Why girls love shoes

There are so many different accessories out there that girl’s must have for an outfit. For example girls love jewelry, hair accessories and shoes. Girls love shoes; there are so many different reasons why girls love shoes. If you have ever wondered why girls love shoes here are some reasons why girls love shoes.
The first reason why girls love shoes is because they can make or break and outfit. Girls have to have more than one pair of shoes because they have more than one outfit. Shoes help to add character to a girls outfit by showing what kind of mood they are in. If a girl is in a playful mood they will wear an opened toed shoe or flip flops. But if a girl is in a serious mood, or want to get down to business she will wear pumps, and neutral coloring pumps at that.
The second reason why girls love shoes is because it helps them shoe their personality. If a girl has a more playful personality she will probably have more colorful shoes that will show that she likes to have fun. Where as someone that is more serious will probably have more neutral colored shoes that will go with all of their outfits. Depending on peoples personalities will also depend on the style of shoe they will buy also. People that are more serious and like to be professional all of the time will buy shoes that are the classic colors and the style of shoe will probably be very simple and plain. Where as some one that likes to be comfortable and doesn’t really care about dressing up will wear flip flops or tennis shoes, or just causal slip on.
The third reason why girls love shoe is because shoes are therapeutic. If a girl is having a bad day or is stressed about her weight and life she can buy shoes that will make her feel better. It doesn’t matter if a girl has gained 5 lbs she will still fit into the same size shoe so she is not going to get depressed. Also a new pair of shoes can make a girl feel great because she looks good in her new pair of shoes.
The fourth reason why girls love shoes is because it can make an outfit look completely different by wearing one pair of shoes to another. If a girl feels like she needs a new outfit but cannot find an outfit she likes she can go to plan b and find a new pair of shoes for an outfit she already owns. This will help to make a old outfit look new.
The fifth reason why girls love shoes is because there are so many different choices out there. Sometimes girls get in a rut where all of the clothes look the same or the only clothes they can find don’t fit right or are the wrong color. But with shoes the sky is the limit. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you can never get bored of buy shoes. Plus you can wear shoes for a lot longer than an outfit. Shoes are great because the style of shoes might change a little bit from year to year and of course there will always be new styles coming out. But shoes that girls buy they can wear for more than a year and still get a way with it.
These are all reasons why girls love shoes. Shoes are so fun to buy and to match with different outfits and moods. Why wouldn’t a girl love shoes?