Up-do hair for formal events

teen with an updoIf you have a formal event coming up, like a school dance, a recital, or something else that requires you to dress up and look your best, you may want to consider and up-do. They have a way of helping your look more formal, and they are usually a great look for a busy night as they will stay in place and look good the whole evening, you don’t have to stress about your hair going flat etc.

The following is a look at up-do hair for formal events:

The first thing you want to do is decide what look you want: smooth and sleek, formal curls, classic, what? Once you decide what you want you can continue to have your hair done by friends, family, or a stylist.

No matter what up-do style you choose, you will want to start with clean dry hair. If you do it while your hair is wet, it will not stay in place as well, and if it is dirty, your hair will not look nearly as nice.

In order to do a proper up-do, you are going to need the following items:

  • Plenty of bobby pins in your hair color
  • A flat iron
  • A Curling iron

Once you have everything ready, try the following steps for an attractive up-do great for your formal occasion:

Part left of center. You are not going to want to part straight down the middle, and parting to the left of center is the most classical, and flattering part.

Create an anchor for your hair. Whether you are going to use curls, or go for a more smooth and sleek look, you are going to need a place to anchor the pins, and a place to pull everything. The best way to create and anchor for your hair is to take pieces from both sides and tie them together and pin into place, so that the create a platform to pin other hair to.

teens at a promPiece by piece, get hair in place, and use a small mist of spray to keep it in place. You will want to use your flat iron on the hair so that it sits just right. Work your way through your hair. You will want to alternate between sections on one side of the head and the other so that your hair is balanced at the end. If you are going for the smooth sleek look you will pin hair under, if you are going for the curled up-do, you will want to use your curling iron, create curls, then pin them in place.

For a really fast up do, consider pulling hair into a mid ponytail, and then use a curling iron and pins to create a nest of curls in the back of your hair.