Why he never called, and what you are going to do about it

Ok, so while it sucks, sometimes in life he does not call. It does not matter why, if you go out with a guy, and really want him to call, or meet a guy, give him your number, and he never calls, or he asks you for it, and never calls, the fact of the matter remains the same, he did not call, and that is outside of your control. So, the following are some of the reasons he did not call, but no matter what the reason, you should always do the same thing.

The reasons he never called:
1.    Lost the number. Guys lose numbers. It does not happen as much now that everyone has cell phones, but the truth is numbers do get lost. If he wants to talk to you, and he knows how to find you, he will get your number again. However, do not bank on it, just move on, and be pleasantly surprised if he does find it or find you.
2.    Recorded the number wrong. Occasionally we make mistakes, and guys do too. He might have put your number into his phone wrong, wrote it on the paper wrong, or punched it into the phone wrong when he called. One wrong number is all it will take for him to give up trying to call you, he does not want to dial wrong again.
3.    Not really interested. Sometimes he does not call because he just is not interested. Instead of taking this an offensive thing, be happy that he at least got your number, or accepted it. That means he respects you enough to know that someone else finds you attractive and does not want to hurt your feelings or confidence. So, take it as a compliment, and move on to someone who is interested. You can’t force someone to be interested.
4.    Waited too long and felt dumb calling that late. Sometimes a guy wants to call you, but not too soon, then they get busy and when they get back to it, it has been too long, and they would feel stupid calling you that long after they got your number, so they just don’t call.
5.    Chickened out. There are the times that a guy will not call because you intimidate him, you are so great, so hot, so smart, so athletic, whatever that he thinks you are out of his league, and he is worried about you even liking him back. So, instead of getting rejected he preemptively strikes in a sense, but really, he is just chickening out.
6.    Met someone else in between. Sometimes a guy gets your number, and has every intention of calling, but let’s face it, when you are out meeting people, you can meet more than one person in a night, and there is a chance he met someone else, and they pushed things harder, or he clicked better with them initially. It may not be because he doesn’t like you, it might be that he likes someone else more.
7.    Got your number to prove something, not because he wanted it. Guys are all about competition, and testosterone reigns high. So, he might be messing with his buddies, and gets your number to prove something, never having the intention to call, he might even have a girl friend.
As you can see, there are numerous reasons he may not call. So, choose your favorite and believe what you need to.

What you are going to do about it:
1.    Nothing! You need to shrug it off. So what, he did not call, you do not know why, and probably never will. If you try and find out why, then you just look stupid, you look like you are desperate, needy, or super insecure, and trust me, if you sit there and ask them why they never called they will be happy they didn’t.
2.    Move on. So one guy did not think you were all that and a bag of chips. Think of it as one down a million or two to go. Even if you struggle to meet guys, or you really liked the guy, there are a ton of guys out there, and the truth is that if he did not call you, he is not worth your worry. If he was stupid enough to lose your number, move on. Easier said than done, I know, but there is no point dwelling on something you can not control.