The long and the short of it, how to know what length is best for you

At one point or another, most of us get the desire to try out new looks and do something drastically different with our hair.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it really doesn’t.  If you’ve done this with your look, people usually tell you “It’s just hair, it’ll grow back.”  This is something, that although true, is a lot easier to say than to accept when you are stuck with a haircut you hate.  Finding the correct length that works for you is a difficult thing to do.  It’s hard to envision what a cut is going to look like before it’s done, and sometimes you find out all to late that a certain length is not correct for you.  Here are some tips on how to get started on the path to discovering what length is best for you.

DO NOT make impulse decisions about your hair length.  You need to really study it out and think it through before you rush off to the nearest ten dollar barber and have your hair chopped. The best thing you can do before snapping to a decision, is to talk to people who know what they’re doing.  The most comfortable thing when making these important choices, is having a stylist who you trust.  If you can talk to a professional who knows your style and is really good at what they do, they will have the ability to analyze you, your face shape and hair texture, and be able to guide you to a good length choice.  If you are really concerned about the choice, another great place to turn when making the decision is technology.  There are several awesome computer programs available that will allow you to download an image of yourself onto the computer, and then will show you how you would look with different hair cuts, colors, and styles.  If it’s important for you to see the look in order to visualize it properly, this is a good option.

When trying to determine your perfect hair length, face shape is something that needs to be considered very severely.  Some face shapes simply do not look very good when combined with certain lengths, and you need to learn what will flatter your form.  This is not always very obvious, but is so important!  When choosing a hair color, you would not want to pick one that clash with your skin.  It is just as important to make sure that your length flatters your face shape and jaw line.  For example, it is generally a bad idea for people with a round face shape to have bob style haircuts.  Having the line of your hair run right at the roundest part of your face, accentuates that feature, and can make you look distorted and oddly shaped.  A round face shape generally looks better with a longer cut.  In the same respect, people with oval shaped, thin faces can sometimes look odd with very long, straight hair.  It accentuates the length of the face and causes them to appear distorted.  Balancing your face shape with your hair length is extremely important.

Finally, hair texture plays a big role in determining which length is best for you.  If you have very full and frizzy hair, that looks gorgeous in long curls, it may just appear frizzy and out of control when it’s short.  If you have hair that struggles for body, it may appear limp, lifeless and weighty if it is too long.

Finding this perfect length can be difficult with some bumps along the road, but if something goes wrong, always remember, it really does grow back

Lengthen Your Lashes

There are a couple of important things that you can to do to get long, luscious eyelashes!  One of the quickest alternatives to long lashes is by wearing fake eyelashes.  These fake eyelashes can be applied individually, or you can buy eyelashes that are held together with a band for a quick one-time application.

If you don’t prefer to use fake eyelashes, you can try to lengthen your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.  You can get relatively inexpensive eyelash curlers at the drugstore or grocery store – Revlon has an eyelash curler for a reasonable price.  Next, take your eyelash curler and clamp down on the roots of your eyelashes for about two seconds.  The curler is curved so that you can hold the curler up to your eye and get the clamp very close to your roots.  Next, move the curler a little further back towards the tips of your lashes, and then clamp down on them for a second to two more.

After curling your eyelashes, you should apply a coat of some type of volumizing mascara.  Cover Girl’s Volume Exact mascara is a really good mascara for lengthening lashes.  The color of mascara doesn’t really matter when you are trying to make your lashes look longer, so choose whatever color your feel best.  Generally, though, girls with darker hair opt to wear black mascara, and blonde girls can choose between black and brown.  But really, it’s up to your personal preference!

Apply the mascara from the root of your lashes to the tip.  You should start from the outside of your eyes and work your way towards your inner lashes.  Go slowly, and wiggle your brush back and forth a little bit to make sure that you’re getting enough mascara on your lashes.  After finishing each eye, go back over the tips one more time with the mascara wand to add the maximum amount of length possible.  Make sure that you don’t apply too much mascara on the tips, though, or else your tips can start to look clumpy and fake.

You can also strengthen your eyelashes by using an eyelash conditioner or primer.  These eyelash fortifiers are sometimes applied before you put on your mascara in the morning, and other ones you can wear right before you go to bed.  There are also similar tricks that you can try at home, like apply a coat of olive oil or castor oil to your lashes with an old mascara wand.  These eyelash conditioners and home remedies can help your eyelashes to grow and get fuller.

A great way to lengthen your lashes and still have them look natural is to change your mascara regularly.  Generally, you should change your tube of mascara every four months or so.  This way, your mascara will stay fresh and won’t begin to get clumpy on your lashes.  You’ll also avoid getting germs in your mascara if you change it regularly.  This way, your lashes can continue to stay healthy so they can be naturally long and luscious!

In addition, there is one final way to get longer eyelashes – eyelash extensions!  Unfortunately, this option is also the most expensive.  Eyelash extensions do a great job of lengthening your lashes, and they usually last for a couple of months with only a handful of touch-ups.  Usually it costs $100 or more to get extensions, but they are definitely worth it if you can afford it.  Your local salon can apply them for you.  And while you’re at the salon, you might want to get your eyelashes dyed as well!  Then you won’t have to bother with applying mascara to your long lashes for a few months either!

Long or short hair, which is best?

friends smilingMany girls base their fashion choices off what guys like, but most are not sure whether guys really like long or short hair best. Now you can know.

Question: Long or short hair, which is best?

Answer: Every guy is going to have their preference, and most pretty much like long hair, or at least longer, like not guy short. But, it really just depends on the girl. Some girls look really great with short hair, so long hair would be a shame. However, long hair can be a real asset for other girls.

Long hair is more feminine, and can really help a girl out. However, the rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t help to have long hair, then you are better off with short because it is easier to do, and you will look better if you do your hair, than if you don’t, no matter what length it is.

What looks best on your face? Which do you like better? If long hair is easy for you to manage, and you are going to do it regularly, and keep it healthy, then long hair is the way to go. If it really highlights your facial features, and you look great with it, then long hair is a great option. If you like your hair better long, then keep it long.

However, if you find short hair is easier to manage, that you will do it more often, and make it look better when it is short, then do not go long. If short hair really helps you great jaw line, or cheek bones, or eyes, or whatever stand out, then go with short.

A lot of times, a guy will judge a girl from what they see, so whether the hair is long or short, it just depends if they look good with that cut, color, and length. So, if you can find a length that looks great with your face shape, and your body, lifestyle, etc. then that is the length you should have, and the length guys will like best on you.

There are guys that like short hair better, and there are guys that like long hair better. Most of the time though this is because they like someone, and that person has either short or long hair. You should choose a hair length that is going to give you the most confidence. Confidence, especially self confidence, and confidence in your appearance and ability to attract the opposite sex is a huge part of you looking good. So, if your hair being short gives you more confidence, then guys are going to like you better with short hair. If your hair being long gives you confidence, then guys will like you better with long hair.

Even if a guy thinks he likes long better, he won’t really know with you until you show him. So, experiment, see what you like best, and what reaction you get from him. If you are ready for a change, but do not want to go from long to short, try layers, bangs, or a different color. Guys just like when your hair looks nice. So, even if all you do is stick it up in a pony tail, make it look nice, make it look like you put in some effort.

Just remember, if having long hair does not help your appearance, you are better off with a shorter, more manageable cut. Looking well groomed is a big part of looking good. So, get a cut that you can do, that you feel good in, and that fits your face shape, and guys will like it.friends smiling