High school and why to do it right

student sleeping on booksEverybody knows high school can be a drag.  The whole schedule is set, and students have very little freedom to take the classes they really want to take.  It can be difficult to stay focused on boring school work with all of the other things to do like sporting events, dances, dating, and hanging out with friends.  Even though it can be a drag, doing well in high school is more important than one may think.  Here are a few reasons why doing high school right is important.


The main reason doing high school right is to get into the right college.  Most colleges are very selective about which students they will accept.  The students with low grade point averages and “lounging by the pool” as their only extra-curricular activity will have a hard time getting in where they want to go.  Generally, colleges like to see at least a B+ average with quality extra-curricular activities like student government, athletics, community service, or other leadership activities.

No lie, some colleges accept everyone.  Some of these colleges and universities provide a high quality education.  However, even though students who blow off high school can get accepted to these open enrollment schools, they might not be able to do everything that will be required of them once they are accepted.  By working pretty hard in high school, students prepare themselves for the rigorous workload given in college.


Nobody really wants to pay for college.  The best way to go for free is to get a scholarship.  Committees of people decide who gets what scholarship.  Those committees are generally looking for several important things.  They want to see a high grade point average, leadership experience, and extra-curricular activities.  Don’t worry; most of them do not want to see a high quantity of extra-curricular activities.  There can still be plenty of time to hang out, as long as students stay involved in a quality extra-curricular activity in which they are really involved.


Everybody looks forward to getting out of high school.  Sticking with the boring classes and getting through is important if for nothing else than to get a diploma and graduate with friends.  Dropping out may seem like an easier option, but in reality, getting a diploma will look better on resumes, open up the opportunity to go to college there is interest, and give students the satisfaction of completing a school work marathon.  Most people are in school for 13 years.  To drop out the last year would kind of be a waste of the previous 12 years.


Let’s face it; no one wants to be the dumb one in the room.  Finishing high school is one way to show that a person has the ability to see things through.  High school graduates will also have that diploma to support them as they continue to seek knowledge.  People who finish high school are generally healthier, more confident, and live a more fulfilled life because they have the ability to continue to move forward in their careers.

Getting through high school may seem like a pointless endeavor, especially when grades are low and classes are boring.  It is important to remember that getting through high school has lots of benefits.  It really is worth it.  Just remember that high school leads to college, good grades leads to free money, getting through leads to graduation, and finishing 13 years of school is quite the accomplishment.

What Classes You Should Take

girl flying with the booksSometimes in high school it can be difficult to decide what classes you should take, especially if there are a lot of electives and fun classes that are offered!  Even though it’s always fun to take classes with your friends and your crush, there are a few things to consider before you sign up for your classes.  The most important thing is to make sure that you are taking all of the classes which are required for graduation – you don’t want to be left behind in high school because you didn’t take the required classes!  Check with your school counselor or adviser to make sure you know all of the classes that are required for graduation at your school.  Getting a list of these classes can help in your schedule planning.

Required Classes for Colleges:
Another good idea is to make sure you are taking classes which will look good on college applications.  Most colleges require two years of natural science classes, two years of history/social science, three years of math courses, and four years of English.  Most schools require two years of foreign language credit, but some more competitive schools can require up to three to four years of foreign language.  It is always best to check with potential colleges to see if you are fulfilling their requirements.

Another thing to consider is taking AP or honors classes, which also can look good on a college application.  While deciding what classes you should take, it is also a good idea to plan out your classes for future semesters and years as well.  Even though your interests in electives may change, your basic plan with these required classes probably won’t change much over the school years.

Classes with Friends:
It is always a good idea to make sure that you are taking these important classes for graduation and college requirements before signing up for school electives.  Many of your friends might be required to take these same classes, so check with them if you want to have a friend in class with you!  Sometimes friends make great study buddies, especially in important classes for college and graduation requirements.  Just make sure that you aren’t too chatty with your friends in class though – if you know you won’t be able to stop talking in class to your friends, it might be a better idea to take a different class than them!  Make sure that you take classes with friends that will help you to study and concentrate in class.

Electives: When deciding what electives you should take, there are a lot of things to look at!  First of all, it is a good idea to take classes which you might use in your future career, or possibly something that will relate to your future college experience and degree.  For example, if you are really dedicated to art or music, it is a good idea to be involved with those kinds of classes throughout your time in high school.  Colleges like to see your dedication to certain subjects throughout the different years of your high school.  If you’re serious about something, show that on your college application by taking those classes!  Show colleges what you’re passionate about!

Electives are also a great opportunity to develop your different talents and abilities.  Sometimes you don’t even know you’re good at doing something until you try, so don’t be afraid to sign up for an elective which you think you might be good at.  If you’re planning on trying something new, it’s best to first take the introductory class to the subject and then move on to more advanced classes afterwards.