Fast and fabulous makeup tips!

Read on for some fast and fabulous makeup tips!

Foundation tips
1.  Find a foundation that matches your coloring.  The closer the better!
2.  If you have a hard time finding the right shade, chose three that you think will work.  Apply the one you think is right to your jawline.  Then put the lighter shade above, and the darker shade underneath.  Whichever one fades into your skin is the color for you!
3.  Keep your loose powder available all the time!  If you feel oily during the day, you can use an oil absorbent powder to get rid of that shine!

Cheek color tips
1.  One of the problems that lots of people have is that their blush makes them look like a clown!  Instead, you want to contour your cheekbones with your blush.  Use a slightly darker shade and apply it from your earlobe down to your mid-cheek.  You can also use lighter colors to highlight.  2.  There are lots of great and cute cream blushers and highlighters that will make you look fresh and dewy.  Experiment!

Eye makeup tips
1.  Choose colors that match your coloring.  Decide whether you want to go natural or dramatic.
2.  Don’t forget that dark colors will bring your features back, and light colors will highlight your eyes!
3.  Apply a light and neutral shade over your entire eyelid.  Think bone or cream.  This will be your base for your work.
4.  Apply the medium shade on your lower eyelid.
5.  You can create more depth by putting the darkest shade in your outer corners of your eyes.  This will make you look dramatic!
6.  A lot of companies sell eyeshadow in combos that put the three shades that you need together.  Look for these to make matching your shades even easier.
7.  Apply your eyeliner by starting at the center of your eye and then working towards your corners.  Move slowly!  Play connect the dots with your eyelashes so that you don’t have any gaps or wiggles in your eyeliner.
8.  When choosing an eyeliner color, go darker.  Try brown, navy, charcoal, or black.  Choose the color that matches your eyeshadow the best.
9.  Don’t forget the mascara!  While almost everyone can pull off black, if you are really light, you should go with a dark brown.  Otherwise you might look a little bit like a clown!
10.  A great way to make your eyes pop is to choose a complementary shade.  So if you have blue eyes, experiment with green eyeshadow!
11.  If you have dark eyes, or even lighter brown eyes, dark eye shadow will make you look smoky and sexy.  It’s a great way to really look extreme!

Tips for your lip color
1.  Choose a lip color that matches your coloring.  If you have cool coloring, you can’t use the same lip color as your friend with reddish skin.  This doesn’t mean you can’t wear red lipstick!  It just means that you need a lipstick with different undertones.
2.  Use a lip brush!  It will help you control your lipstick.  And it’s more fun to put on!
3.  Start by putting foundation or powder over your lips.  This will help your lip color stay on longer.
4.  Don’t forget the lip liner!  Take your time and put it on carefully.  Otherwise you won’t look finished.
5.  Choose a lip liner and a lip color that match each other!  Otherwise you’ll get that strange ring around the mouth look.  Not cool!
6.  Lip gloss is a great way to make your lips look luscious without the hassle of putting on lip stick.  You can also put lip gloss over your lipstick to enhance the color.