Being gay and how it affects your relationship with straight males

two teensBeing gay and having males friends that are straight can be a complicated matter.  For all the straight males out there, it is kind of like being really close friends with a girl; physical attraction can sometimes get in the way.  However, most gay males would say that the stereo type that gay men cannot help but flirt with their straight male friends is not true.  Nevertheless, many different aspects of a gay-straight friendship must be acknowledged for there to be a strong friendship.


Being outwardly gay has been frowned upon by most religions for hundreds of years.  It has not been until recently that many religions have acknowledged gay relationships.  However, that a acknowledgment has not been with 100% open arms.  Granted, some religions do not have any doctrine against being gay, but religions vary in how much they accept homosexuality.  Depending on the religious beliefs of a straight friend, a gay person might find a large variety of response from their straight friends.  Some might accept them with open arms; some might condemn them, while others may just look past it without actually accepting it.

Physical Attraction

Just like with a straight male and straight female are friends, often a physical attraction may develop.  It is important for gay males and their straight male friends to be on the same page about their feelings.  Gay males should understand that just like with males who make moves on their female friend, a gay male that puts the moves on their straight male friend may risk damaging their relationship.  Even if the straight male is not offended and is really respectful, there is always a small sense of awkwardness about the relationship.  Just like a straight girl might wonder if the guy was such a good friend to her just to get in bed with her, a straight male might wonder the intentions of a gay male’s intentions.

Peer Pressure

The way the majority of a straight male’s friends view homosexuality may unfortunately play a role in how well he can be friends with a gay male.  If a group of friends is homophobic, it is likely that the straight friend will have a hard time continuing to be friends with his gay friend when the group is teasing or making fun of him.  Really, it will come down to the self-confidence of the straight friend.  Luckily, a lot of the younger generation is much more accepting of their friends who are gay.  This is making it much easier for gay males to be friends with straight males.

Being gay can be a struggle.  Gay males must often gain acceptance from family, friends, and strangers.  Friendships that have flourished over many years are strained as gay males try to continue to maintain friendships with their straight male friends.  Depending on the belief system of the straight male, this friendship may continue to flourish, or it may end abruptly.  Gay males and straight males who are friends will have to deal with the physical attraction that the gay male may eventually feel for the straight male.  The straight male will also have to decide how much the friendship means to him as his other friends may not be so accepting.