Long tresses, what products to use to spice up your do

Do you love your long tresses, but you’re looking for some products and sort of way to spice up your do?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Long hair is beautiful, but it can tend to get boring really fast.  Here are some of the very best products for long hair, that can transform you into dull and lifeless into fantastic and sexy!

Whenever you are choosing products for your hair, make sure that you think about what type of hair you have.  Lots of products are made just for long hair.  But then you need to think about your long hair.  Is it curly?  Does it tend to get frizzy?  Do you have soft waves?  Or are you stick straight?  Do you have a lot of layers?  Do you want texture?  Do you need moisture?  Want volume or want to reduce volume?  Knowing your own hair will help you choose the right products for your own long locks.

You should also ask your stylist for advice on what products to use.  Your stylist knows your hair, and also knows some great tricks of the trade.  But if you don’t want to spend a fortune on products sold at the salon, use these fantastic little supermarket substitutes.  Have salon worthy long and luscious hair for a fraction of the price!

Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum

This magical little product works wonders when it comes to tackling the biggest problems that people have with their long hair.  Are you struggling with frizzy long hair?  What about those pesky fly aways that you just can’t seem to keep under control?  This serum will take care of it all, while adding incredible shine and beauty to your long hair.

Simply apply to your hair, whether damp or dry.  Comb through your hair.  Then style it in order to see a world of difference with your long locks.  No longer will they be boring and dull, but now they will be shiny, full of body, and also full of control!

Frizz-ease Anti-frizz Serum

The Frizz-ease line of products are fantastic and inexpensive ways to pump up the style of your long hair.  This serum controls frizz and fly-aways, just like the Biosilk Serum.  You can spray it into your damp hair and then style.  Or you can keep it on hand with you at all times, and spray it onto your hair for a quick fix and to control mid day frizz.

Citrishine Shine Spray

This little beauty is a favorite of stylists everywhere.  With a citrus fruit base, it is a great and natural way to add beauty and shine to your long tresses.  Just spray onto damp or dry hair for a great style or a way to finish off your hair.  This spray is a perfect way to control frizz that crops up in the middle of the day.

Angel by Thierry Mugler Celestial Hair Mist Spray

Wondering how you can finish off your style?  Well, look no further!  Celestial Hair Mist Spray will finish off your long hair styling with a great scent, great shine, and really good control.

L’Oreal Vive Curl Defining Spray

If you’ve got long hair that’s also curly, this is one product that you can’t do without.  One of the biggest problems with long curly hair is keeping those curls defined.  Too often you just end up with a frizzy mess!  But this Curl Defining Spray will help you keep your curls beautiful and bouncy all day long!  Simply apply to your damp hair, and then finish off your style with another application.  Frizz be gone, and hello beautiful curls and sexy waves!

How to grow healthy long hair

teen in thoughtA lot of girls, and guys, want to have long hair, but worry about having the gross looking long hair that is damaged and disgusting. For long hair that is healthy, beautiful, and shiny, like the celebs, use the following twenty tips:

  1. Cut off the unhealthy hair. If you want to grow your hair out, start with healthy hair. Hair that is damaged can’t really be fixed, so cut it off when you start.
  2. Always trim your hair often. If you get split ends, they will continue to split up the length of your hair, so the only way to keep your hair healthy as it grows longer is to give it a regular trim to rid it of split ends.
  3. Use a stylist you trust. You do not want to have a stylist that will use harsh chemicals, or talk you into a cut. Stylists make more money on short hair because it requires more product and maintenance, so don’t let them talk you into going short if you want to go long.
  4. Avoid using any heated appliances whenever possible. Flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, all damage hair, and while they are great for styling, if you want really long hair, you may want to avoid them at least during the growing process.
  5. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your hair. To color use non peroxide color, as this will do the least amount of damage.
  6. Avoid chlorine and saltwater as it can be damaging to the hair, and leave it harsher, courser, and not as beautiful. If you are going to be in the ocean or the pool, consider putting conditioner on your hair first.
  7. Be careful of what kind of hair accessories you use. Never use metal barrettes, rubberbands, items with sharp or rough edges, etc. as this can tear and damage the hair.
  8. Never put your hair in any kind of style that may cause damage to it. This is stuff like little braids, dreds, etc. The stress on the hair causes it to stretch and break.
  9. Avoid extreme diets. Without proper nutrition your hair will not grow properly or have the luster and shine you want. So, make sure you drink tons of water, and that you eat plenty of fresh foods, grains, etc.
  10. Be careful with wet hair as if you brush it while it is wet the strands will stretch Wet hair is more elastic, so to avoid breaking use wide combs, and wait for it to dry at least partially before combing.
  11. Only use a brush with natural bristles, never plastic, as that can be hard on your hair.
  12. Comb your hair daily to get rid of dirt, pollutants, etc. They can be damaging to the hair.
  13. Let your hair get dirty once in awhile so that the natural oils have a chance to do their magic on the hair. Do not make this too regular, but maybe every other weekend or so.
  14. woman standing with folded armsWhen you ash your hair, start at the scalp, and massage to stimulate hair follicle growth, never pile hair on head, as this causes knots.
  15. If you have dry hair, you may want to consider washing it less often, or occasionally using only conditioner.
  16. Rinse your hair in as cold water as you can stand, not hot water, it is better for the follicles, and makes it shinier.
  17. Use only styling products with natural ingredients, or that are designed specifically for your hair type.
  18. Deep condition your hair about once a month as this will keep it in better shape.
  19. Sleep with your hair braided, or contained, not loose, as this is too much friction.
  20. Be gentle with your hair, remember once damaged it can’t be easily repaired.

Long or short hair, which is best?

friends smilingMany girls base their fashion choices off what guys like, but most are not sure whether guys really like long or short hair best. Now you can know.

Question: Long or short hair, which is best?

Answer: Every guy is going to have their preference, and most pretty much like long hair, or at least longer, like not guy short. But, it really just depends on the girl. Some girls look really great with short hair, so long hair would be a shame. However, long hair can be a real asset for other girls.

Long hair is more feminine, and can really help a girl out. However, the rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t help to have long hair, then you are better off with short because it is easier to do, and you will look better if you do your hair, than if you don’t, no matter what length it is.

What looks best on your face? Which do you like better? If long hair is easy for you to manage, and you are going to do it regularly, and keep it healthy, then long hair is the way to go. If it really highlights your facial features, and you look great with it, then long hair is a great option. If you like your hair better long, then keep it long.

However, if you find short hair is easier to manage, that you will do it more often, and make it look better when it is short, then do not go long. If short hair really helps you great jaw line, or cheek bones, or eyes, or whatever stand out, then go with short.

A lot of times, a guy will judge a girl from what they see, so whether the hair is long or short, it just depends if they look good with that cut, color, and length. So, if you can find a length that looks great with your face shape, and your body, lifestyle, etc. then that is the length you should have, and the length guys will like best on you.

There are guys that like short hair better, and there are guys that like long hair better. Most of the time though this is because they like someone, and that person has either short or long hair. You should choose a hair length that is going to give you the most confidence. Confidence, especially self confidence, and confidence in your appearance and ability to attract the opposite sex is a huge part of you looking good. So, if your hair being short gives you more confidence, then guys are going to like you better with short hair. If your hair being long gives you confidence, then guys will like you better with long hair.

Even if a guy thinks he likes long better, he won’t really know with you until you show him. So, experiment, see what you like best, and what reaction you get from him. If you are ready for a change, but do not want to go from long to short, try layers, bangs, or a different color. Guys just like when your hair looks nice. So, even if all you do is stick it up in a pony tail, make it look nice, make it look like you put in some effort.

Just remember, if having long hair does not help your appearance, you are better off with a shorter, more manageable cut. Looking well groomed is a big part of looking good. So, get a cut that you can do, that you feel good in, and that fits your face shape, and guys will like it.friends smiling