How to tweeze your eyebrows for your face shape.

Knowing how to tweeze your eyebrows for your face shape is the key to having great eyebrows.  Jealous of Jessica Biel’s beautiful brows?  Are you wishing that your brows were as perfectly groomed as Hilary Duff’s?  Well, before you pull out those tweezers and go to town on your own brows, there are some things you need to know about how to create perfectly shaped brows that fit your own face!

While you might think that Angelina Jolie’s brows are to die for, you can’t copy hers unless you have the same face shape she does.  But you can have brows that look just as good, but are great for you!  Just follow these simple steps to figure out what brow shape is right for your face, and how you can have eyebrows like the stars.

1.  Determine your face shape.

Pull back your hair.  It’s time to really look hard at your own face without any hair in the way.  If your face is oval, then your forehead will be wider than your chin.  Your face tapers from your large cheekbones down to your chin, which is oval instead of pointy.

If your face is round, this means that it’s as long as it is high.  Your widest point?  Your cheeks.

If you have a heart-shaped face, this means that you look sort of like Reese Witherspoon.  Like an oval face, your cheekbones are wide, but instead of an oval chin, your chin is pointed.

Square faces have a square jaw—think Gwyneth Paltrow—and you have the same width from your forehead to your cheeks to your jaw.  Nice and strong!

People with long faces have cheekbones that are as wide as your jaw, but your chin can be pretty prominent.

And last, but not least, the diamond face.  Not too many people have this one, but if you do, you have lots of angles, your temples are wide, and your forehead is short.

Now that you’ve figured out what shape your face is, it’s time to move on to your brows!

2.  Determine the brow shape for your face.

The key to tweezing brows that match your face is really the placement of your arch.  Look carefully at your face, and make sure that you don’t tweeze too much!  You can always pull out more hair, but you can’t put your hair back in!

People with oval faces, like Jennifer Aniston, can basically do whatever they want with their eyebrows!  So find your favorite celebrity, look at their brows, and go to town!

What about square faces?  If you have a face like Brooke Shields, then your goal is to have eyebrows that balance your nice jawline.  This means that your eyebrows’ arches should be right about the square of your jaw.  This will make your face look symmetrical.

If you have a round face like Kirsten Dunst, then your eyebrows should have a pretty high arch.  This will make your face look thinner.  Place the center of your eyebrow arch closer to the end of your eyebrow.  The end should be short.  This will make your face look slimmer.

Heart shaped faces, like Reese Witherspoon or Julia Roberts, should try to make their faces look a little rounder and softer.  Try to add some curves to your brow.  This will make your face look a little less pointy.

Diamond shaped face?  Look to Katherine Hepburn for inspiration.  You want a rounder eyebrow.  This will make your face look softer.  Or you can have an emphasized center arch.  This approach will make your face look thinner.

And finally, the long face.  You want to style your eyebrows like Jennifer Love Hewitt, and go with a flatter curve.  This will make your face wider, and it won’t look as long.