Phones are fashion accessories

During the teen years fashion is very much a part of your identity. It is through your fashion choices that you express a lot of who you are. Do you live on the edge? Are you traditional? Your sense of fashion, the clothes you wear, and the way you express yourself speak volumes about your beliefs, your hopes, etc. However, there is one aspect of teen fashion that is starting to go on the rise, and says as much about you as your clothing choice, that is your phone!

A cell phone is the newest fashion accessory, and can tell people a lot about you. Let’s take a look at how:

The functionality of the phone. Phones are no longer just for making calls. Today you can check your email, change your Facebook status, bid on an auction on eBay, compare prices on an item you are shopping for, balance your checkbook, listen to music, and more. The phone you choose, and the capabilities it has says a lot about who you are. If you are a plain Jane type of girl who is not into the frills, a basic Razor might be the phone for you. If you are the life of the party, and constantly in contact with friends, a phone like the G1, with a full keyboard for easy texting, may be just the thing. If you are a busy bee, and need information at your fingertips, an iPhone is probably for you.

The popularity of the phone. Phones, just like clothes have specific trends or patterns. For a long time flip phones were the thing, then sliders, then phones will full keyboards, and now smart phones that do everything. How popular the phone you get is says a lot about you.

The newness of the phone. If you are really concerned with appearances, then getting the newest, coolest phone is probably important. After all, your phone goes with you everywhere, and has to go with every outfit. You wouldn’t want someone to think you hadn’t updated your phone in a while.

The way you personalize the phone. Besides the actual phone you choose, and the things that it can do, the plans it can be part of, and the way it works with trends, there are a lot of ways to make your phone uniquely yours. The following is a quick look at how phones are no longer just tools, but fashion accessories.

Skins: You can put skins and covers on your phone to bring out your personal style. There is everything from animal print to neon, and everything in between. Do you love comics? You can get a superhero skin. Do you love flowers? You can get a floral cover. Do you love a popular teen idol? You can get a Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, or Zac Efron phone cover.

Ring tones: You do not have to settle for the ring tones that come on your phone. Part of making your phone a unique fashion accessory is changing the ring tone to fit your personality. You can get the Mario Brothers ditty as your ring tone. You can use a popular song. Or, you can even create your own.

Applications: Many of the smart phones come with applications you can put on your phone, everything from a movie time checking application to an insurance claim application. Make your phone uniquely yours with applications for your lifestyle.

Who’s on your five? What cellular network should you choose?

teen texting on her cellphoneIt seems like most cellular networks are just trying to rip everyone off.  They all have those huge contracts with insane fees for cancelling.  What’s the deal with that?  So are there networks out there that are better than others?  What cellular network should you choose?

Check into networks that have those pay as you go plans.  Those are a really hot deal for teens who want to avoid long contracts with nasty fees.  One of the cool things about the pay as you go deal is that no credit check is required, a total plus for those of us who don’t have credit yet.

TMobile’s prepaid cell minutes can be “refilled” online too.  Talk about convenient.  Just type in the mobile number and enter the account info and wa-la instant communication.  Not too shabby for a cell phone bill.

Cingular offers the `go phone’ which is a pay as you go plan as well.  You gotta love the go phone because it has something special.  With the go phone, any left over minutes can be rolled over when the plan is refilled before it expires.

But watch out, because snoozers are loosers in this game.  Be careful with pay as you go plans, because if they aren’t refilled about every 90 days or so the cell number can be reassigned!  No one wants to lose their cell number!

One of the hottest phone plans right now is through TMobile.  Their latest deal is the five favs plan.  These are super hot deals.  TMobile lets people pick five friends who they can call anytime for as long as they wants without getting the beat down from mom and dad to get off the phone and stop wasting minutes!  Hurray!  Talking to Mr. Hottie all night long has never been this good.

Five favs plans also come with regular minutes for talking to all those other people out there.  So just pick the favs, pick the minutes, and on you go.

TMobile’s five favs is the way to go for people who have like five friends they talk to all the time.  But, sometimes the five favs plan isn’t the best deal.  Favs plans cut out the free mobile to mobile deal.

If all the groupie chicas are on one network, like Verizon, then stick with that network.  It can save big dollars in the long run.

Whatever cell network ends up getting your vote, be sure to sign up for unlimited texting.  Totally make sure to ask specifically about that part of the deal when signing up.  Cell phone companies like to be sneaky and then charge ridiculous fees.  That’s where they make most of their money.
There’s nothing worse than getting an enormous cell phone bill with overtime charges for hundreds of text messages.  The parents won’t like that either.

A good tip to keep in mind is that the loudest bark doesn’t always have the biggest bite.  TMobile has tons of advertising about their five favs.  But check this out, Alltel has a similar deal.  They have cell phone plans called My Circle.  My Circle plans have 10 cell phone lines or landlines that can be called for free any time!

That’s twice what TMobile offers!  Of course the drawback is that Alltel isn’t everywhere like TMobile. Some places don’t have Alltel offers.  But the idea is still to see if there are any smokin’ local deals that beat out the big dawgs.

At the end of the day, TMobile is definitely one of the hotter networks out there.  They have good coverage nationwide, they have the sweet five favs plans, and they have pay as you go.  Plus, they have a little bit of that “it” factor that goes a long way.  Just be sure to watch your back, cell phones networks are only in it for themselves!