Fashion rules every teen should follow

Fashion is a great way to express who you are through your clothing and accessory choice. It is something you should pick and enjoy, however there are some basic rules that should be followed when it comes to fashion. The rules and explanations are below:

Rule one: Follow trends, but do it in moderation.

Trends are a lot of fun, and are great in moderation, but you will go broke, and be a fashion disaster if you follow too many.  So, pick a couple each season that you can stick with, and that have the potential to be used again even if the trend goes out fast. For example, solids stay in longer than prints do, and go with more things, making them an easier pick. Just remember, trends come and go, so choose one or two and enjoy them for the season, but don’t revamp your entire wardrobe each time a trend changes.

Rule two: Don’t ditch the trend just because it goes out, things have a way of coming and going, so if you invest a great deal in a trend, hang on to it, as there is a good chance it will be back, or at least a similar trend will start sooner than you know. Never spend more than you care to lose if the trend dies out too soon.

Rule three: Pay a lot for your core pieces, and get the rest of your stuff at chain and discount stores, as you will save a lot, and in the long run, you will be glad you paid $15 for your t-shirt, not $75. The core pieces that may be worth going designer on include things like a pair of jeans, a pair of khaki’s or black slacks, a white shirt, a black shirt, a jacket, a few basic pairs of shoes.

Rule four: This is probably the most important rule of fashion, and it is to only buy stuff you love. You are wasting your money if you buy something because it is on sale, because someone else thinks it looks cute on you, or because it is a popular look for the time being. but you don’t actually like it. That means it will sit in your closet, not being worn, wasted money.

Rule five: Keep trying. Getting good style is a learned skill, and if you do not have it yet, do not stress it, you will likely have it soon. Sometimes it takes finding your groove, deciding what you really like, and trying out a few different styles before you figure out what works for you, and most importantly, what doesn’t.

These are just some simple rules, but they really all boil down to one thing—it is your clothes, your life, and your style, so just have fun. If you are too stressed about making a certain trend, or looking a certain way, you will never enjoy the benefits that good fashion can bring into your life as a teen.


“One time my family was moving, so we had a whole bunch of extra “For Sale” signs in my garage.  My friends and I went around at night and stuck “For Sale” signs in our friends’ lawns, so when they woke up in the morning their house was up for sale!”

“We had a lot of extra spaghetti at our house, and it was starting to get old and hard.  My friends and I took the huge bowl and went driving down the street, screaming and throwing spaghetti at people!  We hit some people right in the face!  It was hilarious!”

“My friends and I were watching Billy Madison and thought that the scene with the flaming bags of poop was hilarious!  We wanted to do something like it, so we filled up some paper sacks with chili!  We drove over to my crush’s house, and left a flaming bag of chili on his porch.  We hid in the bushes and watched him try to stamp out the fire.  It was so funny!”

“This girl in my class didn’t like me very much, because I was dating this guy that she liked.  My friends and I took some ketchup and placed it on her chair at school.  She didn’t notice, and the rest of the day people were asking her if it was “that time of the month” for her.  She never found out that it was us that put the ketchup there!”

“I was running for student government, and there was a lot of construction going on at my school at the time.  They were putting in a new soccer field and building a new lunchroom.  When I stood up to give my campaign speech, I said, ‘If I get elected, I promise that I will put in a new soccer field and a new lunchroom in this school!’  I listed off all of the projects that were already being put into place!  It was so hilarious – and I got elected!”

“My boyfriend asked me to prom by putting a wading pool full of water on my front porch.  He then got a frozen fish from the deli and put it outside the wading pool, with a sign that said, ‘I’d be a fish out of water if you didn’t go to prom with me!’  It wasn’t the most romantic way to get asked to prom, but it was so funny!”

“My dad was running for office in our town, so my friends and I wanted to make sure that he won.  We drove around the town and grabbed all of the signs of his opponents off of people’s yards.  We put all of the signs in our garage. My dad found them later and made us give them all back.  But I think that our prank worked – my dad got elected!”

“We grabbed all of my friend’s clothes out of her gym locker and turned them all of them inside-out.  When we got of out of P.E., my friend was in such a hurry that she didn’t even notice that her clothes were inside out!  We let her walk around with inside-out clothes for about an hour before we finally told her!”

“My friends and I went to the mall to check out the guys that were there.  We brought with us my older brother’s belt.  When we saw a cute guy, we would go up to him from behind and say, ‘Did you drop this?’  A lot of guys would actually check to make sure they were still wearing their belt!  They would start talking to us after that, and my friend even met her boyfriend that way!”

“Before we went swimming one day, my friends and I decided to cut a little hole in our friend’s old swimming suit.  She had wanted to buy a new one for a long time, but she hadn’t gotten around to it.  So, we thought that cutting a little hole would help her to finally buy a new suit.  She didn’t notice the hole, and while we were swimming she went down a waterslide.  The hole ripped really wide open on the slide, and we had to grab towels before she could even get out of the water!”

Hot brands for the stylin’ teen

styling hot teenEvery teen has got to send out the right vibe by looking the right part.  Nothing says more about you than the brand you wear from make up to shoes we’ve got you covered.  Image says it all, so read up on all the hot brands for the stylin’ teen.

Make up

Cover Girl is always a hot classic in the world of make up.  Even the make up artists on hit shows use Cover Girl mascara.  And what’s not to love?  Their mascara has always been a hit.  Not to mention their powder and liquid foundations are the bomb.  Oh, and their nail polish is to die for.  They’ve got all the most glamorous shades and shines.  So when it comes to make up, easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl wins out for the smokin’ hot brand.


American Eagle has always been a top contender in the world of stylin’ teens.  They’ve got great selection and they’re always on top of the latest style trends.  They are easy to find in any local mall too.

Nobody says SEXY like Victoria’s Secret – HELLO!  This is totally the place to get all the bras and underwear a girl could need.  Victoria’s Secret is not a secret any more, it is totally a hot brand for stylin’ teens.  Why would anyone buy a bra from anyone else?

For the Gothic spirit, head straight to Hot Topic at a mall near you.  These stores are easy to access and they have a great stuff.  They’ve also got a killer website, so save the feets and do some shopping online!

In the world of department stores, Macy’s is always a good bet.  They’ve got some killer brands that have a great look.  Macy’s is always good at keeping up with the latest trends as well.  Some fav brands at the Macy’s near you are Rampage, Roxy, and XOXO.  Oh, and Macy’s totally has the hot styles from the JLO line; can we say sexy?

Jeans have always been in a world all their own.  They’re our favorite thing to wear, and so they naturally get lots of attention.  Smokin’ hot brands in the world of jeans aren’t hard to find.  The list includes Gap’s Slim Fit Jeans, Levi’s Superlows, and Weathervane’s 16 Series.


Shoes, shoes, shoes, we love to hate them!  They take up so much room in the closet, but they are so dang cute!  And they can really make an outfit a hit.  When it comes to styling and sleek, check out the heels from Chinese Laundry.  These guys got it goin’ on.  If its sneakers you’re in need of, Etnies are always a hot buy.  Rampage footwear often has hot styles for any look.  And then there’s always the classic standbys Addidas or Nike for running gear!

Hair Care

Last but not least, when it comes to hair care all brands are NOT created equal!  So be sure to find the best brands to do your do.  If your hair tends towards the dry side, find some moisturizing shampoos like Swiss Formula Papaya Shampoo plus conditioner or Logics Remoisturizing Shampoo.

Limp, lifeless hair definitely needs a boost, but don’t over do it with too much goo.  Just use the right amount of something like L’Oreal’s Nature’s Therapy Mega Volume Instant Root Lifter.  Hello!  That’s a mouthful!

When it comes to hair color, check out Clairol Radiance Colorgloss.  This dye is to die for!  A semi-permanent coloring system with no ammonia makes for great color on your great locks.

Be sure to be stylin’ by checking out these brands for shoes, clothes, hair care, make up, and the works!

Showing off your curves without looking trashy

blonde  in leather jacketJust because you have boobs, a butt, or a nice curvy figure, does not mean you have to look trashy when showing it off. You can let people see that your body is hot, without letting them see your whole body. So, how can you show off your curves without looking trashy? Try the following:

Wear things that are form fitting.
You can buy clothes with darts, seams, and pieces that are made to cover you up, but still sit right on your body to show that you have curves. Quit hiding behind bulky sweats, wear a nice tailored skirt, a structured jacket, or a nice pair of jeans that actually fit.

The right style and size for your body is important. You may wear a really cute shirt, and on any one else it would look classy, but on you-trashy! Why? Chances are it is the wrong size or style for your body. When you shop, be sure to try on clothes that fit you. Clothes that are made in your correct size will do wonders for showing off your curves without making you look like you are going to pop out of the outfit. Not sure of your size. Most size charts have measurements, so take a long a sewing measuring tape, and measure your bust line, waist, hips, etc.

Blazers, jackets, and structured tops are great for showing off curves without looking trashy.
You can button a blazer that is the right length, and because of the way it is structured it will highlight your chest, and you tiny waist, and really point at the fact that you have a great body, and yet it is a blazer, so unless you aren’t wearing anything under it, no one can say you look trashy. Choose jackets, blazers, and structured tops that go well with jeans and dressier clothes, and be sure to get the right size in the shoulder and arm length.

Skirts. Skirts are a great way to show off shapely legs without looking trashy. That is if you choose the right style and length. For most curvey bodies, a fitting pencil skirt, or a fitted at top, and flow at bottom skirt that hits just below the knee is best. Don’t go too short, that looks trashy. Don’t go too long, it makes you look short.

Tailored clothes. Let’s face it, if your clothes fit right your curves will be noticed, and not for the wrong reasons. So, get your clothes altered to fit you the way they are supposed to.

Layered. Layering is a great way to show off your hot body without looking trashy. If you want to wear the shirt with the plunging neckline that draws attention to your great chest, then pair it with a lacy toped camisole, and you accomplish two things, you are still classy, and you show off your curves.

Do not wear the following:

  • Low cut shirts that make your boobs hang out.
  • High cut skirts or shorts that when you bend over show off a little too much.
  • Too short or shirts that are always showing off your midriff, and back when you bend over or pick things up.
  • Too tight of clothes. If you can see your bra line, your clothes are too tight. This does not show off your curves, it shows off your blemishes. Even super skinny girls look funny if their clothes are too tight.
  • Lycra, cheap, etc. If the clothes you wear look trashy because they are cheap, made of trashy material, etc. you will look trashy.

Top 5 items you have to have in your closet

You can make any event in style if you have these 5 items in your closet:

  1. A good pair of dress pants, preferably black. These are great because you can wear them to just about anything, a funeral, a night on the town, a day at school, or even a party. Or, if you have a job, wear them there too. Black pants are so universal, you can dress them up with a nice blouse, or dress them down with a jean jacket. The point is, you can take your look from day casual to night dressy in a matter of seconds if you have a great pair of black pants. Just make sure you keep them in good color and that they are cleaned properly.
  2. A sassy skirt, mid calf length. This is the perfect length for a skirt because it works all year round. You will want to get a skirt that looks good with a variety of styles and colors of shirts and shoes, one that flatters your body, and one that can be classy, fun, and dressy or casual. How do you get all of this out of one skirt? Well, try a pencil skirt. Wear a nice cardigan with it and you are set for church or even a wedding, wear it with a little tank and some flip flops and you could be heading to the mall.
  3. A great little sweater. Sweaters are great for your wardrobe because they keep you warm if it is hilly, they add layers which is very stylish, and they also make you look more dressed up with some ease. A sweater is also a great way to wear a cami or tank without looking trashy. So, have a great plain sweater in your closet so you can compliment, layer, and keep weather appropriate.
  4. A white camisole. Do you have any shirts that are too short? How about a low cut front? A white camisole is great because it really expands your ability to wear clothes. You can simply stick it on under a v-neck shirt for a layered and modest look, or wear it under a great cardigan for a casual classy look. A white tank or camisole is one of the most essential articles in a girl’s wardrobe, so if you have nothing else on this list, make sure you get a white camisole.
  5. A pair of dark jeans. Dark jeans are slimming, can look dressy if they need to, and since they are jeans, they are hip and fun. So, get a great pair of jeans that fit your body right, that you feel good in, that are fun, and wear them. You can wear them with a blazer for a more formal night out, or with a tank or tee for a day at the beach or out with friends at the ball game. Jeans are so versatile, and comfortable, so make sure that you get a pair, and the darker denim is best because it looks nicer when you need to be, or want to look at little more dressed up.

Of course there are other things you can have in your wardrobe, and it is important to have fun accessories, shoes, bags, and jewelry to compliment all of the above items. It is also important to incorporate in some color, but as your staples, the above five items can’t steer you wrong.

Staying trendy without breaking the bank

The following are some tips for staying trendy without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy staples: when you buy clothes make sure the money you spend is not worthless by making sure that the clothes you buy will stay in style. Buy staples first, like jeans, black pants, plain skirts, and solid colored shirts of common materials, a great blazer, trench, and some sweaters.
  2. Longevity: think longevity when buying clothes. You will spend more per item, but less long term because you will buy higher quality clothes. Also think longevity in terms of cut and color, will you like it a few months down the road, or are you impulse shopping?
  3. Base: when you want to be trendy, you start with a base to your outfit. This is like a plain black skirt, or jeans and a t-shirt, and you dress it up from there with accessories. So, make sure you have the right kinds of clothes for starting your base. These are like your staples, and do not have to be super expensive. You can find a great white shirt at Target for under $10.
  4. Fun: part of staying trendy is keeping your clothes fun. So, get the classic cuts and styles, but integrate in some fun colors, bright reds, pinks, greens, and yellows are sure to make even a boring, outdated look more trendy and fun.
  5. Accessorize: the best way to be trendy without breaking the bank is to be trendy not with your clothes as much as with your accessories. Buy the chunk jewelry, the big hobo bags, and the fun colorful headbands, and wear them with the jeans you have had forever, and a plain shirt. No one will notice that your base clothes aren’t as trendy.
  6. Bags: handbags, clutches, wrist-lets, hobos, over the shoulder, satchel, you name it, bags are in, and it is great! Bags are so handy. They hold all of your stuff, and they spice up your outfit and make it look much trendier. So, invest in a collection of bags, and simply wear your staples with a new fun or colorful bag. Bags can be pricey, but you can find good deals, and you will be able to buy less clothes, so you save.
  7. Shoes: make yourself more trendy by wearing the newest line of shoes. Shoes are great for looking in style without breaking the bank. Go to Payless during BOGO and get a couple of pairs. Make sure you have some variety, but never spend money on shoes you won’t wear regularly, or shoes that hurt your feet.
  8. Earrings: this is an accessory, but the style of earrings changes frequently, so choose to buy new earrings instead of whole new outfits.
  9. Buy quality, not quantity: one mistake most girls make is that they buy a bunch of cheaper clothes that are in style now. But, they do not last, they go out of style fast, and what do you have? A whole bunch of out of style, or worn and ragged clothes. So, instead buy a few quality pieces that will stay in style, and add to them with accessories, belts, jewelry, etc.
  10. Trade clothes with friends and bargain shop: you can stay stylish and not break the bank by trading clothes, and looking for great deals. If you update your wardrobe only once or twice a year, get a credit card for the store, and get the 20% off, and then pay it off, cut it up, cancel it, and toss it. You save 20% and you don’t have the temptation to over spend.

Modesty and style can they be compatible

Yes, it is possible to be both modest and fashionable at the same time. In fact, there are a number of companies that have emerged in recent years just for that reasons. You can find any one of these to be not only really cute and in style, but also modest as well. With longer shirts, higher neck lines, longer skirts, etc. the following five clothing companies are sure to please:

  • Modbe
  • Layers
  • ModBod
  • Undertease
  • Shade

However, you do not have to buy clothes from those five stores to have modest and stylish clothing. The following are some tips for how you can be stylish while maintain a modest wardrobe and appearance:

  1. Have fun with different fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, etc., you can mix and match these to add depth to your outfits and look great while being modest.  You can also have a lot of fun with colors, different colors such as peach, greens, etc. come into season and style during certain parts of the year. With so many combos, you can come up with many modest ensembles. Play with different shapes, you have form fitting dresses, bag like, boxy, etc. Have fun with your clothes.
  2. 2.    Layers are a fun way to make your outfit better, more modest, and more stylish too… with jackets, tanks and tees, whatever you like or have, you can layer your clothes. This is super popular right now, and a great way to make your clothes look more pulled together, like an outfit!
  3. Buy some new clothes every now and then to mix in with your older clothes. You don’t need to go crazy on the clothes, but make sure you have enough clothes for the school year. Also, remember, if the clothes are modest, and classic, you can make them more stylish with accessories, and they will be clothes you will want to wear for several years, or until they don’t fit. So, in the long run you will spend far less on clothes, and still be modest and modern.
  4. If you have a favorite store and find that most of the clothes they have in store are immodest, you can look at their website. You will be able to see what clothes are the most stylish, because they are new, and you will also be able to look into their clearance and find items that are modest, or you can look on the newer sections of the site, but limit your viewing to the modest clothes. This way you won’t be as distracted by the immodest wear.
  5. If you have a small budget to work with, but want to update your wardrobe and stay modest, try Kohl’s, Target, or even Walmart! Kohl’s is best with clothes, and Target is best with shoes. Walmart is pretty cheap with everything, and has great jewelry and accessories.
  6. To stay modern while being modest, dress modestly, and modernize your outfit or make it more stylish with cute shoes. You can get shoes with studs, sequins, beading, metallic, strappy, heels, flats, etc. Have fun with your shoes, and update those more often, but keep staple modest pieces as your clothes, like white, black, brown, a great skirt, a great blazer, and of course, a great trench. Also, stock up on cardigans and sweaters. These are stylish, and can take a cute immodest tank, and turn it into a great modest outfit.
  7. Also, if you are trying to be modest, and you wear something over a tank, make sure it is comfortable and weather appropriate so that you are not tempted to take it off.

Making it an outfit, how to pull your bits and pieces together

Having that together look is easy when you know how to pull your bits and pieces together to make an outfit. Each day dress in outfits, not just clothes, and you will feel more confident about yourself and your appearance. So, to pull an outfit together, do the following:

  1. Choose the main parts of the outfit like the shirt or blouse, jeans, suit, pants or whatever. It does not matter what you wear, just wear what you like, so if you are a blue jeans kind of girl, grab your jeans, and your tee shirt, or whatever. You have to start somewhere to make an outfit, so start with what you have.
  2. Next, you want to make it look like a true outfit by layering. Layering is also a great way to make a dressier shirt, or dressy pair of pants look more casual. So, use a cropped jacket or a funky hoodie or just a blouse, two tees, whatever, and layer away. It is fun to wear blazers, but you can dress them down by wearing them over a hooded sweater and a little cami. Have fun and be creative with your layering.
  3. Next, get the shoes right. Shoes make a huge difference in whether your outfit looks pieced or pulled together. So, choose shoes to go with your outfit. You will want to think about comfort. So, for example, if you are going to be at school all day, stiletto heels are probably not a great idea, but cute flats with a flower may be a better options. Go for bold colors and fun prints, and match them with plain shirts
  4. Next…Accessories! This is the fun part, and the part that matters the most. Without the accessories your outfit won’t be complete. So, have a good time and choose funky beads, vintage chokers, layered silver necklaces, dangling earrings or headbands, but don’t over accessorize with jewelry. Then get a great handbag or purse, one with a little snaz won’t hurt. Your handbag and accessories can match your shoes, or be totally separate, but work wonders for pulling an outfit together.
  5. If you want to really make yourself and your outfit stand out, try adding some sparkle or snaz to your hair. Even if you wear your hair up in a ponytail, use a cute holder with a flower, or wear a colorful cloth headband. This will make it look like you put a lot of thought and effort into your hair, even though you didn’t.
  6. Don’t over accessorize. Ok, so I have said it before, but it is super key not to over accessorize. If you want your bits and pieces to look pulled together, use only a few key pieces or accessories. If you want to look like a jumbled, cluttered mess, then accessorize all you want. A big piece of jewelry, earrings, some bangles, and a hand bag are plenty.
  7. One thing you have to understand is that when you dress inappropriately, like wearing bad words on shirts, or exposing your body parts we shouldn’t see, then instead of looking pulled together, you look trashy. So keep it classy and your outfit will look much better.
  8. Be yourself, and be confident in what you wear. If you want people to look at your outfit and know you are a person who is going good places in life, and someone who is talented, fun, and great to be around, it won’t matter what you wear as much as how you wear it. So, pull your bits and pieces together by having confidence in your matter what it is.

How to get POSITIVE attention through your fashion choices

In girl world, fashion rules supreme. We all have a fashion icon, someone we could dress like, and be like. We all wish we were better at pulling off outfits that get great positive attention. Well you can. How can you get positive attention through your fashion choices?

  1. Dress well. This means be consistent in your style and taste of clothes, and do things that make people look at you and say, “She dresses well.” These things are matching your shoes to your outfit, choosing great accessories like handbags and purses that are fun and go with your clothes. Layering your shirts is another way to make people feel you dress well, and wear cardigans, sweaters, and blazers to make your outfits look planned and put together. You should also add good jewelry and earrings. People who dress up their outfits with accessories, and who make plan and simple look great, get positive attention.
  2. Go for classic looks. This means that unless you are unique and create your own style and fashion, do not follow the trends too closely. You can certainly use accessories to give your outfits a more trendy look, but stick with classic good clothes and fashion styles, like jeans, white, black, and fitted skirts etc. If you stray too far, you may get attention, but it is not necessarily going to be positive attention.
  3. Stylish clothes. Huh? Isn’t that the point? It is, but it is important to know that when you wear stylish clothes you get positive attention because of your fashion choices. Wearing the newest and hottest items from classy or top of the line stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. will keep you stylish, and get you noticed for all the right reasons.
  4. Conservative. Dressing conservatively is an important part of getting positive attention through your fashion choices. If you have great legs, by all means show them off, but not with a mini-skirt, try a pencil skirt, or a fitted through the hips skirt that flares at the bottom and hits just below the knee. If you have a great chest, wear a cute camisole, but wear a sweater buttoned on top of it with just a little glance peeking through. If you look good enough to get noticed, but leave something for the imagination, you will get positive attention, and not because your breast is hanging out.
  5. Well tailored clothing is a great way to get positive attention through your fashion choices. Your clothes should all look like they were made just for you. There is no reason to wear something that does not fit right. So, get pants hemmed, get jackets altered, have your clothes tailored so that they fit right, and you will be surprised the response you get. A perfectly fitting blazer can really get you a lot of positive attention, but the same blazer that is ill fitting will make you look sloppy.

Things not to do when looking for positive attention through fashion choices:

Do not wear really revealing attire. Only show off one body part at a time or you will look trashy. Too revealing means negative attention, not positive. If you can keep these rules and ideas in mind, your fashion choices will become ones that get you noticed, and for the right reasons. People will make you their icon, instead of thinking “what a slut” etc.

Sexy versus slutty, where to draw the line

We all want guys and girls to notice us, and most of the time we get that attention through our choice of clothes. Obviously we a want positive attention, but sometimes in our quest for attention, we go over the line. So, how can you know when you look sexy or slutty? Where do you draw the line? If you have ever wondered about this, read on.

The golden rule of looking sexy not slutty-Only show one body part with any outfit.

What do we mean body parts? Well, think of it this way: thighs are shown by wearing a mini skirt or short shorts, cleavage is shown by wearing a low-necked top and the midriff is shown by wearing a short shirt, etc. So, only show one and you are on the way to looking sexy not slutty.

Once you get dressed, look in the mirror and ask yourself: Do I look beautiful or hot? If you lean toward “hot” over beautiful, then you need to change your outfit. There is a subtle difference between beautiful and hot and you need to figure out which one you are. Why? Well, many people can detect that difference, and it is that difference that influences the perception of “Slutty” and “Sexy”.

Another thing to consider is your attitude. Part of being labeled/called a slut versus someone who is sexy, is in the attitude and the actions you take. So if you skip the drama and don’t act spoiled or bitchy you shouldn’t have problems with being called a slut when you occasionally wear cute booty jeans and a cute little top.

Another thing to consider is why you are dressing the way you are. Most of the time girls who dress skimpy do it to get attention because they can’t get it any other way. Dressing like a slut sends messages of insecurity and displays a lack of self confidence. So, when you go to get dressed next time you are going out, ask yourself what message you want to portray.

So, how can you take an outfit from slutty to sexy? Well, for example, if you love to have a little midriff showing or you like skimpy tops, wear a cute blazer, or a cardigan of any sort over the top. This will make your outfit subtle, yet still sexy, and will rid you of the sluttly look you get with those skimpy tops.

Keep it classy. The difference between sluttiness and beauty is just pure class. So, if you want people to think you are sexy and good looking, not slutty, wear classy clothing. Do not wear that three dollar cami with a pair of tight tight jeans.

You can look really great by wearing something that shows off your figure, but not a ton of skin. This does not mean butt tight jeans. It means wear a silk dress that clings in just the right places but still leaves something to the imagination. Give the shadow of what is underneath, don’t just bare it all. If you leave some mystery and excitement, guys will find you more attractive, they will like you for you, and you won’t be an object to have, but a person to get to know.

So, next time you get dressed remember, only one part shows, not too tight, it is all in the attitude, and it is okay to wear something a little revealing, but class it up with a nice cashmere sweater, or a light weight blazer.