Showing off your curves without looking trashy

blonde  in leather jacketJust because you have boobs, a butt, or a nice curvy figure, does not mean you have to look trashy when showing it off. You can let people see that your body is hot, without letting them see your whole body. So, how can you show off your curves without looking trashy? Try the following:

Wear things that are form fitting.
You can buy clothes with darts, seams, and pieces that are made to cover you up, but still sit right on your body to show that you have curves. Quit hiding behind bulky sweats, wear a nice tailored skirt, a structured jacket, or a nice pair of jeans that actually fit.

The right style and size for your body is important. You may wear a really cute shirt, and on any one else it would look classy, but on you-trashy! Why? Chances are it is the wrong size or style for your body. When you shop, be sure to try on clothes that fit you. Clothes that are made in your correct size will do wonders for showing off your curves without making you look like you are going to pop out of the outfit. Not sure of your size. Most size charts have measurements, so take a long a sewing measuring tape, and measure your bust line, waist, hips, etc.

Blazers, jackets, and structured tops are great for showing off curves without looking trashy.
You can button a blazer that is the right length, and because of the way it is structured it will highlight your chest, and you tiny waist, and really point at the fact that you have a great body, and yet it is a blazer, so unless you aren’t wearing anything under it, no one can say you look trashy. Choose jackets, blazers, and structured tops that go well with jeans and dressier clothes, and be sure to get the right size in the shoulder and arm length.

Skirts. Skirts are a great way to show off shapely legs without looking trashy. That is if you choose the right style and length. For most curvey bodies, a fitting pencil skirt, or a fitted at top, and flow at bottom skirt that hits just below the knee is best. Don’t go too short, that looks trashy. Don’t go too long, it makes you look short.

Tailored clothes. Let’s face it, if your clothes fit right your curves will be noticed, and not for the wrong reasons. So, get your clothes altered to fit you the way they are supposed to.

Layered. Layering is a great way to show off your hot body without looking trashy. If you want to wear the shirt with the plunging neckline that draws attention to your great chest, then pair it with a lacy toped camisole, and you accomplish two things, you are still classy, and you show off your curves.

Do not wear the following:

  • Low cut shirts that make your boobs hang out.
  • High cut skirts or shorts that when you bend over show off a little too much.
  • Too short or shirts that are always showing off your midriff, and back when you bend over or pick things up.
  • Too tight of clothes. If you can see your bra line, your clothes are too tight. This does not show off your curves, it shows off your blemishes. Even super skinny girls look funny if their clothes are too tight.
  • Lycra, cheap, etc. If the clothes you wear look trashy because they are cheap, made of trashy material, etc. you will look trashy.

Sexy versus slutty, where to draw the line

We all want guys and girls to notice us, and most of the time we get that attention through our choice of clothes. Obviously we a want positive attention, but sometimes in our quest for attention, we go over the line. So, how can you know when you look sexy or slutty? Where do you draw the line? If you have ever wondered about this, read on.

The golden rule of looking sexy not slutty-Only show one body part with any outfit.

What do we mean body parts? Well, think of it this way: thighs are shown by wearing a mini skirt or short shorts, cleavage is shown by wearing a low-necked top and the midriff is shown by wearing a short shirt, etc. So, only show one and you are on the way to looking sexy not slutty.

Once you get dressed, look in the mirror and ask yourself: Do I look beautiful or hot? If you lean toward “hot” over beautiful, then you need to change your outfit. There is a subtle difference between beautiful and hot and you need to figure out which one you are. Why? Well, many people can detect that difference, and it is that difference that influences the perception of “Slutty” and “Sexy”.

Another thing to consider is your attitude. Part of being labeled/called a slut versus someone who is sexy, is in the attitude and the actions you take. So if you skip the drama and don’t act spoiled or bitchy you shouldn’t have problems with being called a slut when you occasionally wear cute booty jeans and a cute little top.

Another thing to consider is why you are dressing the way you are. Most of the time girls who dress skimpy do it to get attention because they can’t get it any other way. Dressing like a slut sends messages of insecurity and displays a lack of self confidence. So, when you go to get dressed next time you are going out, ask yourself what message you want to portray.

So, how can you take an outfit from slutty to sexy? Well, for example, if you love to have a little midriff showing or you like skimpy tops, wear a cute blazer, or a cardigan of any sort over the top. This will make your outfit subtle, yet still sexy, and will rid you of the sluttly look you get with those skimpy tops.

Keep it classy. The difference between sluttiness and beauty is just pure class. So, if you want people to think you are sexy and good looking, not slutty, wear classy clothing. Do not wear that three dollar cami with a pair of tight tight jeans.

You can look really great by wearing something that shows off your figure, but not a ton of skin. This does not mean butt tight jeans. It means wear a silk dress that clings in just the right places but still leaves something to the imagination. Give the shadow of what is underneath, don’t just bare it all. If you leave some mystery and excitement, guys will find you more attractive, they will like you for you, and you won’t be an object to have, but a person to get to know.

So, next time you get dressed remember, only one part shows, not too tight, it is all in the attitude, and it is okay to wear something a little revealing, but class it up with a nice cashmere sweater, or a light weight blazer.