Best kept product secrets, what hair products are a must buy deal

For most of us, buying hair care products on a budget is essential.  This can feel really overwhelming when you are faced with hundreds upon hundreds of hair care products, and don’t know which ones will give you the look you want without destroying your hair.  In most cases, there are budget hair products that you can purchase at a local store that can produce the same results as salon products…you just need to know which among the hundreds to buy.  Here are some fabulous items I have found at my local stores, that have given me some great results.  These are some of the best kept secrets in hair care products:

These days, purchasing shampoo and conditioner is especially confusing with all the different types that are now available.  It seems that every month there’s a new type: invigorate your curls, tame your curls, straighten, plump, smooth, sleek, extra shine, protect, repair, for color treated hair etc.  This can get so confusing, and most of these shampoos have a very similar make-up, but every once and a while there is a product that really helps to produce the advertised outcomes.  One of the best shampoo and conditioner brands that does this is the John Frieda collection.  You can find it at almost all stores, and it produces very satisfying results.  It is especially good for creating a smooth, sleek look, while reducing fly aways.  The John Freida anti-frizz serum comes in a small bottle, and you just have to use a small amount to get a sleek, smooth look for any hair type.

One of the absolute best kept product secrets is 2-in-1 children’s shampoo.  It is completely amazing and can do wonders for your hair.  Suave and L’oreal are both great brands.  They’re really inexpensive and the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is really great  for people who are in a hurry to get ready in the morning.  Children’s shampoo is designed specifically to be gentle.  It makes your hair softer, gives you less tangles, and creates that youthful shine.  No one thinks to use children’s shampoo, but it’s a wonderful product secret.

Another tip to remember is that although people are always talking about home remedies, some work, while others can really damage your hair.  One really great example of a home product is using lemon to lighten your hair.  When using lemon, however, you should pulverize an entire lemon, apply it to your hair, and sit in the sun, instead of simply pouring the juice onto your hair.  The oil from the peel will keep your hair moisturized so that it has less of a chance of drying out from the acidic juice.

These products are some of the best kept secrets and defiantly a good place to start if you are looking for new hair care lines to sample, but above all, it is important to remember that products react differently to different people’s hair.  Try out a few different products to

see what works for you, and pay attention to the effect they have on your hair.  If you notice that it is becoming brittle or has excessive drying, stop using it and try something else.  Also, don’t become discouraged if a product you have used stops working the way that it

used to.  With almost all products, over time, they loose their effect as hair develops a build-up of these substances.  The solution for this is just to try something new, and try your old product once again when you decide you need a change.

Hot brands for the stylin’ teen

styling hot teenEvery teen has got to send out the right vibe by looking the right part.  Nothing says more about you than the brand you wear from make up to shoes we’ve got you covered.  Image says it all, so read up on all the hot brands for the stylin’ teen.

Make up

Cover Girl is always a hot classic in the world of make up.  Even the make up artists on hit shows use Cover Girl mascara.  And what’s not to love?  Their mascara has always been a hit.  Not to mention their powder and liquid foundations are the bomb.  Oh, and their nail polish is to die for.  They’ve got all the most glamorous shades and shines.  So when it comes to make up, easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl wins out for the smokin’ hot brand.


American Eagle has always been a top contender in the world of stylin’ teens.  They’ve got great selection and they’re always on top of the latest style trends.  They are easy to find in any local mall too.

Nobody says SEXY like Victoria’s Secret – HELLO!  This is totally the place to get all the bras and underwear a girl could need.  Victoria’s Secret is not a secret any more, it is totally a hot brand for stylin’ teens.  Why would anyone buy a bra from anyone else?

For the Gothic spirit, head straight to Hot Topic at a mall near you.  These stores are easy to access and they have a great stuff.  They’ve also got a killer website, so save the feets and do some shopping online!

In the world of department stores, Macy’s is always a good bet.  They’ve got some killer brands that have a great look.  Macy’s is always good at keeping up with the latest trends as well.  Some fav brands at the Macy’s near you are Rampage, Roxy, and XOXO.  Oh, and Macy’s totally has the hot styles from the JLO line; can we say sexy?

Jeans have always been in a world all their own.  They’re our favorite thing to wear, and so they naturally get lots of attention.  Smokin’ hot brands in the world of jeans aren’t hard to find.  The list includes Gap’s Slim Fit Jeans, Levi’s Superlows, and Weathervane’s 16 Series.


Shoes, shoes, shoes, we love to hate them!  They take up so much room in the closet, but they are so dang cute!  And they can really make an outfit a hit.  When it comes to styling and sleek, check out the heels from Chinese Laundry.  These guys got it goin’ on.  If its sneakers you’re in need of, Etnies are always a hot buy.  Rampage footwear often has hot styles for any look.  And then there’s always the classic standbys Addidas or Nike for running gear!

Hair Care

Last but not least, when it comes to hair care all brands are NOT created equal!  So be sure to find the best brands to do your do.  If your hair tends towards the dry side, find some moisturizing shampoos like Swiss Formula Papaya Shampoo plus conditioner or Logics Remoisturizing Shampoo.

Limp, lifeless hair definitely needs a boost, but don’t over do it with too much goo.  Just use the right amount of something like L’Oreal’s Nature’s Therapy Mega Volume Instant Root Lifter.  Hello!  That’s a mouthful!

When it comes to hair color, check out Clairol Radiance Colorgloss.  This dye is to die for!  A semi-permanent coloring system with no ammonia makes for great color on your great locks.

Be sure to be stylin’ by checking out these brands for shoes, clothes, hair care, make up, and the works!

Top brands for girls

There are so many different things that girls worry about these days. You worry about your hair, your make up, your weight, and your clothes. Clothes are a huge thing for most girls. You have to make sure they fit exactly right, and that you have the top brand clothes. If you are curious about the top brands for girls here is a list of some.

The first top brand for girls right now is Abercrombie and Fitch. This company has been around for a long time and has a classic yet Grundy look that is hot right now. Abercrombie has cute clothes that girls love to wear year around.

The second top brand for girls right now is American eagle. Just like Abercrombie they have styles that are fun and hip. They do not sell black clothes. They have everything from bright pinks and oranges to blues and grays.

The third top brand for girls right now is MISSIES. This is a classic style that you can find at Nordstrom or Buckle. It is fun and playful but at the same time practical.

The fourth top brand for girls right now is Made DC. You can find shoes and shorts made from DC. You can find these at Buckle and Nordstrom also. DC is more of a skater look that is Grundy looking.

The fifth top brand for girls right now is Aeropostale. If you are on a budget and are looking for cute clothes this is the brand to look at. Aeropostale always has cute clothes that are on sale. If you find something you like there and do not want to pay full price, wait a week and it will probably go on sale.

The sixth top brand for girls right now is made for all man kind. These jeans are made to fit every body type out there. If you haven’t been able to find your perfect jean yet you might want to try out made for all man kind. These jeans are a little more pricey but if you are desperate to find that perfect jean they might be worth the cost.

The seventh top brand for girls right now is the buckle brand. You can find Buckle brand no where else but the buckle. The buckle has really cute jeans that have the same fit as Lucky jeans do. But sometimes you can get them for a little cheaper than what you pay for lucky jeans.

The eighth top brand for girls right now is Lucky jeans. Lucky jeans have been around for a long time but they have a great fit to them. Plus they have a variety of styles so you are probably bound to be able to find you at least one pair of jeans that you will like.

The ninth top brand for girls right now is Holister. Holister is fun clothing that is sort of like Abercrombie and American eagle. Here you will find clothes that are fit to wear to the beach or any party. They have the hip clothes that are in at the moment. It is a fun teen fashion.

These are all top brands for girls. There are a lot of different options when it comes to brands for girls. Depending on what a girls preference is will depend on what top brands are to them. Brands that are considered top brands could be the bottom brands come next week. Depending on what girls are into at any given time will depend on what is considered a top brand for girls.