Totally awesome cuts for the low maintenance girl

teen blowing bubblesWant some totally awesome cuts for the low maintenance girl?  Read on for smoking styles that you don’t have to spend a lifetime each morning to achieve!

So you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the mornings fussing over your hair.  And who’s to blame you?  Think of all of those other things that you could be doing-sleeping, eating, talking, sleeping, and sleeping!  But just because you don’t like to devote hours of your time to checking on your hairstyle doesn’t mean that you don’t want totally killer hair!

So here are some fantastic cuts that can make even the most low maintenance girl look sexy, put together, and on top of the latest trends.  Read on for ideas on how you can transform your look, and stay out of the bathroom and away from the mirror.

The pixie cut
Some pixie cuts can be extra high maintenance because you’re always worrying about whether your hair is spiky enough.  But a pixie cut that is carefully layered and not too long is a fantastic way to look great every day without spending any time on your hair.  Think Selma Blair, Ashley Judd (used to have a pixie cut), Cameron Diaz every once in a while, and Natalie Portman.

All that you have to do with a pixie cut is take a little pomade, rub it between your hands, and rub it through your hair.  If you have great layers, then your hair will fall in place perfectly!  Pixie cuts are best for girls with faces that aren’t already pretty long.  A pixie cut will make your long face look even longer.  Pixie cuts are great for people with oval faces or even people who have round faces-they can pull off some pixie cuts too!

The carefree bohemian sexy wave
The ultimate low maintenance look is full of loose, sexy waves.  This hairstyle makes people think of lazy summers at the beach and carefree times with friends.  If you really want to look low maintenance, then this is definitely the look for you!
One of the best examples of the bohemian wave look is Kate Hudson.  Paired with her laid-back style, she always looks effortlessly cool.  Well, now you can have that look!  And even better, it doesn’t take very much time!
If you have longer hair and you still want a low maintenance do, then this haircut is definitely for you.  Ask your stylist to cut in some long loose layers so that you can have great movement that lets your naturally wavy hair move freely.  Then when you go home, follow these easy steps to style your hair:

  1. Use texturizing spray and lightly mist your hair.  A great product is Bumble and Bumble Surf spray.  Texturizing spray will give your hair a rougher texture, which means that it will look more like you’ve been hanging out on the beach all day.  The thicker your hair is, the less spray that you will need.
  2. Use a curling iron to create random curls all over your head.  You don’t have to spend hours curling every strand of hair.  Instead, just curl random sizes-curl some sections tightly, and then curl some sections loosely.  Just do whatever.  And don’t go all the way to the end of the hair-otherwise you’ll get ugly crimp marks.  Another fantastic product is the T3 Narrow Duality iron, or any other narrow flat iron.
  3. Finger comb a shine serum through your hair.  This will give your hair shine and glow, and can also hold your waves in place.  Stylists recommend using just a drop of Biosilk Silk Therapy serum.