Tips for being skilled in the art of flirtation

If you want to hone up your flirtation skills, try these suggestions:
1.    Be funny. A little sass, and some comedy go a long way when you are flirting. You have to act innocently unaware, and part of being a good flirt is making your flirting humorous. Big smiles, lots of laughs, and a little bit of teasing are all part of being skilled at the art of flirtation. You will want people to flock to you because you are you, so do not try too hard, just let things come, but have some snappy comebacks, or some funny lines to bring some attention to yourself.
2.    Touch but don’t cling. If you want to be a good flirt, you will want to make sure that you have physical contact with the person you are flirting with, touch their arm, their hand, or their back when talking to them, but do not cling on them. The girls who are clingy and needy do not come across as a good flirt, they come across as desperate. So, touch is good, too much is desperate. For example, when you meet and shake hands, use your other hand to touch their upper arm. This is just enough extra contact, it shows interest, grabs theirs, but does not look bad.
3.    Be independent. You do not want to need someone else to carry a conversation, or make you feel good about yourself. To be skilled at the art of flirtation, you have to exude confidence and independence. You do not need the attention, and that is why you are going to get it. People notice those who act as if they do not need to be noticed. So, have some swagger in your step, and do not need anyone.
4.    Lean in when you talk. One skill you learn as you get better at flirting is the lean in. If you want to give an air of mystery and seduction, move in close when you talk, this makes every conversation, even the conversation about the great pizza into intimate conversations. So, move in close, do not press your body against his, but get close enough that he starts to wonder what it would be like if you were pressing your body against his. Have a centimeter or two between you. You will want to make sure that if you do this that your breath is good. So, carry some breath freshener, or gum with you so that your flirting skills are not ruined by your dinner being on your breath.
5.    Look feminine. Part of being a great flirt is looking the part. Girls who are good at flirting dress femininely and wear their hair nice, and have their make-up done. So, if you want to be skilled in the art of flirting, you have to dress the part. This does not mean skin tight clothes, low cut shirts, or high skirts or shorts. However, it does mean some well fitted clothes that highlight your figure, but leave something to the imagination. If you look good, you will feel good, and you will be a better flirt.
6.    A good flirt is carefree. You can’t get too serious too fast, this is not good flirting, so keep things light, smile, laugh, and show your fun side. This will make you attractive, and guys will want you to flirt with them. Flirting is supposed to be fun, so make it fun. You can talk about more serious subjects, but take the lighter road, and you will enjoy yourself more, and your skills of flirting will be better.

Tips for talking to girls

boy and girl smilingTalking to girls can be one of the most stressful parts of being a teenage guy.  The thought of being rejected can cause so much fear it paralyzes a guy.  Talking to girls doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.  And believe it or not, being rejected really isn’t as bad as it may seem.  To all the teen guys out there unsure about the best way to talk to girls, here are a few tips.

Cliché Phrases

Everyone has hear the cliché phrases like “are you tired? Cause you’ve been running through my dreams all night long.”  Girls may think these phrases are funny, but if this is the first thing said to a girl ever, it probably won’t work.  Girls do not want to be picked up with a cheap phrase.  Instead, girls want to know a guy is interested in them as a person.  Don’t use the cliché phrases!

Be a Gentleman

While all the other guys are passing out cliché phrases to all the girls, try being a gentleman.  This is a win, win strategy.  If the girl is interested, being a gentleman will show her you’re a man.  If the girl is not interested, then she should have the respect let you down easy.  Compliment her hair, open the door for her, or, if you are good enough friends with her, help her with something.  Even though it seems like girls just want the bad guy, they really want the guy that will treat them right.

Find the Right Girl

Just because a girl is hot, doesn’t mean she is the girl a guy should go after.  If the guy and girl have nothing in common, then even if she is into the guy, it likely won’t work out.  The guy needs to look for the girl that seems to share his interests.  Likely the girls he should be talking to are at all of the events and parties he is at.  Not only will it be easier to talk to someone who shares the same interests, but it is more likely the girl will be interested.

What to Say

What to say will vary depending on the situation.  If a guy is talking to a girl for the first time, maybe a simple “what’s up” is the best way to go.  If a guy tells a girl he is in love with her the first time he meets her, she will likely be freaked out.  Be natural and patient.  Getting a girl may take time.  Say hi for a while, then compliment her on something.  Then strike up a conversation about something.  If the goal is just friendship, being natural is definitely the best way to go.  No one wants a fake friend.  That initial “what’s up” may take guts, but it is the best way to find out right away if a girl is interested.  If she says hi back awesome.  If she give the guy a scuzz, then no need to stress about talking to her again.

Don’t Take it Personal

Sometimes a guy will think getting a certain girl to like them is the only thing in the world that is important.  Really, the guy needs to remember that if a girl isn’t into them, there are others that will be.  Getting in the dating game takes guts and confidence.  Guys shouldn’t let a rejection get to them.  They should just move on and have fun!

Fun and Effective College Prep

girl in a hallwayGetting ready to go to college can be a lot of fun, especially if you plan ahead!  The earlier you start to plan for college, the more effective you’ll be and fun you’ll have.  Then, when the college apps are due, you’ll be able to be stress-free!  There are a lot of fun things that you can do to stand out on a college application and get ready for college.  Here are a couple examples:

Clubs and Activities: Get involved in a lot of clubs and activities at your high school and in your community!  Not only are these fun for socializing and meeting peeps, but you can also strengthen you college app this way.  These activities and interests will show college application reviewers your passions and interests!  If you’re not sure what you’re interested in yet, try out a couple different activities and see what you like best.  There are lots of fun activities that can help you get involved.  After you find what’s most interesting to you, stick with it as long as possible!  Colleges really like to look for applicants that have several years of involvement with clubs and groups.  Plus, if you have a chance for some type of leadership in your club – go for it!  Colleges are always looking for people with leadership skills.

Start Saving Money: Managing and saving your money effectively can actually allow you to have more fun in the future!  Start saving your money as soon as you can by creating a savings account that you won’t touch until after you graduate.  Look into getting a summer, weekend, or after-school job.  If you start early and put at least 10-20% of your paycheck into savings, you’ll still have enough money for shopping fun while you’re still in high school!  Remember though, that the more money you save, the less you’ll be stressed about money when you actually start college.

Start Looking at Different Colleges: Sometimes looking at different colleges is like dating – you have to look around a lot before you can really decide works best for you.  Just like dating, looking at different colleges can be fun!  One effective way to start finding out about colleges is by visiting their websites or visiting their campus.  Start looking early at different colleges to find out what is most interesting to you.  Be sure to look at the admission requirements for colleges too, so that you can get a heads-up on the requirements for applying.

Challenge and Push Yourself: Sometimes challenging yourself can be the most fun and rewarding experience while you prepare for college.  In order to be a competitive applicant, check out what college prep classes are available your school, and take a couple of the courses offered!  The earlier you start, the more effective and prepared you’ll be!  Most colleges require two years of natural science classes, two years of history/social science, three years of math courses, and four years of English.  Look into taking one or two years of foreign language classes too – many colleges also will look for this in your application!  Doing well in these kinds of courses are often very fun and rewarding to the serious college applicant.  Always try to do your very best and study hard to get good grades, but don’t stress too much if your GPA is a little less-than-perfect.  Colleges are looking for applicants that are ready to challenge themselves!

Getting ready for college can be a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun along the way!  Remember, the earlier you start, the more fun you’ll be able to have as you get ready to start college!

Should you play hard to get?

Many girls feel that they should play hard to get. So, the question is, if you are into a guy, should you play hard to get, or not? The answer to that question really depends on what you are looking for.

So, what are you looking for?
1. A relationship?
If you are looking to have a relationship with the guy you are into, then you should play hard to get. At least some. You do not want to play too many games, but you do not want to just lay it all out on the line right away either. So, play hard to get. If you are too easy to get, some of the fun gets lost. So, you lose your appeal before your guy friend has a chance to get to know your opinion, personality, etc. So, if you want to have a chance with the guy, you have to give him a chance to see more to you, and if you lose your appeal before that happens, it will be too difficult.

Most guys want what they can’t have. And, that is the reason that they want it. So, until they find other reasons to want you, you need to play hard to get. So, don’t kiss them for a while, but make sure they know you are interested. Don’t call them. Don’t always return calls right away. You want to show them that they are not all you have going. You have more to your life than them, and you aren’t going to put them first.yet!

When do you stop playing hard to get? If you play hard to get too long, there will be a point when he says, “Ok, I like her, but clearly she does not feel the same because I am not getting anywhere.” So, he will give up. So, if you want him to like you, but not give up, you need to play hard to get just long enough, but not too long. Stop playing hard to get once you have established that he is interested in you, not just the idea of you. How do you know? He has invested some money in you. Calls you. Talks to you in public. Has asked you on a few dates. After he does this, you can stop playing hard to get and let him know you like him as well.

2. A hook up?
If you are looking to get a hook up, then playing hard to get is a terrible idea. When you play hard to get, you take things a little bit slower, not faster. It is the opposite of the result you are looking for. So, when you meet a guy, you can act a little disinterested in order to grab his attention, and get interest in you. But once you have his attention, drop the act. Playing hard to get when you are looking for a hook up is an oxymoron, so know when to use the playing it hard to get card, and when to just get some.

3. A few dates?
If you are not looking for anything serious, you just want to date some and have some fun, then playing hard to get is a joke. You don’t be easy, but don’t be hard either. You need to be approachable. Be just hard enough to get their attention and be desirable (most guys want what they can’t easily have), but don’t be to big of a challenge, or they might chicken out. So, let them approach you, make them call, but take their calls, and go out with them when they ask. Or, be upfront with them at the beginning. Tell them that you would like to hang out, but you aren’t looking for anything else.