Making your family vacation not just bearable, but fun

fun family portraitIf your family has started making plans for your family vacation this year, you may be wondering how you could make it bearable, or even more so, how you will make it fun.

Making your family vacation fun instead of settling for bearable is a good goal to set for yourself. After all, this is your valuable vacation time as well. So why not try to make the best of what is yet to come? Who knows? You might end up having the time of your life.

The most important key to making your family vacation not just bearable, but fun, is to keep a positive outlook on the whole situation. Whether you will be going on a long road trip with your family, or a short airplane ride, a long camping trip, or a few fun filled days of fun in the sun at the beach, keep in mind those you are with. This is your family that will be with you.

Your family is made up of what should be the most important people to you in the whole world. These are the people who truly care about you. They are the ones you are here to love, and who are here to love you back.

What exactly does your family mean to you? Try to reflect and personally answer this question before you go on your family vacation. If it helps, perhaps you should sit down and write a few key things about each one of your family members that express why you love each one of them. This will help you appreciate who they are and pave the way for enjoying the time you spend with them.  It may even be a good idea to pack this list with you on your trip incase you need a little reminder of love when you become a little irritable around your family.  Making this little bit of extra effort twill help you make your family vacation not just bearable but a lot more fun.

Another key thing to do in order to make your family vacation a lot more fun (instead of settling for bearable) is to make sure you take some of your own personal essentials which will allow you some time to be alone. For example, if you are going on a long road trip, or a long camping trip, it would be a great idea to pack your MP3 player or a CD player with some headphones. So, when the time is right, and you need to take some time for yourself, put those headphones in, sit back, and enjoy.  This will help you tune out the background stuff, and help you to relax and reset yourself.

Some other personal essentials you might pack to help make your family vacation not only bearable, but fun, are:

  • Pack a journal. If you don’t already have one, buy one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It only has to be something that has plenty of writing space that will specifically be for your own personal use. Taking a journal will help you vent out all of your frustrations in private when you feel a little agitated, angry, sad, bored, or anything negative.
  • Take a book. Find a book that sounds very interesting to you which you would love to read. Make sure it is something you are very passionate about or something that really peaks your interest. Reading a book is a really good way to take your mind off of things. A good book is like a really good movie. You can become so wrapped up in it that you can forget about all that is going on around you. Reading a book is a great way to take some time out just for you.

The last key thing that will make your family vacation not just bearable, but fun, is to do your research on the place you will be visiting before you head out. Research all of the fun activities which are available for you to enjoy when you arrive at your place of destination. For example, if you are going somewhere with a  lake, maybe you and your family can look into renting some water toys like wave runners, or a boat with some jet skis. Another example is, if your vacation is in a different city, look into nearby places that you would like to visit for some summer fun and entertainment. Places like going to a theme park, or a water park to keep you cool, or shopping at factory outlets are some ideas to help start your mind thinking about possible activities.

All in all, if you keep these three key ideas in mind (have a positive outlook, pack some personal essentials, and research fun activities) you will be certain to not only make your family vacation bearable, but you will turn it into a fun family vacation.