Standards, how to set and keep moral standards

girl looking up Much of our value system is learned in childhood from the environment in which we live. But very often in the teenage years many teenagers began to do things that they know is not acceptable behavior to their family and even themselves. Peer pressure and the lack of self confidence are two of the reasons many teens smoke, drink and/or use drugs. They know the difference between right and wrong and know this kind of behavior is wrong, but yet they don’t care. They decide to do what their friends are doing and in the process they lower their moral standards and put their future in jeopardy.
So what should you do if you feel you are doing things or want to do things that you know are just plain wrong? Stop!!! Be stronger than your peers, set an example. By setting an example you may help other friends that feel the same way you do but just don’t want to be the one who speaks up and says “Hey, this is real stupid, I am out of here”. You be that person, the person who is not afraid that they don’t fit in, the person your peers and friends will respect. Be able to look in the mirror everyday and not have regrets.
If you know what moral standards you have set for yourself before a situation happens that test those standards you will find it easier to not be pressured into doing something you later regret. For example,  a joint is being passed around a party, all your friends have taken a “hit” and it is nearing your turn, but you know and have known long before the party that using drugs is not something you want to do, it is now your turn, you say in a confident tone “No thanks”. Just those two little words and some self confidence you have just set an example. You might hear, its fun and it’s only a joint, but again “No, thanks” is all that needs to be said.  You may be surprised by how many other people feel the same but just didn’t have the self confidence to say how they felt.
Moral standards and values are not ever forgotten just ignored. A way to help not ignore those standards is to instead of making a New Years Resolution, write down the moral standards that you have, then after writing them down, and take a look at the ones you wrote last year. Are there any you have forgotten? Think about why you may have forgotten something that important, could be you just weren’t thinking and it also could be that you have begin to do things that you said you didn’t want to do in your life. When you do write these standards and values down a good way to begin your list is “I choose not to experiment with alcohol and drugs” or “I choose not to have sex until I KNOW I am ready”. If you are feeling like one of the standards on your list is not important to you anymore write down the reasons it is not important. Look at the reasons you have written and ask yourself “How important are these reasons, and how will my future be affected”? Your future is the most important reason.