No More Craters, Minimize your Pores

Do you have really large skin pores and want to get rid of them?  There are a couple of ways to get the pores on your face to stop looking like big craters!  For smaller, healthier skin pores, try a couple of these suggestions:

1) Wear a mud mask or a peeling mask. In order to maintain healthy skin pores, you should wear a facial mask about once a week.  If you wear facial masks more than once a week, it can bring out extra oils and cause zits to appear.  Mud masks or peeling masks are especially good at minimizing your pore size.  One great mud mask is the NuSkin Glacial Marine Mud.  It dries quickly and rinses off easily.  Another good peeling mask that can help reduce the size of your pores is Freeman’s Cucumber Melon and Ginseng Peeling Masque.

2) Apply toner to your face after cleansing. Toner is a great way to help reduce the size of your pores.  You should apply toner to your face after washing it with cleanser.  Toner should be applied with a small cotton ball and not with bath tissue.  This way, you will avoid getting little flecks of tissue in your pores, which can aggravate them and cause them to get bigger.  There are a couple toners that you can try to help minimize your pore size.  Neutrogena’s Alcohol-Free Toner is geared to help refreshing your skin and minimizing your pores.  Another thing that you can try as a replacement for toner is witch hazel, which you can buy at most drugstores.  This product also works well to keep the size of your pores down.

3) Try nose strips.  If you have large pores on your nose, you might want to try nose strips.  These strips can help get rid of blackheads and whiteheads in your skin, which can help your pores become healthier and smaller.  Pond’s Clear Pore Nose Strips are available for a reasonable price at most grocery and drug stores.  You get these strips wet with water, place them on your nose for a minute until they dry, and then pull them off quickly.  The blackheads and whiteheads in your pores will get pulled off with the strip!

4) Steam your face! Steaming is another way to help reduce the size of your pores.  By placing your face in a steamer, you can loosen up a lot of the debris which clogs your pores.  Place a pan of boiling water on the stove, and lean your face over the steam that rises from the pan.  Hold a towel over your head and the pan so that the steam will not escape! After steaming your face and getting rid of all of the debris, splash some really cold water on your face.  This will shrink your pores down quickly, and they will stay healthy because you cleaned them with steaming.

5) Try a concealer. Concealers also can be used to help cover up large pores on your face.  After using some of the above steps to minimize your pore size, you can dab a little bit of concealer on your skin to help cover up your pores.  If you have large pores, the best type of makeup for you to use is non-comedogenic.  This type of makeup does not clog pores, so you’ll be able to prevent your pore size from getting bigger.

6) Don’t pick at your pores! One of the best things that you can do to not clog your pores is to avoid picking at them.  This will just aggravate your face and make your pores become even larger and oilier.  Plus, you should especially not use your fingernails when touching your pores, because they can carry dirt and debris which will aggravate your pores even more.  Instead of picking and popping your pores, try some of the steps listed above to minimize your pore size (and get rid of those craters!)  in a healthy and beautiful way!