually means trying to be popular. Often times in the search for popularity and acceptance, you lose yourself. So, how can you be true to yourself while trying to fit in? Try the following:

  • Establish what kind of person you are, then don’t stray from it. To a great degree, popularity involves being incredibly cruel to other girls so that the rest will fear you and think you’re cool. In your quest to fit in you may step on some toes and be hurtful. Later in life you will probably decide that a few close friends are far more important than popularity, and that being liked is entirely different from being popular. So, it is really important to try and make that decision now. You will be liked, but not if you try to be really popular and let go of yourself doing it.
  • If you are really shy and struggle to make friends or fit in, one method is to try standing near the same people until they start talking to you. It is a longer process that most, and you make less of an impression, but it is a lot less stressful, and people don’t expect you to be something you are not.
  • One way to fit in without straying from your morals, concepts and beliefs is to at least keep up with the latest trends in entertainment — this means listening to popular songs and artists, as well as watching MTV. But make sure you don’t lose interest in your own hobbies–don’t lose who you are! You just need to know what there is, and how you feel about it. So, keep your opinion on things, but make sure you have an educated opinion.
  • If you are trying to fit in, and want to stay true to yourself, you have to be sure you don’t drink or do drugs because you think it will make you popular. Holding true to your beliefs and values will get you more friends than any drugs will. Plus, those substances lower your inhibitions and make you do stupid things.
  • You want to be true to yourself so that you do not have regrets. Remember, the people you think are “cool” now may not be as cool in 5 years. Attitudes change, fashion changes, and people grow and learn. Don’t do something stupid that in 5 years you will regret. You will have to live with your true self for the rest of your life, so don’t lose yourself in your quest to fit in.
  • So, put a smile on your face, know your preferences, and be confident in who you are. People are attracted to those who are confident in themselves, so if you want to fit in, you will want to rid yourself of insecurities, and be the kind of person you would want to be friends with. Be nice, thoughtful, confident, fun, and most importantly, be true to you!

Fitting in is not nearly as important as liking yourself. If you are mean to others, and if you build up guilt, you will not be happy. You have to be happy with yourself. So, always do things in your quest to fit in that you will be proud of later.