How to get the movie star look with little work

Like most people, you probably see celebrities on magazines or on television, and wonder why they look so different than the rest of us.  They have incredible personal style, are dressed in the best designer clothing, and above all, what makes them stand out are their perfect hairstyles.  Most celebrities do not achieve the look they have on their own, but have hairstylists.  So how do we, without a posse of people following us around to make sure we look fabulous, achieve the same look? Here are a few simple suggestions:

1. Pay particular attention to volume.  In terms of volume, celebrity hairstyles are usually extreme.  There are many beautiful styles, both sleek and full, but in-betweens are rarely seen.  A celebrity who exemplifies this concept is Lindsay Lohan.  She changes her hair color all the time, but she has two basic styles when at any party or event.  Her hair is either smooth straight or curly and full of body; she never has an in between look.  The reason for this is that when your hair is neither sleek nor full, you’re not really making a statement.  The movie star life and look is all about creating an image and looking glamorous.  If you are going for the sleek look, go sleek!  You can pull your hair into a tight twist at the back, or attempt the Jennifer Aniston look of letting your locks hang down smoothly to frame your face.  If you are going for the voluminous look, work it!  Don’t be afraid of extremes, and work to get everything you can out of your hair.  Big hair is beautiful and it shows that you are confident and not afraid to make a statement. 

2. One of the absolute most important parts of the movie star hairstyle is the lack of fly aways and frizz.  With the acception of the rare occasion that an actress uses frizz purposefully to add to her unique style, it is absolutely prohibited from the movie star look.  An untamed mane of hair can turn even the most beautiful hairdo into a complete disaster.  You need to look refined, put together and classy in order to achieve this beautiful look, and this is one of the most difficult things to do.  How then, do you tame fly aways?  There are a few secrets to doing this successfully. 

One of the best things to do is find a great product to help you with this.  Even the shampoo and conditioner you use can make a tremendous difference.  Look for types that specifically claim to tame wild hair, and see if it helps.  Hair wax and oils can be a great help, so don’t be afraid to try new products.  Taking a pomade and rubbing it gently throughout all your hair towards the end of styling can work magic.  Also, when completing your style, you can spray aerosol hairspray onto a comb  and then gently comb that through your hair to add a finishing touch.

3. A final thing to remember is to avoid heat styling and touching your hair as much as possible if you are trying to create a smooth and refined movie star look.  When you get out of your shower, do not towel dry your hair; this will only separate your individual strands of hair and cause them to go in all different directions.

Remember not to be afraid of trying new things.  Use products you’ve never tried before and attempt different styling techniques.  If you want to have a movie star look, you’ll most likely need to put a lot of time into creating your hairstyle, so set aside a block of time to try out these techniques, because once you discover what really works for you, you’ll be feeling more confident, and looking more fabulous.