Prescription cocktails, the dangers

handful of pillsBack in the day kids would skip class and go out in the woods to smoke weed.  Nowadays kids are mixing prescription cocktails.  In fact, lots of guys are just as willing to try strong prescription drugs as they are to try the more mild marijuana.  The truth is, prescription cocktails are killing teenagers all over the United States.  Some of these teens are barely in middle school.  Here are some of the dangers along with tips for staying clean.


Prescription cocktails are often created by doctors in hospitals when they must treat patients for multiple ailments at once.  These doctors are trained professionals who know how much of each drug is safe for each patient and which drugs can be mixed with the other.  Unfortunately, some teens think that because a doctor prescribes it, it is safe to take.  In reality, many of the drugs kids are mixing into prescription cocktails are as strong and addicting as heroin.  The drugs are so dangerous and complex, doctors have to go to school for eight years just to learn how they all work together.


Actor Heath Ledger and singer Michael Jackson both died from an overdose of prescription drugs.  Teens are over dosing sometimes by the handful in big cities and small towns around the country.  Some of the popular medicines being abused are Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, and Soma.  The last two are powerful muscle relaxants.  When teens take too much of these drugs they literally relax their hearts until they stop beating.  No thrill is worth that price.

Some teens think that taking just one or two of these pills is ok because their parents’ doctor has prescribed the same amount for their parents.  The difference is adults’ bodies are generally able to handle much more drugs because they are fully developed.  Teens may be developing, but they are not as developed as adults.  So, the amount of drug prescribed to an adult is more than would be prescribed to a teen.  This means that the amount could be dangerous to the system of a teen.  Taking one type of pill as opposed to multiple types is just as dangerous as mixing the pills.

Just Say No

It sounds cheesy, but just saying now is probably the easiest way to avoid getting caught up in cocktail prescriptions.  Most teens who are doing drugs don’t want to do them alone.  They feel better doing things with their friends.  But if one person says no, not only do they usually back off after only a small effort to persuade that person, they will likely walk away too.

Another way to avoid getting caught up in prescription cocktails is to avoid places where kids will be taking them.  Inviting friends to do things other than do drugs will make sure there are always people to hang out with even if some kids decide to go to the party.

Prescription cocktails are popular, new, and dangerous.  Teens all over the country are experimenting with different mixes of different prescribed drugs.  Teens need to remember that prescription drugs can kill.  Famous people have died from taking too much, and teens are dying from taking too much.  The best way to stay safe is to just say no or physically stay away from the scene.  It is not worth dying just to fit in.