Choosing products that give you beauty benefits and jaw-dropping results

Choosing products that give you beauty benefits and jaw-dropping results

Often times jaw-dropping results are achieved by a new hair cut, a new outfit or using really effective skin care.  Always choose products that compliment your skin tone, with quality ingredients.

A good moisturizer is key to healthy looking skin.  Your facial moisturizer should contain retinal, which comes from Vitamin A, to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Also make sure the moisturizer is oil and fragrance free.  You should also use a moisturizer with SPF 15 for daytime use to help stop the damaging effects of the sun.  If your skin is moisturized properly, your make up, when applied goes on much smoother and blends nicer than if your skin is dry and flaky.  Dry and flaky skin can cause your makeup to go on very uneven.

Mineral makeup is the most exciting way to create a sheer glowing complexion and create a soft even color. Make sure that you choose a color that compliments you skin tone.  Mineral foundations are great for evening skin tones, covering freckles, blemishes and age spots.  They are also great for helping to hide the dark circles under your eyes, and making large pores disappear.

The best lipsticks are the ones that last, have the right colors, and are made with quality ingredients.  These lipsticks don’t only change the color of your lips but they are healthy for you lips as well.  Helping to keep your lips moisturized, smooth and soft is key to having beautiful lips.   If your lips are cracked and dry your lipstick will go on unevenly and it will also fade faster.  Even the smallest cracks around your lips will cause your lipstick to bleed.  Use a soothing lip treatment with sweet marjoram, lavender, and tarragon, which promote healing and also provides a smooth base for your lipstick.  With soft lips your lipstick will look and feel better than ever.  You should always carefully choose lipstick colors.  To do this you need to first find out if your skin tones are “warm” or “cool”.   If you are “warm” then the undertone of your skin is yellowish, if you are “cool” then the undertone is bluish.  Everyone is either “warm” or “cool”.  The warm colors tend to be earthy, such as coral, amber, brown, and brick red, sandalwood, taupe.  The “cool” colors tend to have names associated with berries, such as pink, raspberry, cherry, lavender, plum, rose, strawberry, and mauve.  Carefully choosing colors that are right for you can definitely cause jaw-dropping results.

Choosing the proper eye makeup is very important.  Remember you want to accentuate your eyes not cover them up.  Also knowing how to apply your eye makeup is very important for that jaw-dropping effect.   Make sure that you get the right color for your skin.  A small amount of glitter around the eyes will always turn a head or two.  Make sure when purchasing that glitter you get one that is for eyes and is hypoallergenic.

Adding some layers to your hair can definitely make a difference.  Pick a haircut that is right for the shape of your face and body.  Having the right haircut is very important.  If you have had the wrong haircut for your face and body shape, the right one can really get jaw-dropping reactions from friends and family.   The same applies to hair color, go darker maybe add some red or blonde highlights.   Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, or maybe just bring out the natural highlights in your own hair color.  Color is always fun to play around with and can also give you a very different look than what you are use to.

Becoming A Better Friend

Do you long to become a better friend? Have you seen other people in your life develop friendships that last for their entire lives? If you have the hope and desire to make friends that will be with you through your entire life, you need to learn how to become a better friend. Becoming a better friend is a self-determination that you need to follow through. You must be able to learn how to reach out to other people and to be the type of friend that you would like to have in order to get other people to respond to you. Becoming a better friend can come down to many different factors but here are some of the key elements that can help you to become a better friend.


A good friend is one that knows how to listen. You do not always want to be the friend that is talking all the time. You have to start listening and getting your friends to see that you are a great person to vent to and a person that really does care. When you learn to listen, your friends will be able to appreciate you more and they will realize that you are always kind and thoughtful in your listening abilities.


What is a great way to show a person that you care about them? Pay them a compliment! A good friend is one that can recognize things about their friends. You will notice when they get a haircut or when they look nice. It is a good idea to focus on giving a nice compliment to your friends in order to see them flourish and to love being around you. Compliments are great ways to let people know that you do notice them, and we all want to be noticed right?

Thank Them

A great way to become a good friend is by taking the time to tell your friends that you appreciate having them in your life. Teen girls need to have good friends to help them through the ups and downs of the teen years. Make sure you are thanking your friends that always stand by you and always support you no matter what. Having a good support group is one of the best things to have as a teen and you need to be there for your friends in the same way they are there for you.

Give them attention

When they are talking or when you are hanging out with your friends, do you give them attention? It is important that you give them your eye contact when they are talking and that you are present with your friends. You need to give them the attention that they need and crave. If you are always on your cell phone and playing on your iPod when they are talking, you are not offering them the type of attention they need and deserve.

Be available

It is common to have a lot of things get in the way in life and can cause you to become busy. When you are too busy for your friends, you may notice that your relationships start to fade. You need to make time for your friends and to be available for them if you hope to have strong relationships with them for the rest of your life. Try to plan nights where you can hang out with them. If you are busy, consider getting together to do your homework together. It’s the little ways that you get together and hang out that will have an impact on your friendship for many years to come.

Activities To Build Up Self Esteem

Do you worry about your teen girl? Does it seem like she goes through waves of loving herself and then despising herself? You need to be able to help your teen girl have self esteem and to find ways in which you can help her see just how  special and important she is. Leaning to love yourself is not always an easy thing for a lot of people but you need to take the time to do this in order to be able to have others respect and admire you. Without self esteem you may struggle with a lot of things in life and you may never have the confidence you need to apply towards getting a job in the future or even finding people to date that will respect you. Believing in yourself and learning how to build high self esteem is a process and it’s something that needs to be done daily. How can you help your teen girl to work on her self esteem so she will have confidence in her abilities?

Remember what it was like to be a teenager! There are so many pressures placed on teens that it can be hard to stay positive. When they have issues that they are facing and then struggling to make friends or to find a certain niche that they can fit into,  you will see that your teen girl is going to feel pretty worn out a lot! The teen years are full of a lot of growth and confusion and you need to be able to really work on helping your teen to learn how to have self esteem and to help her move forward in the face of hardships and other challenges that she has to deal with. Here are some great tips that will allow you to help you teen in building up her self esteem:

  1. Word of affirmation. Each day you should plan on telling your teen things about her that you admire and love. When she is getting positive motivation and compliments from the people that love her, it can help her to grow. Your teen may start to believe in herself more as you tell her just how special and significant she really is.
  2. Help her to take care of her body. Teen girls will place a lot of emphasis on the way that they look. Make sure she knows that she is beautiful and that she doesn’t need to be a certain size or look a certain way to be considered beautiful. You need to help her take care of her body and teach her proper tips on how to wash her skin, do her hair, and to wear makeup. Having the right balance of these things can give her more confidence in her appearance.
  3. Always help your teen to make friends. She needs to have friends in her life to have a good support group and to have people around that she can enjoy being around. Friends can help to build up her self esteem as they will empower her with other compliments and things as well. Good friends love and accept each other for who they are, no matter what situations happen and what type of different quirks they have that make them unique.
  4. Daily coaching. As a parent you need to plan on spending time with your teen and telling her amazing things about herself. Encourage her to spend time in front of the mirror and to repeat back to herself some of the things that she really likes about herself. As she starts to see how amazing she is, she can easily build up her confidence level.

Tips for talking to girls

boy talking to unhappy girlTalking to girls can be one of the most stressful parts of being a teenage guy.  The thought of being rejected can cause so much fear it paralyzes a guy.  Talking to girls doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.  And believe it or not, being rejected really isn’t as bad as it may seem.  To all the guys out there unsure about the best way to talk to girls, here are a few tips.

Cliché Phrases

Everyone has hear the cliché phrases like “are you tired? Cause you’ve been running through my dreams all night long.”  Girls may think these phrases are funny, but if this is the first thing said to a girl ever, it probably won’t work.  Girls do not want to be picked up with a cheap phrase.  Instead, girls want to know a guy is interested in them as a person.  Don’t use them!

Be a Gentleman

While all the other guys are passing out cliché phrases to all the girls, try being a gentleman.  This is a win, win strategy.  If the girl is interested, being a gentleman will show her you’re a man.  If the girl is not interested, then she should have the respect let you down easy.  Compliment her hair, open the door for her, or, if you are good enough friends with her, help her with something.  Even though it seems like girls just want the bad guy, they really want the guy that will treat them right.

Find the Right Girl

Just because a girl is hot, doesn’t mean she is the girl a guy should go after.  If the guy and girl have nothing in common, then even if she is into the guy, it likely won’t work out.  The guy needs to look for the girl that seems to share his interests.  Likely the girls he should be talking to are at all of the events and parties he is at.  Not only will it be easier to talk to someone who shares the same interests, but it is more likely the girl will be interested.

What to Say

What to say will vary depending on the situation.  If a guy is talking to a girl for the first time, maybe a simple “what’s up” is the best way to go.  If a guy tells a girl he is in love with her the first time he meets her, she will likely be freaked out.  Be natural and patient.  Getting a girl to fall for you may take time.  Say hi for a while, then compliment her on something.  Then strike up a conversation about something.  If the goal is just friendship, being natural is definitely the best way to go.  No one wants a fake friend.  That initial “what’s up” may take guts, but it is the best way to find out right away if a girl is interested.  If she says hi back awesome.  If she give the guy a scuzz, then no need to stress about talking to her again.

Don’t Take it Personal

Sometimes a guy will think getting a certain girl to like them is the only thing in the world that is important.  Really, the guy needs to remember that if a girl isn’t into them, there are others that will be.  Getting in the dating game takes guts and confidence.  Guys shouldn’t let a rejection get to them.  They should just move on and have fun!