Make a statement with great bangs, the hottest hair this season!

friendsWondering what you can do with your hair this year that will be really cutting edge and hip?  Go for bangs!  Bangs are in this year, once again, following trends from the last few years.
Bangs are fantastic because they can help you shape your face any way that you want, they can help you emphasize certain facial features that you really like, and you can play around with your bangs and experiment with them to really get the look that you want!
Best of all, there are so many different styles of bangs that are totally in right now that you really can pick and choose the bang style that fits your personality and your face shape and your hair type the best!
Read on for help picking the type of bang style that will work best for you!  Here are some of the most popular styles of bangs and which faces they work best with.  Don’t forget-avoid the early 90s poufy bang at all costs!
Classic Blunt Bangs
Why would you choose the classic blunt bangs?  These bangs that are heavy, full, and cut straight across will immediately add emphasis and attention to your big, beautiful eyes!  Blunt bangs are dramatic and can let you really play around with your eye makeup so that you can be extra glamorous!
Classic blunt bangs will look best on anyone who has a heart shaped face shape or an inverted triangle face shape.  Blunt cut bangs look great on anyone who has a larger forehead.  Your blunt cut bangs can help you balance your forehead with the rest of your face.  If you hate your chin and feel like it sticks out, blunt cut bangs can take attention away from that area of your face and move it to your eyes.
Want to update your classic blunt bangs?  Layer them!  Choppy and layered texture look fantastic in blunt cut bangs.  You can highlight them and lowlight them too!  Just be careful not to go overboard, or you might end up looking like a zebra.
If you have an oval face shape, blunt cut bangs will probably work for you.  If your face is square shaped or round, you will want to consider one of the following bang cuts that will be more flattering to your face shape.
Super short bangs
These extra short bangs are for anyone who is really daring and wants to show off their entire face along with their eyes.  For a celebrity example, think Selma Blair.  They look just like a fringe.  And these super short bangs are really good for you if you have an oval face, or even for some people with round face shapes.
If you already have a long face, then you should think about other bang cuts and styles, since super short bangs will make your face look longer.  But you had better be extra sure that you want them before you cut them, because these bangs take a long time to grow out!
Bangs for straight hair
Do you have straight hair?  Then the best bang style for you will be shorter bangs that are blunter.  This will soften the straightness of your hair.  It will look great if you layer your bangs, and add layered lowlights and highlights.
Angled bangs
Angled bangs that sweep across your forehead are really in right now.  You can really do anything that you want with angled bangs.  They can be long, or they can be short; you can really layer them up, or you can have just a few longer ones.  Experiment with your bangs.  Look at pictures of celebrities with angled bangs, like Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff for examples of what you can do with angled bangs!