Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, What gaming system is best?

gaming systemsIn the world of gaming there are only three powerhouse systems: the Wii, the Play Station 3, and the Xbox 360.  So, which system do you need to score the all night gaming parties, the respect of friends and peers, and the best all out gaming around?

Girl’s choice is definite the Nintendo Wii.  (FYI that’s pronounced “we”)

Why the Wii?  Well the totally cool commercials say it all.  Don’t you want two crazy Japanese guys to show up on your doorstep?  No, that’s not it.

First, take a look at the potential gaming list.  The all time favorite The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess hits the top of the list.  Remember the old skool Zelda?  That game was seriously cool, well it is back in excellent form.

It also scores with all the sweet Mario games.  It’s got Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario.  Everyone loves Mario; what’s a gaming system without him?

Then there’s the coolest part of the Wii: the Wii Sports.  These are the best party games around.  Get the friends together and have some serious tournament partying with the Wii’s remote controls.

There are no cords here or big ugly step pads to get in the way.  This is all about sleek, style, and lots of skill.  Nintendo’s Wii offers tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing.  Check it out: boxing!  How cool is that?  And we’re not talking about the old style of sports games.  We’re talking about interactive gaming.

The Wii has this super new, super cool one handed remote.  No more of this using two hands, all ten fingers, and toes if they can be spared!  The remote really is amazing.  The thing is wireless and it detects motion in three dimensions.  That’s totally revolutionary.

Need another reason to go with the Wii.  How about the Mii?  What’s that?  It’s the sweet way to create a little self profile on the Wii.  Make the character look just like you from hair color to height.  It’s the fun way to keep track of who’s who during play.

The seriously awesome part of the Wii is that being good and enjoying some quality game time doesn’t mean having to spend hours and hours of trying to figure out which combination of buttons does what.  It’s much simpler than all that other garbage.  To play the bowling game, just pretend to be in a bowling alley and give the ball a good toss.

Other benefits of the Wii include the fact that it’s small and can easily fit in with all the other stuff around the TV area.  It’s not some huge system that will take up a bunch of space.

The Wii also works with all the old Nintendo GameCube games and that’s a serious plus for anyone who’s a long time Nintendo guru.

Not convinced?  Well try it out at a GameStop or GameCrazy store.  Take it for a spin and see if it doesn’t get ya hooked.  It has hooked millions of other people, so don’t be surprised when it sucks you in.

So, score big with your fellow gamers by jumping in with the Nintendo Wii.  This game system is totally hip and won’t disappoint.  It is THE system to have for big parties with lots of friends.  But it is also a killer system for flying solo.

It’s totally got the beat down on the PS3 and Xbox 360.  These systems don’t have as cool as games.  How many games do we need that feature ugly aliens that squirt blood when they are killed?  Let’s skip all that garbage and head straight for the good stuff.

The Wii is totally the girl’s choice for gaming.