PMS? Dealing with bad periods 101

Teen holding her stomach

Having bad periods can be a real pain. Haha.Get it? Cough. Anyway, they really are frustrating. With the cramping and the moods and the constant need to use the bathroom you start to get tired of it. Luckily it only lasts for a few days. So what do you do to make those few days as easy as possible? How do you deal with bad periods and take stress off you and those around you? Here are a few tips about things you can do during those really bad periods.

When you are having a really bad period it is always good to have some good medicine handy. You should probably carry some medicine in your purse that is wrapped in a little bag. That way whether you are at the mall with your girlfriends or at school in class, you always have the necessary medicine right there on hand. Every girl finds different medicines useful. Some will take Ibuprofen, some will take Tylenol, some will take Advil some will take other medicines. They will take whichever they want depending on how it helps their symptoms.

Another thing that can be important to do if you have really bad PMS is to warn people. You may want to distance yourself a little if you are afraid you will do something mean to a friend unintentionally. Your friends will probably understand your emotional roller coaster since they all go through it, but still you would not want to end up saying something you do not mean. Even though you both may understand that you have PMS that does not mean that feelings cannot get hurt. So if you want to deal with bad PMS it may be a good idea for you to distance yourself from people for a few days, or at least warn them that it is that time of the month.

One thing that some girls have found to be helpful with really bad periods is to go on a light jog. A light jog can help in many ways. If you have really bad cramps a light jog would help to lighten those cramps up. It might not make them go away all together but it would definitely help. It could make them bearable enough that you could hang out with your friends and have fun without being in too much pain. A light jog can also help if you are having bad PMS. If you are feeling angry, frustrated, sad etc. a light jog will help to lighten up your mood. Going jogging will release endorphins into your system. These endorphins will help to lighten your mood and make you feel cheerful rather than depressed.

Finally, if you have bad periods you need to make sure that you always have the necessary supplies handy. It is true that some bathrooms carry things such as tampons but not all of them do. Even if the bathroom does carry the necessary supplies, those supplies will not be free. If you do not carry your own supplies you will have to be sure to carry your money with you. It would be awful to be caught in with no supplies for a bad period. Especially if you were out somewhere with your friends. You could always hope that one of your friends would be carrying something, but if she’s not than it is up to you to have what you need prepared in advance.

Bad periods can be annoying but they really are not the end of the world. It may take some time to get used to having a bad periods but they will always pass and you will be back to normal, hanging out with friends, playing with family etc.