“One time my family was moving, so we had a whole bunch of extra “For Sale” signs in my garage.  My friends and I went around at night and stuck “For Sale” signs in our friends’ lawns, so when they woke up in the morning their house was up for sale!”

“We had a lot of extra spaghetti at our house, and it was starting to get old and hard.  My friends and I took the huge bowl and went driving down the street, screaming and throwing spaghetti at people!  We hit some people right in the face!  It was hilarious!”

“My friends and I were watching Billy Madison and thought that the scene with the flaming bags of poop was hilarious!  We wanted to do something like it, so we filled up some paper sacks with chili!  We drove over to my crush’s house, and left a flaming bag of chili on his porch.  We hid in the bushes and watched him try to stamp out the fire.  It was so funny!”

“This girl in my class didn’t like me very much, because I was dating this guy that she liked.  My friends and I took some ketchup and placed it on her chair at school.  She didn’t notice, and the rest of the day people were asking her if it was “that time of the month” for her.  She never found out that it was us that put the ketchup there!”

“I was running for student government, and there was a lot of construction going on at my school at the time.  They were putting in a new soccer field and building a new lunchroom.  When I stood up to give my campaign speech, I said, ‘If I get elected, I promise that I will put in a new soccer field and a new lunchroom in this school!’  I listed off all of the projects that were already being put into place!  It was so hilarious – and I got elected!”

“My boyfriend asked me to prom by putting a wading pool full of water on my front porch.  He then got a frozen fish from the deli and put it outside the wading pool, with a sign that said, ‘I’d be a fish out of water if you didn’t go to prom with me!’  It wasn’t the most romantic way to get asked to prom, but it was so funny!”

“My dad was running for office in our town, so my friends and I wanted to make sure that he won.  We drove around the town and grabbed all of the signs of his opponents off of people’s yards.  We put all of the signs in our garage. My dad found them later and made us give them all back.  But I think that our prank worked – my dad got elected!”

“We grabbed all of my friend’s clothes out of her gym locker and turned them all of them inside-out.  When we got of out of P.E., my friend was in such a hurry that she didn’t even notice that her clothes were inside out!  We let her walk around with inside-out clothes for about an hour before we finally told her!”

“My friends and I went to the mall to check out the guys that were there.  We brought with us my older brother’s belt.  When we saw a cute guy, we would go up to him from behind and say, ‘Did you drop this?’  A lot of guys would actually check to make sure they were still wearing their belt!  They would start talking to us after that, and my friend even met her boyfriend that way!”

“Before we went swimming one day, my friends and I decided to cut a little hole in our friend’s old swimming suit.  She had wanted to buy a new one for a long time, but she hadn’t gotten around to it.  So, we thought that cutting a little hole would help her to finally buy a new suit.  She didn’t notice the hole, and while we were swimming she went down a waterslide.  The hole ripped really wide open on the slide, and we had to grab towels before she could even get out of the water!”

Running for Student Government – How to Get Elected

mic with american debate backgroundDo you want to get more involved in your high school and run for student government?  There are a lot of things that you can do to better your chances of getting elected to student government.  One of the best things that you can do to get ready for election is to become involved in different clubs and activities before running for office.  This way, you can get to show lots of people your leadership skills and potential before even running for office.  These friends and people can help spread the word about your capabilities and reliability – which is a really effective way to campaign!  Make sure that you use as many volunteers and friends as you can to help spread the word that you are running for office.
One thing that can help you to get elected is to have a strong campaign.  Write down all of the ideas that you have about what you will contribute and do for your school after election.  Try to be as original and creative in these ideas as possible so that you will stand out from the other candidates.  If you have to write a speech for your election campaign, write it early so that you can get all of your ideas organized.
It’s also a good idea to get to know your opponents well, and to be familiar with their campaigns.  Without personally attacking your opponents, look at ways of how you can persuasively argue against their ideas and support your own campaign.  Remember, personally attacking your opponent when running for student government is always a bad idea.  If anything, this will reflect more poorly on you than on the person you have attacked.  Always be polite when referring to your opponent.  People always are aware of how opponents treat each other during elections, and candidates can easily win some votes through their politeness and maturity.
Another good idea when you are running for student government is to speak to as many groups of people as possible.  Don’t limit yourself to only speaking to the popular kids at school – talk to everyone that you can! Look for opportunities to speak to different groups of people, like before school, during lunch, P.E., after-school activities or at club meetings.
When making campaign signs and posters for your student government campaign, use catchy phrases or rhymes that will catch the attention of people.  It’s also a good idea to include a picture of yourself on any posters or signs that you have, so that people can recognize you and know who you are.  If you can’t think of any good ideas for your poster, you could ask help from people in an advertising, journalism or creative writing group at your school.  This will not only help you to have catchy and clever posters, but it will also cause people in that group to become excited about your running for office!  Remember, it’s always a good idea to get help from as many volunteers and friends as possible.
If you happen to have a MySpace website page or any other type of website, make sure that it is also included on your campaign posters and banners.  Keep your website page up-to-date with all of your campaign ideas, slogans, and a list of when you will be speaking to groups of people.  Having a website is a great way for you to express your campaign ideas and reach out to lots of people.  Because websites and the internet are so popular, this is a great way for information to spread throughout your school.
Good luck in your running for student government!  Hopefully these tips will help you to get elected and make a difference at your school!