Which are the best flat irons and hair straighteners?

flat ironsFlat irons are a must have for any teen girl’s hair tool collection. However, when it comes to flat irons and hair straighteners, there is a wide variety, both in price and material. The following is a look at some of the more popular choices, and some of the best flat irons out there:

FHI Heat Runway:
This is an expensive flat iron that will run you about $300, but it is often worth it as it gives a sleek, smooth look, and only requires you to flat iron the hair once for this look. Many flat irons require several passes through the hair to get the desired look. In addition to giving you a great look quickly, it is made with tourmaline plates, and will last you a long time. You won’t have to replace this flat iron, making it much more affordable.

Hana’s mini flat irons:
These are great flat irons, but are not really what you would want as your primary flat iron; these are smaller, and designed to be used for travel, or for touch-ups when you are on the go. They fit nicely in a purse, and work well with pretty much every hair type and texture. They are made of ceramic and tourmaline plates, and come in blue or pink.

Hai flat iron
These are great for anyone who flat irons their hair daily, and is worried about damage, as these flat irons’ ceramic plates are coated to protect hair from heat. It also offers the big advantage of being hot and ready to go in under 30 seconds, making it a great tool for when you are in a hurry.

The Instyler:
This is a great flat iron for hard to straighten hair, as it is a rotating hot iron that has 4 rows of bristles that act like a brush. The first set of bristles separates hair, then the rotating cylinder smoothes and straightens it. This is great for people with curly hair, or hair that is stubborn.

This is a great flat iron for a teen who has to buy their own beauty products, as this is not considered a professional straightener. It is basic and dependable, and it costs about $30.

These are typically great flat irons. They smooth and straighten hair. They heat quickly, and do not require many pass throughs. In addition, while they typically cost $180, you can pick them up at Costco or Sam’s Club on occasion for about $80.

A great flat iron that smoothes, straightens, and helps your hair look great will be worth the cost simply for the added confidence it can give you in your look. So, while some of the flat irons mentioned above are pricey, they are likely an investment worth making, especially if you flat iron your hair regularly.