Losing your virginity

As teenagers, the thought of losing your virginity is probably on your mind a lot. People talk about it constantly, and you can’t help but be curious about it. The following is a look at losing your virginity.

What it means to lose your virginity:

Put simply it means to have sex for the first time. However, in more technical terms, for a girl it means breaching the hymen. This means it can be done by means other than intercourse. By some standards virginity means no sex of any kind, oral, anal, or vaginal. So, losing your virginity means having sex of any kind.

The consequences of losing your virginity:

There is no huge change physically when you lose your virginity, unless as a girl you get pregnant, however, there are often emotional changes. Many teens feel remorse, loss, or regret for something they can’t get back. Some feel that it is like a rite of passage, and feel a freedom, as if they have achieved something. The consequences of losing your virginity are individual. Some of the potential consequences are heart break, sexually transmitted diseases, or pregnancy.

As you can see, there are some potentially life changing consequences that comes as a result of having sex. So, the following are some things to consider before you lose your virginity.

Questions to ask yourself before losing your virginity:

Do you feel it is the right thing to do? If you have morals or values that tell you to wait until marriage, you may feel a guilt, or doubt about whether or not you should lose your virginity. You should be 100% certain it is something you want to do as you can never undo it.

Have you been drinking or are you under any substance’s influence? Losing your virginity because you got drunk or high is never a good thing. In fact, you will likely regret it your whole life. So, only make such a big decision if you are in full control of your mental and emotional facilities. That means after a death, fight, split-up etc. you should never make such a big decision, as your emotions may be off kilter.

Who is your partner? Who you choose to lose your virginity to is of great significance. One of the reasons many recommend you wait for marriage is that you know you can trust your partner because they are committed to you legally. You have to ensure that you are not going to have sex with someone who is using you, who will abuse you, will make you feel inadequate, unloved etc.

Have you considered the risks? Pregnancy, STDs and heart break are all very real risks and should not be taken lightly.

You do realize you can never get this back?

Do you know the facts about sex? You can get pregnant the first time, you can’t guarantee that you won’t get pregnant unless you abstain from sex. Sexually transmitted diseases happen, and anyone can get them. There are legal ages for having sex, and it differs from state to state, so you may be breaking the law if you are not old enough. Know the facts!