5 reasons to stop partying

teens drinkingFriends are some of the greatest people alive. They are the people you can go to with anything. They are the people you share your deepest secrets. They are those special people who you do everything with. When they are at your house they are welcome to open the fridge and eat whatever they want. They can walk in your front door without knocking. You are at each other’s houses as often as you are at your own. Not to mention that friends are those people who you can party with every night without getting bored. Whether you party at their house, your house, a night club or elsewhere, you never tire of being with your friends.

Even though partying with your friend is a whole lot of fun, it may not always be the best thing for you. That does not mean that you never hang out with your friends, it just means that you are careful about the type of partying you do. Partying in the general sense of the word is not the most safe thing for any of you. Here are five reasons why you should not party with your friends:

  1. If you are having too much alcohol consumption on a regular basis, or even if you are not drinking in excess, if you are frequently and consistently consuming alcohol in can be very bad for you. Alcohol is not the best thing for your health. It can cause many problems in your liver, brain, in can aggravate problems that are already within you such as diabetes or cancer, it can cause you to withdraw and more. There are many risks involved.
  2. The second reason that partying is not a good idea is because what happens to your head when you are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol robs you of your rationality and self composure. When you are drinking alcohol you are more likely to get into trouble having sex that is unintended, unsafe and/or unwanted. This type of thing happens pretty frequently at parties. It is better for you in more ways than just your health to avoid this type of intercourse.
  3. The third reason to avoid partying is because of how it will effect you in your schooling and other areas. Late night partying that involves alcohol and tobacco substances will carry over into the next day or days. You will not have a clear head to do your school work or to participate well in school activities such as sports and more.
  4. One thing that can be found common at parties is the distribution of illegal drugs. You should avoid partying so that you can avoid getting into trouble with illegal drugs. Even if you ban them from your party that does not always mean that you can trust people to leave them out.
  5. The fifth and final reason to avoid partying is because of the way other people might act. Not only will you have your guard down but so will the people around you. With everyone in this state there can sometimes be violent or dangerous situation that might break out. You do not want to be putting you or your friends in danger when you party and it is something that is not very controllable if everyone or most everyone is drinking alcohol.

Even though partying is not always the best idea that does not mean that you should stop doing things with your friends. You can be just as close to your friends and you can still do many fun things with them, you just be sure that you are always striving to be safe when you are with your friends.