Teen fashion for males

When people think fashion, they generally do not immediately think of the male population. Accessories, trends, and an over-abundance of clothing tends to be a female burden, but that is not to say that males are not fashionable, or don’t love to stay up with the trends as much as the girls do. The trends for teen guys are just as changing and diverse as the trends for teen girls, they just have fewer options within each trend. The following is a look at some of the common themes about teen fashion for males:

Wrinkle-free trousers and jackets.
You want to be able to pull something out of your closet and get dressed. Spending time in front of an ironing board is not ideal, so wrinkle free is the way to go. In addition to that, by having trousers and jackets you can dress up or dress down any outfit. For example, hit the local McDonalds with your buddies in jeans and a t-shirt during the day, and hit up a party that night by adding a blazer type jacket to the same outfit. You get an instant dress up to a basic outfit.

Highwaters or shpants designed in denim.
Denim is always going to be in, the length of it is what will change. So, of late, having shorter jeans, with a tighter fit is the in-thing. Pair it with sandals and a v-neck solid color t-shirt, and you get a comfortable, classy look.

T-shirts and half-sleeved regulars. In the summer or winter, showing your arms is a popular choice. T-shirts are in, but you can add some interest to your style by choosing shirts with graphics, designs, and embellishments. Half sleeved regulars can be spruced up a bit too with interesting buttons, bold prints, etc.

Crimped, faded and/or motif jeans.
Jeans are the thing, but don’t go looking too preppy or clean. These days the grungier, more distressed, and more washed look is in. You want bold pocket designs, lots of hardware, and aging so that your jeans do not look like you just pulled them off the shelf. This gives a casual feel to your style, while keeping you hip and in the know.

Khakis – shorts and shirts.
Khakis are the new way to look a little dressier while staying casual. Shorts that are khaki can be paired well with almost anything, and allow you to transition from a morning on the golf course to an afternoon at the arcade. In addition, the subtle color but substantial fabric allows you to play up other parts of your outfit without looking like you are overdoing it.

Accessories for guys change frequently, whether it is a trucker hat, a bandana, a neck scarf, or aviator glasses. If you want to accessorize, be sure to stay current with whatever the accessory phenomenon is, and pay attention to your shoes and belts, as they are a great way to add some style and flair to your outfit without over doing it.