Why you should cut off your damaged hair

teen smilingAs a teenage girl who is trying to grow your hair out, it can be difficult to accept the idea of having to trim hair regularly, or cut off damaged hair. It seems somewhat counter-productive to cut hair when you really just want to grow it out. The following is a look at why you should cut off your damaged hair, even if you are trying to grow your hair out:

  1. Long hair is wonderful, but it won’t look wonderful if it is unhealthy, and the only way to have long healthy hair is to start with healthy hair. You must cut off every inch that is considerably damaged, split ended, or too dry. If you don’t, your hair is going to be long, but full of split ends, will be course, and not very shiny or lustrous. This is not worth it.
  2. Cutting off damage prevents much further damage. When the cuticle of your hair gets damaged, breaks down, etc. your hair starts to split. The splitting is going to continue up the shaft of the hair if you do not cut the damage off. So, when you grow your hair out, just trim it a little bit each month. Hair grows on average a half inch a month, so as long as you trim off damage, but not more than half an inch of hair, your hair will continue to get longer, but stay looking healthy and beautiful at the same time. Damage to your hair will move up from the ends, it is worth repeating that the only way to stop it is to remove damage when it happens.
  3. Hair goes through trauma. Even if you are really careful with your hair, it is going to get damaged. Sun, wind, sleep, hair products, hair styling tools, etc. all damage hair. So, if you do not cut off the ends, the parts that are the oldest, and have been abused the longest, you will have hair that looks unhealthy and old. A regular trim will help reduce the amount of trauma that shows, and will help you feel good about your look. Remember, long damaged hair is never as pretty as shorter healthy hair, so even if you want long hair, you have to first focus on healthy hair, and how to get and keep healthy hair. Then, work on growing it out.
  4. When you cut off damaged hair you are left with healthy hair. Healthy hair needs to be cut far less often. Damaged hair, on the other hand, does not grow long because it breaks, and looks yucky. So, you should cut off damaged hair in order to save yourself money in between cuts, and to look your best at all times.
  5. To keep your look fresh. If you cut off damaged hair, you will always maintain a fresh look, which means you won’t get sick of your hair, or feel the need for an extreme change nearly as much.

How to protect your hair in the summer

teen with arms held spread eagleThe summer is a really fun time to relax and unwind from school, and give your body a break. It is a great time to soak up the sun, and to hang out with friends. However, while summer is great for the body and mind, it can be really hard on the hair. If you want to have great hair and a great summer, consider the following tips for how to protect your hair in the summer:

Tip one: Fight the damaging affects of the pool. If you plan to be in the pool much this summer, you want to protect your hair from turning green, and you want to protect it from the dryness that is common with daily exposure to the sun. So, use a anti-chlorine shampoo, and be sure to condition your hair each time you wash it.

Tip two: Clean your hair well once a week. During the summer you use sunscreen, you sweat, you go to the beach, you play in the water, so your hair gets chemicals on it, salt in it, and it can be chlorinated, so at least 3 times a month you should try a hot oil treatment to rid your hair of all the pollutants, and give it back its luster and shine.

Tip three: Wear your hair down some. In the summer, most people pull their hair up a lot because they are at the pool, the beach, or out doing active things. However, pulling your hair into an updo too often can cause breakage, and damage to your hair. So, alternate days, and consider using headbands, clips, etc. not always ponytails, as too often used can mean stress, stretching, and breaking of hair strands.

Tip four: Wear a hat, hair wrap, etc. The sun is great for your mood, but when it comes to your hair it causes dryness, it causes color to fade faster, it can highlight your hair, etc. So, one way to protect your hair this summer is to cover it up sometimes. A hat or a hair wrap can mean less exposure of your hair to the sun, which is a great thing. It also makes it easy to look great on days when you do not get a shower in.

teen in swimsuit at the beachTip five: Use sunscreen. Okay, most people do not realize it, but your hair and scalp need to be protected from the damaging rays of the sun as much as your skin does, so it is important to cover up or use a protecting spray or cream on your hair and scalp. There are a lot of products out there that offer sun protection for hair and scalp. Talk to your hair stylist, or simply go to the local beauty supply store and pick one.

Tip six: Skip styling tools. Because the summer sun dries hair out enough as it is, whenever possible you may want to skip heated tools. If you are going to blow dry, flat iron, or curl, protect your hair with product that will fight against dryness.

How to grow healthy long hair

teen in thoughtA lot of girls, and guys, want to have long hair, but worry about having the gross looking long hair that is damaged and disgusting. For long hair that is healthy, beautiful, and shiny, like the celebs, use the following twenty tips:

  1. Cut off the unhealthy hair. If you want to grow your hair out, start with healthy hair. Hair that is damaged can’t really be fixed, so cut it off when you start.
  2. Always trim your hair often. If you get split ends, they will continue to split up the length of your hair, so the only way to keep your hair healthy as it grows longer is to give it a regular trim to rid it of split ends.
  3. Use a stylist you trust. You do not want to have a stylist that will use harsh chemicals, or talk you into a cut. Stylists make more money on short hair because it requires more product and maintenance, so don’t let them talk you into going short if you want to go long.
  4. Avoid using any heated appliances whenever possible. Flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, all damage hair, and while they are great for styling, if you want really long hair, you may want to avoid them at least during the growing process.
  5. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your hair. To color use non peroxide color, as this will do the least amount of damage.
  6. Avoid chlorine and saltwater as it can be damaging to the hair, and leave it harsher, courser, and not as beautiful. If you are going to be in the ocean or the pool, consider putting conditioner on your hair first.
  7. Be careful of what kind of hair accessories you use. Never use metal barrettes, rubberbands, items with sharp or rough edges, etc. as this can tear and damage the hair.
  8. Never put your hair in any kind of style that may cause damage to it. This is stuff like little braids, dreds, etc. The stress on the hair causes it to stretch and break.
  9. Avoid extreme diets. Without proper nutrition your hair will not grow properly or have the luster and shine you want. So, make sure you drink tons of water, and that you eat plenty of fresh foods, grains, etc.
  10. Be careful with wet hair as if you brush it while it is wet the strands will stretch Wet hair is more elastic, so to avoid breaking use wide combs, and wait for it to dry at least partially before combing.
  11. Only use a brush with natural bristles, never plastic, as that can be hard on your hair.
  12. Comb your hair daily to get rid of dirt, pollutants, etc. They can be damaging to the hair.
  13. Let your hair get dirty once in awhile so that the natural oils have a chance to do their magic on the hair. Do not make this too regular, but maybe every other weekend or so.
  14. woman standing with folded armsWhen you ash your hair, start at the scalp, and massage to stimulate hair follicle growth, never pile hair on head, as this causes knots.
  15. If you have dry hair, you may want to consider washing it less often, or occasionally using only conditioner.
  16. Rinse your hair in as cold water as you can stand, not hot water, it is better for the follicles, and makes it shinier.
  17. Use only styling products with natural ingredients, or that are designed specifically for your hair type.
  18. Deep condition your hair about once a month as this will keep it in better shape.
  19. Sleep with your hair braided, or contained, not loose, as this is too much friction.
  20. Be gentle with your hair, remember once damaged it can’t be easily repaired.

Healthy hair tips for teens

teenager with thumbs upAs a teen, your hair is a big part of who you are. It is part of your outfits, it is part of your personal style, it is part of who you are. So, healthy hair for a teen is a big deal. Without healthy hair, one of the biggest parts of who you are is going to be problematic. The following are some tips for how to keep your hair healthy:

  1. One of the things you should do for healthy hair is avoid harsh shampoos and chemicals. Whenever possible, use natural and organic hair-care products. While other products can get your hair clean and soft, in the long run it will damage it. So, use natural products with the oils and extracts that will keep your hair looking shiny, strong, and beautiful.
  2. Shampoo properly. Shampoo is one of the things you use on your hair most, so use that time as a chance to help you have healthy hair. When you apply your shampoo, massage the scalp, and do it in a circular motion to allow your hair follicles to be stimulated.
  3. Avoid using electric hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. When possible, you want to let the hair dry naturally. The more you dry, heat, or alter your hair, the more damaged it becomes. The less it is, the better your hair health will be.
  4. Be sure to practice proper diet and nutrition. Good nutrition where you eat good food, and drink plenty of water. The fresher the foods, the better. Eating right and getting plenty of water, is going to help you feel better all around, in addition to giving you healthier hair and improved texture.
  5. Wash your hair regularly. A lot of people will say washing your hair too much makes it unhealthy because it dries it out. However, if you choose the right shampoo, it is actually better for you, because when you put the shampoo on, you massage your scalp, and stimulate the oil glands, and this keeps the hair naturally healthy.
  6. Use shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. If you have oily hair, get natural shampoos that are designed for oily hair. If your hair is dry, get shampoo for dry hair. If your hair is curly, use curly hair shampoo, if it is colored, use shampoo with color protector.
  7. Always rinse with cool clean water when you wash out your shampoo, this will give you extra shine.
  8. Never brush your hair if it is really wet because this is a time when it is elastic, and it can be stretched and pulled to the point where it will break. If you are going to brush wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb is best for wet hair.
  9. Brush your hair well each day to help you remove dirt, pollutants, etc. this will keep it cleaner, and in addition it will stimulate circulation which will increase natural oils. This improves the natural sheen and gets oxygen to the hair and scalp.
  10. Use hot oil treatments, conditioner, and other products that help stimulate the scalp and reduce dandruff or the possibility of dandruff.