Winter fitness tactics

As a teenager it is easy to workout in the summer when it is nice outside, when your schedule is a lot freer, and when you and your friends can swim, play a sport or do something outside that is fun and helps you get fit at the same time. When winter comes and it is dark earlier, colder out, and you are in school, sometimes staying fit goes by the wayside. The following are some tactics to help you get and stay fit in the winter, when exercise does not come as easily.

  1. Indoor fun.  One of the reasons people maintain better fitness in the summer is that it is easier, there are always soccer, softball, and volleyball games going. You can jog, skate, hike, run, play, bike, etc. In the winter, the options are more limited, but they do exist. You can play walley ball or racquet ball at a local recreation center. You can play laser tag with friends, which should get you running, etc. There are games and sports that can be done indoors. Or, join an indoor league. There are indoor soccer leagues, and all sort of other indoor sports. So, get involved.
  2. Take advantage of winter. There are certain activities you really can only do in winter, so why not do them? You can be active in the winter, it just takes more clothing. So, strap on your boots, and hit the slopes for snowboarding or skiing, or grab a tube or sled and hike up a hill and ride back down. Walking up a hill over and over to sled is a great workout. If you do not want to climb hills, try ice skating, or snow shoeing, or go for a walk, just be careful not to fall.
  3. Find friends. When workout conditions are not ideal, one of the best ways to get you out the door so that you actually get a workout in is when you go with friends. Fitness is far easier when you have friends to get fit with. A big snow ball fight, or a trip to the indoor pool, or a day walking laps around the indoor mall are all fun ways to get fit with your friends. If you are with other people it is typically more fun, and more motivating.
  4. Get a DVD. There are tons of fun fitness routines that are done by DVD instruction. You can do yoga, pilates, kick boxing, or any number of aerobics, dance, and other routines that all result in great fitness from the comfort of your living room. Use these convenient fitness tapes when it is too cold or uncomfortable to workout outside.
  5. Use commercial breaks, time in class, homework breaks, etc. to keep fitness up. You can get fit by simply dedicating a few minutes a day to fitness. So, tap your toes in class. Do pushups during commercial breaks. Hula hoop before bed, or do some yoga poses when you need a homework break.