Teen pregnancy, how you can break it to your parents

teen holding a pregnancy testTelling your parents that you are pregnant is going to be one of the most difficult things you will have to do in your life. But not telling your parents is only going to make things worse. Before having that “big talk” make sure you really are pregnant. Have you taken a home pregnancy test? Most home pregnancy tests are accurate and cost $8.00-$15.00. Save your lunch money, use your allowance, but buy a pregnancy test and make sure you are pregnant. You can also call your local Planned Parenthood office and ask if they give pregnancy tests, if they do lots of times it will be less expensive maybe even free.
If you have taken a pregnancy test and are absolutely, positively pregnant now you need to decide when to tell them and what to say. Only think about this for no more than a couple of days after finding out your pregnant. The longer you wait the harder it is going to be. If you can’t bring yourself to tell them in person, write them a note, I would leave the note somewhere they will for sure find it and go over to a friends for a couple of hours. You could even call before coming home to see if they are still “freaking” out.
I know you feel like they are going to “kill” you and that is why you don’t want to tell them. But honestly are they going to “kill” you or cause major harm to you? If you really feel like you are in danger you need to tell someone, anyone. I know I was scared to tell my parents because I just didn’t want to hear “it”. I didn’t want to hear all the “how could you do this”, “what were you thinking” and mainly I didn’t want to see how much I had disappointed them. I am not going to lie to you and say your parents aren’t going to totally “lose it”. They are! They are probably going to yell, scream and cry. Let them, try not to yell back just let them get their frustration out. I know my dad said some things to me that were so mean I can’t even repeat them. He later apologized for what he had said and to this day regrets what was said. So if they do say some things they shouldn’t have, don’t be to hard on them.
After all the yelling and screaming have ended, talk to them. See what they have to say about the situation. Discuss your options. You may have already decided what you want to do but listen to what they say. No, they are not going to come up with some magical answer that will make everything like it was “before”, because nothing will ever be like it was “before”.  But show them how mature you are by listening or pretending to listen to what they have to say. Don’t feel like you “have” to make a decision right that very second, because what ever you decide is going to effect you in some way the rest of your life
Now if you are not pregnant you do need to thank your lucky stars and not put yourself through this kind of torture again. You may be thinking that you for sure are not going to have to worry about this again because your not going to have sex for a way long time. That would be great and all but that’s the kind of thinking you had before you thought you were pregnant. Whatever you do, if you do choose to have sex, use a condom or some sort of birth control. Your parents will thank you for it ten years from now.